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  1. Ahh I see, didn't even notice lol... Although, has anyone else noticed that if you engage Auto Exhaust Brake and then turn on Cruise Control the brake lights come on and stay on? Disengage the Auto Brake or CC and they turn back off... Don't think its a MP problem but SCS problem - havn't tried the new ATS MP version yet but happen in the previous release. Might try SP and see if it still does it in there.
  2. What was wrong with brake intensity? Was it too little or too much because I have had to bring my intensity option down to nothing in game just so it was more realistic, otherwise just touching the brake I came to a dead stop
  3. Really? Mine has actually gotten better going from 32 to 64bit
  4. ATSTripLogger is in the work (combined with ETS2TripLogger Offline)

  5. Online ETS2 Trip Logger has been discontinued. Offline Trip Logger is in the works, saves to local file database, allow to view reports and export data in various formats. Will be a heck more reliable than previous incarnations.

  6. Ok, it seems you do need to have the mod installed (even tho you can choose not too), restarted computer, restarted install again and now works. Why have an option to install/not install if it won't work without it installed?
  7. I was in the middle of a convoy now I can't even rejoin them and continue. Installed the mod, still the same, when it crashes I can't even see it in Task Manager to end it.
  8. Do we need the autumn mod installed because I didn't install it and the launcher now dosn't load at all.
  9. May have to download it later on when others downloading slows down - getting 500 error and very very slow to download.
  10. ETS2TripLogger Website is back up and running

    1. LongLostAngel


      Where did the triplogger go?

    2. LongLostAngel
  11. ETS2 Trip logger will be back online later on today. 24th April

  12. Trip Logger Website will be down for about a week or 2 from 18th April.

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