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  1. @Killua // Ireland ^_^ I agree on some of it. It's not wrong that people can speed, but I think it's wrong that only one server is using speed limiters while all others are free speed. It should've been the other way around imo. If people really wanted to speed then they could queue up for the one or two servers that allowed it, or race around in SP. Even more so the biggest server should've definitely been a more realistic one with speed limiters instead of free speed as today. Then you can have smaller servers with free speed so that there is a trade-off between driving as fast as you want and playing with as many as possible.
  2. @Killua // Ireland ^_^ I was confused by the lack of detail on the update. I thought Eu 1 had limiters removed and all servers had free speed now. I now see that I was mistaken on this aspect. I still stand by my earlier statement though. I'm disappointed to see that the biggest servers with the most people is the ones where simulation is at the lowest. I don't understand the decision to open plenty of servers with no speed limits as it changes the core of the game too much imo. I would much rather see people being forced to play the game as it is intended with default settings (limiters on) from SCS when they choose to go play multiplayer. The people who can't stand the limiters can play their truck racing game offline or on a smaller server with less people, not be the ones that get the biggest server and multiple servers available to race around the map in 150+ kmh. TMP should be catered towards truck simmers, not truck racers imo.
  3. It's sad to see the direction the TMP Team is taking this multiplayer mod. Instead of promoting and working towards an enjoyable simulation experience, TMP is just becoming more and more like an arcade truck racing game where laws of physics are mean't to be ignored and the few realism aspects of SCS's truck simulator is deactivated to garner the truck racers instead of simmers.. This summer has made me lose a lot of interest in the MP seeing the decisions made by the TMP team.
  4. ^ I agree. The best would be dynamic afk only available in parking spots to give players an incentive to actually park where they're supposed to park, but if it's more work to implement, I would still be happy with a global dynamic system based on server population.
  5. ^ Good point about the afking in the middle of the road. Still think they would just get reported and banned for it tho. Player's choice if they want a quick ban. I don't see anyone waiting even the current afk time for a blocker to disappear anyway. F7+Enter and choose a different route if a road is blocked. After recording and reporting the blocker ofc.
  6. +1, I support this. It doesn't even have to be linked to parking spots or specific locations either. Just allow people to park for as long as they want, whenever the server isn't full. When server reaches 90% population, AFK timer will begin to kick people within the same time as today. It's probably easier said than done to implement such checks though, which is why it hasn't happened as of yet. I hope admins or moderators will convey devs or TMP team's opinion on this, as I think it's a very reasonable suggestion that wouldn't hurt anyone if implemented. I think reasonable suggestions should get some form of "official response". Whether it'll be "rejected", "accepted", or "open for discussion". I think it's important that contributors of suggestions get some kind of official statement, so that they can move on and think of new ideas instead of waiting for months for a proper response. My $0.02
  7. Adding more NCZ.. seriously.. -1. Go play on the full map NCZ servers.
  8. @Aragon Yeah, I understand that render range = draw distance. But why did they change those render distances of accessories, lights and light road glare, if it all is client side anyway? Why wasn't it added as an optional feature you could enable disable depending on your fps preferences? Totally fine if the "Default" was disabled, but with the option to enable if you wanted to. Edit: Of course I understand the literal "why". (Better fps), but I don't get why it was forced for everyone if it could be optional. Makes no sense to me.
  9. What do you mean with no option to make them back? Edit: And if it's all client side, why add such limitations without making it optional? Why don't you just make it the same as truck spawn distance, so that people can adjust them both if they get bad fps (although seperate sliders would be preferable)?
  10. @Aragon Thanks, but why? Server performance? Edit 1: Also, why with no option to revert or adjust?
  11. @Aragon Thanks for you response and insight. I hope that an increased distance will be made available in a future update then, as I see no reason why we shouldn't have the option to adjust these settings ourselves if the server can handle it anyway. Could you provide any info on the vehicle light's spawn distances? It would be great with a slider where you can choose spawn-distances for other truck's lights and accessories as well. But maybe more importantly, bring back other vehicle lights road glare (which has an extremely low spawn distance today) so that we can start using our lights more properly in the night time.
  12. ^Tried to play with some of the settings. I was able to increase it slightly, but would love it to be even higher. As for limitations on the server, that's half the reason why I'm suggesting/asking. If the server can handle it, and it is up to clients to choose how good or bad fps they want to have, then I think it should be increased further to allow higher distances.
  13. @megadethsteve666 Thanks for pointing that out. I need to try that slider I'll report back with my results
  14. Suggestion Name: Option to increase the visible spawn distance of other trucks. Suggestion Description: Many times when I'm driving, I feel like my immersion is broken when I see a truck appear out of nowhere in the oncoming lane. I think the visible range for spawning in trucks should be much longer, so that you can see other trucks from further away and at max, rarely see the actual spawn of a truck. It would need to be optional and/or adjustable so that people can choose a setting for their preferred experience and computer system. Any example images: Not needed. Why should it be added?: Not only will it improve safety, but it will improve the driving experience and also add the option of increased realism when driving without using the GPS markers. I'm a realism geek, so I like to turn the GPS markers off. However, with the current spawn distance, I often see that a long stretch of road seems perfectly clear, but then as I start to overtake someone, a truck in the oncoming lane spawns up too close to safely overtake even though it looked clear a few seconds ago. Of course, you can use the map markers to see when the road will be clear, but I think that's a boring cheat to be honest. Don't get me wrong, people can use it as much as they want, but it should still be possible to drive safely should you choose to drive without it.
  15. I want to revive this thread as I feel like this suggestion is still valid today. I think the spawn distance on lights are way too low today. An optional slider or choice would be great so that people that want more immersion can choose a longer spawn distance at the cost of fps. The same applies to truck spawning distance as well, but I might open a separate thread for that if I can't find one.
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