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  1. Well, requirements, or lack thereof. Look, if I wanted to fill in a monthly quota every month, I'd become a real trucker and get a paycheck. As long as it's fun and not too tight, I'll bite.
  2. we have a lot of sadists here and it shows, I only report people if it was obviously out of spite and if you know that something was an accident and you still report it, you seriously shouldn't be given report permissions
  3. I mean, from my 100 or so hours in this game, I can safely say that if you have 'Rec' in your name, you're definitely not recording anything.
  4. A big +1 from me, more privacy is always good.
  5. But then again, someone relased from a sentence is WAY LESS likely to commit the same crime again. They've done their time, you better believe they don't wanna be banned again. I do believe there should be a form of ''If you got permanently banned, you should be able to appeal it'' but that's just me.
  6. *redneck voice* If there isn't anyone in 200ish meters, you better believe I ain't stoppin' on them redlights!
  7. I literally move on as is, if you're trying to pass me then you should be faster than me already. I'm not gonna slow down for you, I might even put my foot on the gas just a tiny bit more if I don't like your truck or had a bad experience with a VTC you belong to in the past, but hey what can you do .
  8. Well, the only thing I ask for is that if a player leaves the populated area, the script automatically turn the beacons back on, since there's no threat of ''Lag'' anymore.
  9. Don't we have enough discrimination aganist nations as is? I mean, don't haven't seen anyone make fun of someone just because they're Russian. (And if you actually haven't, feel free to hit up the chat at Calais, it's a quite ''Brilliant'' experience.) Adding flags will just make it worse.
  10. Why is no one seeing the obvious problem here? The thing is, it's either every VTC gets custom paintjobs added to the game, or none does. The second any VTC gets denied their skin, they can and will rightfully call discrimination (Which, if you haven't figured already, it is) You can't just deem a TC ''Worthy'' and some other TC not without some sort of discrimination. There's also a problem with making it a paid service, and that's the fact that VTCs are not American only. There are French ones, Turkish ones, and so on. In the time of writing this, 20 bucks equals to 17,85 Euros and 121,62 Turkish Liras. Remember, this means absolutely nothing on paper, but the French guy could eat a cheap meal or two with 17 Euros, while the Turkish dude could feed himself for days with that money. What then, are we going to have regional pricing and regularly update it to match the current economy so everyone who wants to get their VTC a custom paintjob pays more or less the same amount, and not in dollars. ''But turkler, why don't we have a quota for X amounts of members or something to make it fair?'' Because it won't be fair unless it's so low that it doesn't matter anymore. Remember, big is subjective. I could say that a VTC needs to have at least 40 to be considered big, you could say 500. Even then, even if we set some qualification up, then it will cause a big list of problems. Imagine this, let's say we did implement this and you needed at least 150 members for a custom livery, with only a few select VTCs being able to get their own, this will cause a lot of things. First of all, smaller VTCs will dissolve even further who will flock into bigger VTCs. Remember, people want to feel special, and what's more special than a livery that only a select few have? Smaller VTCs won't have their own liveries, so what's the point in joining them, right? But yes, there will be a very small minority who will join VTCs for what they are, the majority just want fancy skins. To counter this, you could lower your standards to a point where most VTCs get their own skins, but that will make the download bigger than it already is. Either every VTC gets custom liveries or no VTC does. Overall, bad idea. The download is already big as is, the last thing we need is to make it bigger.
  11. pretty sure the wear and tear is a long-time feature
  12. Well, considering how majority of countries (And before you mention anything, small basket case states don't count) use the metric system, it would be pretty fair to say that the metric is the norm. And yes, I would consider using the imperial system 'Not normal' because you know, we've tried for years to get you guys to switch, but hey, Hurrr Freedom Units right? You very well might, but you're not everyone. There are people who do not know that 93 MPH is about 150 KMH, and it shows. It's convenient to have converted values for the readers' sake in a thread that includes values, if you get my point. Like I said, user convenience.
  13. For normal people, 93 MPH is about 150 KMH.
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