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  1. Pillow_

    suggestion for beginners-guide: how to overtake

    Hello, Please refer to this video we've made. There is no need for that topic to be updated. If there is, we will update it ourselves. Rejected.
  2. Pillow_

    TruckersMP Team lijst Dutch/Flemish subforum

    @JessyNyan heeft het team verlaten wegens persoonlijke redenen. @[RLC CEO] John Marston is gepromoveerd naar [Trial Game Moderator] @Prime is gepromoveerd naar [Senior Community Manager]
  3. As I have already said to you, it's really unfortunate to see you left the team. Thanks for everything bud!

  4. Pillow_

    TruckersMP Team lijst Dutch/Flemish subforum

    Helaas zal ik moeten aankondigen dat @Scar het team heeft verlaten wegens persoonlijke redenen. Wij bedanken hem voor zijn uitstekende werk, en alle goede service die hij ons heeft gegeven in de tijd dat ie met ons was. Heel veel succes in de toekomst, en we hopen je snel weer een keer te zien. @Scar is vanaf nu [Retired Legend]
  5. Pillow_

    Escort Vehicle - Van

    Hello, Firstly I would like to remind you of our required suggestion format. Without it, your suggestion will be rejected soon. Secondly, please see the topic below. This 'idea' has been suggested and rejected many, many times before. Rejected.
  6. Great to see ur still around mate as CM. Keep it up boy

  7. Pillow_


    Company approved.
  8. Today, 4 years ago, I joined this community when it was still called ETS2MP. Time really does fly :P



    1. InvasiveSpark


      i passed 4 years on the 23rd of December! i still remember the old website

  9. Pillow_

    SOFTUF Trucking

    Company approved. We wish you the best of luck with your VTC!
  10. Pillow_

    SOFTUF Trucking

    Company approved. We wish you the best of luck with your VTC!
  11. Congratulations with your new old role :lol:

  12. Pillow_

    [GAME]A real simulation server

    Please play on EU1, that's a simulation server. Rejected.
  13. It is called a kick for a reason. Adding a timelimit to it would make it a temporary ban from our servers, and that is something we do not want to add as we already have the ban function for that. Rejected.
  14. The screen behind the chat is slightly black, but still transparent enough to see through. Rejected