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  1. Heel veel succes maatje, een nieuwe stap!
  2. Hiya all!

  3. Heemse

    Lower FPS

    Goodday all! Some friends of me, and I are noticing huge FPS drops lately. It was for me stable around 80 and now it is 40-50 on ultra. Does anyone know what the reason of this might be? It can't be my Pc 'cus all of my friends are having this issue. Now I'm playing on "High" sadly enough.
  4. Heemse

    A little Guide for Beginners About Oversize Loads

    I dont need this, but I can understand how helpfull it would be for people that just started playing. Or having trouble taking turns.
  5. Heemse Released

    What I decided to do, is create an entire new savegame. And enjoying 1.35 with that, when the MP comes out on that version I can lovely enjoy my new profile, and more!
  6. Orderred the G29 with shifter, great addition to have more fun while driving. 


    Got now:

    - New PC 

    - New Wheel

    - Webcam


    Lovely for the stream!

  7. Heemse

    New game mode (an apology)

    I rather see it taking so long, than they releasing it with plenty of bugs etc.
  8. Heemse

    How many times are you hit during a transport?

    Really almost never, doing loads of 2k km +-, EU2.
  9. I'm glad to join one of the best VTC's around the TruckersMP Community. See ya around!


  10. Welldone on every video in this topic, I did took some spare time to watch it. And enjoyed it, Greetings from the Dutch division!
  11. Heemse

    Removing Gravatar support

    Thank you -
  12. Heemse

    Viva Trucking Nederland

    Ik rij zelf Volvo FH16, eerste truck. Daarna zien we wel verder.
  13. Got my new PC, now I can run ETS on Ultra! See yaon the roads!

    1. SuperHoops


      Sweet! Big difference isn’t it?! 


      Enjoy your new machine :D 

  14. Heemse

    Greetz Logistics NL/BE Zoekt leden!

    Succes met jullie VTC!