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  1. Goodday - Hows today going on so far for you guys?

    1. Cenaa


      Going great ^^

  2. Well im in love with the new Renault. Not planning to change it Ingame so why wouldn't I choose it for inreal So I'll stick to the Renault. I love the feeling of actually pulling loads so don't need that much HP like the Scania and Volvo has
  3. Done some deliveries, thanks for everyone that was honking at me. Love u all ^^ 

  4. Well this is something that really depends on the situation, I'm driving with a G29, so honking is not that hard for me, since its just a normal button on my wheel. BUT... once again - It depends, If its a friend ofcourse I will, if its someone I remember then ye sure. But if its someone spamming it, well hell no.
  5. I wanna retweet rb1998 it's fun that you actually make so many new steam friends. And then when you see a green dot on your map... It's lovely. But the point is I'm getting more and more green dots hahaha
  6. Most of the time I go to Scandinavian part of the map. Cus well ye.. I the longest job most of thr time haha
  7. Seems look like an huge community. Will come by for sure sometime.
  8. I've never played promods.. So really looking forward to it.
  9. I always do wot deliveries so 90 speed limit is still going on for me. And I love it people that want to overtake me well please do it. I do drive 80 kmh max
  10. I love the dlc expansions. Sadly enough it's not high crowded but the view there is absolutely stunning.
  11. Goodmorning all :) 

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