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  1. ^^^ that doesn't really have much to do with the thread... But yes, I've also had some of those days where you just seem to run out of talent and crash into fences, or just go a bit too fast around corners.
  2. I preordered it two months ago, supposedly the boxed edition (i.e. the physical copy) will also include the Arizona DLC when that's released.
  3. I think I've seen that in a few other bus stops on the map...
  4. Hang on, is that the new rigid DLC? Maybe that's why we're still waiting for it
  5. There's my green and yellow Scania, the one that doesn't move for the entire video
  6. JTVL #1


    I use beacons when I have a trailer with beacon, if I'm stopped/slow on the road due to something blocking the road, or if I'm parked in the emergency lane on the motorway. I turn them off for busy cities (especially Laggerdam)...
  7. I only have the picture I posted above, unfortunately... Originally I didn't bother making a report with it because I know for ramming they usually prefer a video over screenshots, but as Scarface0359 pointed out above, the screenshot was good enough to make a report for insulting language (I had to Google it: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/mogoolcharming word indeed)... So I made the report based on that.
  8. I have got OBS set up, I just haven't bothered using it lately because I've had relatively good luck with all the other drivers on EU1. Guess all good things must come to an end... Report has been submitted.
  9. My main language is English so I didn't recognise the word... Looking it up on Google, I now know what it means! Thank you.
  10. I did a few jobs through Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Europoort earlier, the rammers and blockers were worse than usual and there didn't seem to be any admins online... It was one of those times where I just wish I had OBS running, I'd have probably about a dozen reports to make if I did In this pic I was just turning right to exit Rotterdam when this person turned right alongside me (from the left turn lane) then pushed me into a wall... I haven't put it through the report system because I doubt it'd be enough evidence for a ban.
  11. That particular convoy would be the team trucks for a V8 Supercar Race, some of the teams are sponsored by truck manufacturers so they have team trucks based on that sponsorship. Teams without truck sponsorship just pick whatever truck they feel like
  12. Or you can just press tab and check instantly if there's anyone else in the area...
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