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  1. to be honest I'm saddened by this update, I mean the whole shake up about bans and punishment lengths is a step in the right direction and a positive step towards a better future for TMP, my concerns are the changes to save editing and what you can and cannot do now. I mean, the rules as they it stood were pretty clear cut and for someone like me who enjoys building edited trucks and trailers, you knew what was allowed and what wasn't. now you can pretty much do no type of save edit at all for trailers and very minimal changes to trucks thanks to the new rules. as said
  2. Singleplayer or not, it’s still a game, as long as you are not breaking the rules, I.e, not ramming people, not being useless traffic, not driving the wrong way, not excessively save editing to the point that your hit box is 2 lanes wide, not impersonating an admin etc etc, that does not mean you HAVE to play like it’s a 1:1 ratio against the real world. Like I’ve said before, an im getting tired of saying, every player who joins TMP should NOT have to play in 1 of 2 playstyles, people should be allowed to play how they want, WITHIN REASON, if you want to play 100% realistically, g
  3. @Glada_Laxen Technically ETS2 and ATS are not true to real life, so trying to make a multiplayer that goes against the basic principles in the base game is wrong, I mean come on, if the game was really a true sim we wouldn’t be able to disable speed limiters or traffic fines or be able to adjust suspension stiffness and truck stability. The thing that a hat a lot of people get wrong is that they expect every player to fall into one of two categories, either someone who strictly does the exact speed limit and does everything quite literally by the book 100% of the time or someone i
  4. The thing is, why should one admin be super strict, yet another will allow certain things, shouldn’t it be a uniform thing where if x incident happens and y incident happened as a result, then z punishment is justified, it should never be oh, admin number one will give a 2 month ban for, lets say, ramming someone, yet admin number two will just kick the person in the same scenario, it should be one OR the other, clearly defined in the rules for all to see. Hence why I said trigger happy, because it shouldn’t be admin discretion on what punishment is given, the discretion should be whethe
  5. Honestly, for my I’m all for tougher punishments on specific incidents, I mean, there’s no sense in permanent banning someone for minor offences, offences that don’t do harm to others or are purely by accident. My fear is, is that all it takes is a trigger happy admin to start abusing the tougher rules by insta banning people for things that don’t need that sort of excessive punishment, all that will do is deter more normal drivers away from wanting to play TMP, yet the people that the rules are supposed to deter just carry on causing problems over and over again. The
  6. The key word you missed was IF, i would understand if I’d said to you “oh, seeing as YOU love empty roads”, inferring that you spend 24/7 in the most dead parts of the map, yet what I actually said was “IF you love empty roads”, inferring that there is a CHANCE, not a 100% legit scientifically proven fact, that you drive on empty roads. First of all, I don’t NEED to be convinced of anything, do not try and surmise what I know, it’s fact that the further you stray from C-D and western, south western and northern Germany, the less people you see, the further east, north, west or sou
  7. The thing is, that’s the whole point of playing online, to play with other people, I mean, if you love endless empty roadswhere you might see 1 truck every 30 minutes real time, then fine, you can get near enough the same effect in SP with traffic density mods installed or traffic turned off completely through console commands, but the vast majority of people enjoy driving through the busier areas because you see people and it’s more of a challenge, (and in my opinion, more realistic), than being somewhere where there’s no traffic, no threat. its a no brainier that driving in less
  8. Well I can assure you it was FernandoCR[ESP] that I saw doing 37MPH down C-D a few months ago, so again, unless someone literally copied your name ingame, I don’t know what to tell you, I mean, I could see if I still have the logs from then, but my memory is pretty good.. Anyway, on the subject of the “road to simulation”, yes a simulation attitude is good in respects, but TMP Needs to allow all player types, not just 1 or 2, same as banning triple trailers, I’ve driven behind and with people who have run triples, not seen anyone’s game crash, not had any issues, yet they’re not al
  9. Well then I would check your passwords because someone with your exact name drove down C-D about 2 months ago. Overspeeding, or more commonly know as, speeding, isn’t reckless, sure it can be constipated if the person driving said vehicle does not know or understand the limitations of both themselves or the vehicle they are in control of, personally, I’m comfortable driving a truck in a video game at 80MPH, depending on road conditions, traffic and what road etc, that does NOT make me a reckless driver, I still stop before hitting someone, slow down for turns, respect other driver
  10. Well seeing as I only started playing TMP again in late March after 2 years away due to illness, that would put it way sooner and unless someone has the exact name you have, it’s most likely you, to answer your torrent of questions, you hit 1 person who was turning into the fuel station, both parties at fault, no one “hit your truck” seeing as I was the truck behind you and would rather put my vehicle in a ditch or guardrail than hit someone else, your speed was slow, I clocked you at a blistering 37MPH. The thing is, someone who is “speeding” in your mind is NOT recklessly drivin
  11. That’s the thing, it’s made a difference to YOUR game experience, that doesn’t mean that it’s made an impact on the other 6000+ players who are averagely online during the day, for sample, I used to drive from St Petersburg to somewhere in northern Germany, a trip of around 1000-1300 miles, maybe more depending on the destination, yet I never got trolled, rammed or had any run-ins with people that I felt deserved to be reported, now, as soon as I enter northern Poland and track West into Germany, I’ve had many run-ins recently with trolls and other such undesirable people, so from my perspecti
  12. The thing is, it makes no difference, a more significant difference would be if your reports went to 0 verses x number over y distance. To be honest, if you report for people “harming” your vehicle, well that’s an issue, but each to their own. from my point of view things are worse than before, you feel it’s better, different play styles equal different opinions, you drive at 55MPH on super long journeys which have a higher chance of being damaged, whereas I drive at 60+MPH with shorter journeys that mean I average less damage per day. at the end of the day, there are m
  13. @FernandoCR [ESP] I know trolls are everywhere, I play games everyday, I’ve played TMP for a long time so, yes trolls are everywhere, the thing that I said was that this update has accelerated the effects of trolls and made people more brazen to troll. Number of reports sent by 1 user doesn’t make a difference in my opinion, especially between just 2 journeys, it’s subject to time of day, server, route, traffic population and the general mood of said user. So just because you sent 1 less report in a journey that’s of similar length, doesn’t show any significant change, if you had sent only 1 r
  14. Well after being trolled almost 3 times during a 1200 mile trip from Helsinki to Southampton, I can conclude that the speed limits have not made a difference, in fact, they’ve enhanced the effects of trolls and bad drivers, and that is the big issue, speed isn’t the problem, it’s the way people drive, the way people act, if it’s not someone trolling by weaving back and forth than slamming on the anchors for no reason (and before anyone says, oh that’s just lag, I would agree if I didn’t see their brake lights come on and their truck almost do a stoppie with how hard they hit the brakes), then
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