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  1. Pillow_

    Forumda Rank Atlamak

    /Moved to Help (To prevent useless answers and spam)
  2. Event approved. Happy birthday!
  3. Pillow_

    Winter Mod

    ^ Not something we decide on though. Blame mwl
  4. Good to have you in the team, hope you enjoy your stay!

  5. Pillow_

    Update 1.33 When will it be released?

    Since it has just been released a couple days ago, and it still is a beta testing version, we most likely won't see a full released version for a while. When 1.33 will release, it probably also will take another week or so for TruckersMP to update and support the new version.
  6. Pillow_

    Special Transport DLC jobs only

    The Special Transport DLC of both games neither work on TruckersMP, as they aren't supported yet. Reason you only get jobs like that is a bug, which happens to myself quite often as well. You can fix this by sleeping or moving between garages, which resets the economy.
  7. Pillow_

    Winter Mod

    Probably around Christmas time, which means it won't be here for another month.
  8. Pillow_

    TruckersMP Team lijst Dutch/Flemish subforum

    @StickyEagle is gepromoveerd naar [Game Moderator] - Veel succes!
  9. Pillow_

    When will the snow mod be available?

    It will be available when it's actually winter, or around Christmas time. And since it's neither of them right now, it won't be available for at least another month.
  10. Pillow_

    Yol Kenarı Yansıtıcı Eklenmesi

    No suggestion format used after requested to, neither did you change it to English. Rejected.
  11. Pillow_

    Roadside Assistance

    Hello again, Thanks for changing your topic to make it fit to our suggestion format. However, you have now changed the suggestion into Polish which is not allowed in this section. This section is English only, please change it.
  12. Pillow_


    No suggestion format used after requested to. Rejected.
  13. Pillow_

    ETS 2 / Double Trailer. release

    Hello Vurgun, Please make sure to use our required suggestion format.
  14. Pillow_

    Mod allowed dedicated server

    Generally, we don't add 3rd party mods except for aesthetic ones, this is because map mods bring a whole lot of different issues that we necessarily can't handle. Mods that affect the truck are also generally not accepted since they can have unexpected consequences similar to what we see with save file editing (parts in locations where SCS didn't intend causing crashes, etc.). The major blocker is the distribution of mods, the larger the mod, the harder it is to distribute. P2p would be an "easy" way, though it still requires infrastructure, in distributing the winter mod, we recently had support from 10gbps.io, even then we pinned a 10Gb port for hours on end, imagine that we'd need that kind of beef every time we updated the mod. Even if we'd get the tail to come quicker, the initial seed is necessary. Add to that, you have to provide a backup since many networks disallow p2p traffic. We could put the mod behind a paywall, but this is something we rather not, we believe that this mod should be freely available to anyone, with the only requirement being a purchase of either ETS2 or ATS. (This has been copied straight from the original post found below. Please see that topic before suggesting something!) Rejected.
  15. Pillow_

    [OTHER]Group Radios

    For this to be possible, we would first of all need to request royalty licences, something we do not plan on adding. This has also been suggested and rejected before. Rejected.