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  1. TurklerRS

    Speed Limit Suggestion

    I literally did tho
  2. TurklerRS

    Wear and tear damage in trucks and trailers?

    pretty sure the wear and tear is a long-time feature
  3. TurklerRS

    Speed Limit Suggestion

    Well, considering how majority of countries (And before you mention anything, small basket case states don't count) use the metric system, it would be pretty fair to say that the metric is the norm. And yes, I would consider using the imperial system 'Not normal' because you know, we've tried for years to get you guys to switch, but hey, Hurrr Freedom Units right? You very well might, but you're not everyone. There are people who do not know that 93 MPH is about 150 KMH, and it shows. It's convenient to have converted values for the readers' sake in a thread that includes values, if you get my point. Like I said, user convenience.
  4. TurklerRS

    Speed Limit Suggestion

    For normal people, 93 MPH is about 150 KMH.
  5. TurklerRS

    A few words about DLC check..

    The only reason that exists because if they don't, SCS will hit TruckersMP with a economic reimbursement and a debt that TruckersMP staff simply can't pay. /thread
  6. TurklerRS

    Fast Cargo VTC | ''Active . Friendly . Fun''

    well yes, I'm currently trying to apply again, filled everything again and everything, and now the website broke again.
  7. first of all, yes, it does fit with the format rules, it doesn't state for users to include the template so ha Let us have the Winter Mod as a permanent mod and not a temporary event This year, we got the winter mod, not as a TruckersMP feature, but as a independent mod. And this means that users can experience the winter as they please. A short QnA before we move onto the images; B-B-But Turk, TruckersMP doesn't have mod support! It clearly does, considering how, you know, we install the winter mod as a mod. But the winter physics could make the game unfair! Then don't allow the physics mod, simple as that. I'm pretty sure a retexture can't break the game. But it's special! That's not a valid counter-answer, it's not special, it's weather for yeet sake. And now, the mandatory image. Now, I know what you're thinking, ''Oi, why should we support this?'' -It's literally no extra work for the TMP developers. -There's a solid amount of players who like snow. -It's completely optional for players who hate snow. -It's snow, and everyone knows cold=good. Regards A TruckersMP player
  8. TurklerRS

    I need some help with save editing

    welp, I'm sad now
  9. TurklerRS

    I need some help with save editing

    First of all, he save edited his tires to a smaller one or just one not existing https://gyazo.com/68f4a042b3a6042313e18792ff923ae9 Not to mention, I need some save editing advice, not some mod that makes the fenders go thru each other
  10. TurklerRS

    I need some help with save editing

    Welp, I already tried it with that mod but went back and tried again anyway, seems I only can put the side fender over the tire, the screenshot I provided had no tire to begin with, thanks anyway.
  11. So I was browsing around the save editing threads when I found these: https://imgur.com/gallery/zYgkvAT (Ignore the l ow photo quality, didn't take them myself.) Like the image shows, he has the long chassis of the 6x4 with the extension thing of the 8x4, can anyone help me on that?
  12. TurklerRS

    Favourite Mods for Singleplayer

    Sicko mode
  13. TurklerRS

    How Much Money Do You Have Ingame?

    38 billion, every single dollar deserved. jk I save-edited all that cash
  14. TurklerRS

    Ban Yermiyim

    Hiç birşey olmaz, kullanabilirsin.