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  1. Thanks for the follow.

  2. What do you hear in this video?

    Yea, woke up hearing Laurel now I hear Yanny again.
  3. What do you hear in this video?

    May be super powers, who knows.
  4. Xn2FNYJ.jpg


    Not bad enjoying the new trucks even more now.

    1. <S2Whisky


      Nice Photo and Truck Partner :90:

    2. MikeOG
  5. Thanks for the follow. 

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      No problem! Welcome to the team by the way.

  6. What do you hear in this video?

    Okay, that's strange. I now hear Laurel.
  7. https://www.today.com/popculture/it-laurel-or-yanny-audio-clip-has-divided-internet-t129137 Me and some friends have been having a debate I seem to be the only one that hears Yanny. Let the debate begin.
  8. Congrats New Position in TruckersMp :tmp:

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  9. Congratulations! good luck.

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  10. Congrats on new position @MikeOG Best luck to you :) 

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    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Congrats and Good Luck :)

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  11. Congratulations on your new role! :D

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  12. One of the biggest things on C-D road is the passing instead of just enjoying the drive. The road isn't meant for or designed to go full speed on neither.
  13. There is a big difference between a video game and in real life. I find the updates useful, now granted I didn't like the speed limiter the first around back in 2014 as it was a tad bit slow. I like this one more you don't need to go top speed you have Iracing and the other racing games for that.
  14. I love all of the map extended areas, for the most part just for the 3d trees.
  15. [SCS Blog] Oregon: Truck Stops

    So many new things coming for us just seeing these images I notice a few.