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  1. Well, at least I hope you won't leave this community ^_^ 

    1. MHT_


      I'll stay in here for sure. ;)

  2. [TAL CEO] BlackSkill

    Открытый конвой от TruckersMP (26/01/19)

    Жаль что DLC New Mexico нету
  3. С повышением в должности ^_^ 

  4. [TAL CEO] BlackSkill

    API returned invalid content

    Dear @Marcel l Prime, Could you upload a screenshot of the error showing up so we can see how far you are to get that error? Or if not, could you describe the issue in more detail (like where you’re getting this error, how to get it, etc.)?
  5. Happy Birthday mate, I wish all your dreams come true ^_^ 

  6. Congratulations on your promotion ^_^ 

  7. [TAL CEO] BlackSkill

    Word Starting With The Last Letter

  8. [TAL CEO] BlackSkill

    [Forum game] Players vs staff

  9. 3046500719110810cc5175be0c9b25c347d70aa6

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    2. jpm & sons

      jpm & sons

      you have done better  but its ok 


    3. trib4ce


      the way the sun looks is awesome a very realistic looking truck image just my thoughts. I like it.

    4. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang
  10. [TAL CEO] BlackSkill

    Picture of the Month: January

  11. [TAL CEO] BlackSkill

    Word Starting With The Last Letter