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  1. TurklerRS

    Hot topic #7: Charity events

    Might be for a good cause, but aren't we taking it too far? You know, this is virtual trucks, not your local church.
  2. TurklerRS

    Help the blocked player on the road

    Detaching your trailer is allowed as long as you're not doing it blatantly and covering up 3 lanes AFAIK.
  3. TurklerRS

    Kicked from server for no headlighs in daytime

    The thing is that the day time sync is more or less broken, even in ET2MP, and you should trust having your headlights on 24/7 more than actualy time of day.
  4. TurklerRS

    Are high beams annoying?

    Well, that's the point. If you're sitting outside, in a truck, on a road with no lights, it's gonna be dark, REALLY dark (Source: Common sense, eyes) not to mention, most players are not here for the MP experience, and would hate SCS for making the graphics even more real-like than it is. There's a reason for those headlights to be there, because in real life it's dark and trucks have headlights, and this is a simulator. It's not a ''Fix'' making the game brighter would only ruin the experience as a whole.
  5. TurklerRS

    Rammers have to pay

    I see no point, as I recently hit level 22 billion and I literally have the maximum amount of cash that the game can handle thanks to save editing, it's not gonna cahnge anything.
  6. I will proudly refuse all of this because it's not official, no thanks
  7. TurklerRS

    The "New" Mercedes-Benz Actros

    It's weird, people drove Mercedes-Benz trucks because they had this design with unusual and weird choices, I mean hell, the 8x4 comes with a battering ram at the front. But this truck, this looks like a reasonable truck to drive, from the few seconds it appeared in the video.
  8. can we just kick anyone who is teleporting around 200 meters a time thanks
  9. TurklerRS

    Highlight player that come closer

    Something like Asetto Corsa, eh? I mean, it's pospsible if client-side, shouldn't be too taxing on the CPU.
  10. TurklerRS

    Custom skin's in MP

    everyone or nobody, not just ''VTCs'' -1
  11. TurklerRS

    why all the double trailer bug deleted ?

    I mean, trailers do that in real life, right? /s
  12. TurklerRS

    Scania S or Scania RJL?

    >RJL because I can customize it as close to the real-life truck because Scania S is work of ficiton an is not a real truck, amirite?
  13. TurklerRS

    Truck or car?

    welcome to city car driving forums where some yeet claims that a skoook sedan is better than a scania truck
  14. TurklerRS

    Thoughts on a "Ultra Realistic Mode"

    No thanks, imagine in Battlefield, your gun jammed randomly for no reason. I mean yes, it would be realistic, but there needs to be a balance between fun and realistic. Do you want to get pulled over 5 times before you reach to the mechanics because your rear left brake light was broken? I don't think so.
  15. TurklerRS

    Is DLC Tuning Volvo Made?

    Don't you remember NFS '15 supercars? You couldn't even switch headlights on those because the company said so, %110 sure that it's the same case, same bullshit.