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  1. I would buy it if: - It is cheap to buy, but has premium quality. (Contradiction) - The logo is chic but kept simple. (In a T-Shirt) - It is available in Germany. truckersmp could talk to spreadshirt, shirtinator and getshirts. (I think getshirts is for German audience/target fit).
  2. After my G27 got broken and Amazon gave me my money back my G29 is now on the way.
    Delivery July 15 - JULY 18

  3. Hello, I have reproduced it and it is the same error.
  4. Thanks for the Update, I'll test it tomorrow.
  5. Mod Version: Controllers Used: G27 Description of Issue: If you change the brake intensity and restart the game, it resets to the standard intensity (50%). This only happens if you restart the multiplayer, not the singleplayer. How to reproduce: Start ETS2MP or ATSMP -> change the brake intensity (for example to 100%, completely to the right) -> restart the MP -> brake intensity is at 50 % (standard) again. Also the speedlimiter which you can set with the ingame settings (settings -> gameplay settings) is getting reset after you log in and drive a few meters. Scr
  6. We have received your response. I wish everyone the best of luck, and hope that I will also accepted with not so good chances.
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      I´ve got a wooden chair - not joking xD If i had a nice one i wouldn´t be able to get of it... ;)

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      i've gottten a craptastic ikea chair which is falling appart time to get a DXRacer or Maxnomic one :P

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      i stole my chair from the dinner table :P

  7. @DeLongMusic @TheRocketBeans #dosenbeatz #rbtv #supportRocketBeansTV #supportDeLongMusic

    1. TheBj03rn


      DeLongMusic real cool Guy! <3 #noHomo

  8. I happened the error if I have instaled the wrong ETS2 Steam version.
  9. twitwipe.com is very good Tool for Twitter! ;)

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