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  1. PoseidonGaming

    CB Radio

    I did, but after setting the volumes I restarted the game and it started working.
  2. You need to remember they probably did that asnthere is only 1 refuelling slot, so what happens if one truck comes in - in one direction and you go in from the other? Who is going to reverse back out onto the road? Since they are no NCZ? One way in, one way out, all in a single line..
  3. Ahh I see, didn't even notice lol... Although, has anyone else noticed that if you engage Auto Exhaust Brake and then turn on Cruise Control the brake lights come on and stay on? Disengage the Auto Brake or CC and they turn back off... Don't think its a MP problem but SCS problem - havn't tried the new ATS MP version yet but happen in the previous release. Might try SP and see if it still does it in there.
  4. What was wrong with brake intensity? Was it too little or too much because I have had to bring my intensity option down to nothing in game just so it was more realistic, otherwise just touching the brake I came to a dead stop
  5. Automatic seems like a good idea (Automatically adjusting) - im not sure how easy it would be but the Telemetry SDK has an output for the speed limit of roads - so if they can somehow grab that (without using the telemetry) and adjust the speed limit of those areas automatically.
  6. Really? Mine has actually gotten better going from 32 to 64bit
  7. Im with you, I was online for nearly 7 hours and only had one guy ram me at a stop lights, apart from that all good. I also saw a few admins online, JM and Kat to name a couple.
  8. It should work how it is but since ATS is 64bit, the telemetry server dll (that goes in the plugins directory) needs to be compiled in 64bit also. Apart from that, the telemetry is the same between ETS2 and ATS so programs will work in both.
  9. Thats how I have mine set. 1-6 normal, 7-12 first red button, 13-18 second red button.
  10. ATSTripLogger is in the work (combined with ETS2TripLogger Offline)

  11. There was - I was one of the first who did a logger that uploaded to a website (ETS2TripLogger - website no longer available tho), but am now doing an offline logger (which will autofill fields on MyVTC and other sites as well as reports etc) and also a G19 Keyboard version. MyVTC were going to do their own app but that was like a year ago and they havn't yet (maybe they won't at all). ETS2Data are doing an Auto Logger for their site, not sure when its going to be released but for me and because of a logger that's coming - I would choose them.
  12. If you are going to do the software and website - its pretty much a constant development. In saying that, TripLogger is already making an offline version and will have reporting and exporting functions as well for uploading to vtc's but always to have other options out there and looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Spoiler - Previous TL and new TL are becoming Open Source
  13. Yes, a MP will be made for ATS (as there is no MP built in from SCS) which is why ETSMP will be changed from 32bit to 64bit https://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?/topic/24083-very-important-information-64bit/
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