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  3. Hello, this is one of my suggestions. I hope you can take this into consideration. (I understand there are many other priorities) Suggestion Name: Make Ghost Players Appear Slightly Transparent Suggestion Description: When a player spawns in, their vehicle goes into ghost mode. I think their vehicle should go 60-70% transparent. As their ghost mode time comes to an end, the vehicle gradually becomes more clear. Any example images: (Excuse my photo editing, you get the point) Why should it be added?: A few times I have seen a vehicle spawn in front of me, and I can't tell if it is ghosted or not. If the vehicle is slightly transparent, then I know it is safe for me to continue through them, whereas if it is a fully clear vehicle, I would naturally try to avoid them and I could cause another accident.
  4. Yes please!! Yesterday I was following a truck that kept lagging along. I had to keep swerving, and braking to the point where I couldn't cope. I pulled over and let the truck in front of me suffer (And suffer he did, he swerved out of the lane to avoid the lagging player, and crashed into a ditch). My ping can average at about 300 ms. I haven't noticed other players having problems around me, so I would say 150 ms is a bit too low.
  5. I don't see much point. People could beep their horn, and let go of it when the warning appears. Give it a split second, and they are back on their horn. I haven't tested it, but I wouldn't be surprised if the same thing works with the headlight warning.
  6. Sounds like it will be fun! It is a shame I always miss these events due to my timezone.
  7. Now it isnt working again. This is confusing.
  8. ^ So, what makes a car MP suitable? Different badges? It only takes a minute to change the BMW logos to whatever you want. Just edit the texture. And after that, contact the mod maker and if he/she allows for it, the car can be implemented as a new update, just like the Scout (Skoda).
  9. It has fixed itself after a few months of the issue. Weird...
  10. Hi. I have an issue which makes the game unplayable unless I disable it. The player tags and other stuff, can be enabled and disabled with F11. If I enable it, my game drops to around 25 FPS. No matter where in the map I am. If I disable it, the game instantly gets back to 60+ FPS. It is really annoying. As when I need to check a player tag, the game becomes super laggy. This has only happened in a recent update. (When Vive La France DLC was supported.) If this could be fixed, great.
  11. As Trucking Australia has said, you will need to opt out of the betas. Here is how to do it if you are unsure:
  12. Hi! I haven't used the forum in the while and I would like to know one thing. How can I add a signature? Thanks!
  13. ^ The cars can actually be bought from any dealership, at any location.
  14. Hello, I have a quick question to ask. Will mods that change the texture of the interiors work on TruckersMP? I was curious to know as I would like to use one of those mods. It is just a colour change in the textures so would it work on MultiPlayer? Thanks.
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