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  1. I like to have my trucks grey. I am not a huge fan of coloured trucks. Black is my second favourite, and white just isn't for me.
  2. -TJ-

    110km/h ?

    I think 150 km/h will do. A lot of people would loose interest in MP if they cant go fast. If you want to go slower with realistic limits, use the simulation servers.
  3. Yes please!! Yesterday I was following a truck that kept lagging along. I had to keep swerving, and braking to the point where I couldn't cope. I pulled over and let the truck in front of me suffer (And suffer he did, he swerved out of the lane to avoid the lagging player, and crashed into a ditch). My ping can average at about 300 ms. I haven't noticed other players having problems around me, so I would say 150 ms is a bit too low.
  4. I don't see much point. People could beep their horn, and let go of it when the warning appears. Give it a split second, and they are back on their horn. I haven't tested it, but I wouldn't be surprised if the same thing works with the headlight warning.
  5. Now it isnt working again. This is confusing.
  6. ^ So, what makes a car MP suitable? Different badges? It only takes a minute to change the BMW logos to whatever you want. Just edit the texture. And after that, contact the mod maker and if he/she allows for it, the car can be implemented as a new update, just like the Scout (Skoda).
  7. It has fixed itself after a few months of the issue. Weird...
  8. Hi. I have an issue which makes the game unplayable unless I disable it. The player tags and other stuff, can be enabled and disabled with F11. If I enable it, my game drops to around 25 FPS. No matter where in the map I am. If I disable it, the game instantly gets back to 60+ FPS. It is really annoying. As when I need to check a player tag, the game becomes super laggy. This has only happened in a recent update. (When Vive La France DLC was supported.) If this could be fixed, great.
  9. Yes. A good place to take the skoda. Hopefully the admins allow it for racing with the skoda. The track would be 24/7 supervised by admins.
  10. -TJ-

    Ingame tags

    All I have is my VTC's name with Owner. I have (REC) at the end of my tag.
  11. Nice video! I recommend you put up the braking sensitivity in gameplay to max each time you drive the Skoda. It really helps me!
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