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  1. Thanks for the follow! :lol:

  2. Hope everyone is enjoying their New Year 2019 so far!

  3. -AOD-

    Winter mod is now available!

    If only sharemods server for it wasn't saturated, barely downloading it at 300kb/s
  4. I think wether people like to see them effective or not, by gathering feedback from the community. Making some changes based on that feedback. It’s always good to hear that. Also the public events are definitely showing their resolve for being involved.
  5. -AOD-

    Restricted Zone for Double Trailers

    +1 Guys. Indeed great idea.
  6. -AOD-

    Will Bus Dlc Income On 2019?

    I also remember from the SCS live stream a while back ago that they were definitely working on it but it was one or maybe two max people working on it. And if anything came out of it it would be years down the pipeline
  7. -AOD-

    New design for TruckersMP [Unofficial]

    Really nice sleek modern design!
  8. -AOD-

    CB Radio range

    Love this idea! As @DJWinstonTFM said, have you thought about creating a suggestion?
  9. Like the idea. As others have said, try SCS’s forums.
  10. -AOD-

    ATSMP 1.33 Update Bug Liftgate.

    Game: American Truck Simulator Mod Version: Version Controllers Used: N/A Description of Issue: Lift gate trailer option is completely blank to other players How to reproduce: Buy a trailer and use the liftgate option for the doors on the trailer and be around other players. Screenshots / Videos: None.
  11. Game: American Truck Simulator Mod Version: Version Controllers Used: N/A Description of Issue: Turnpike Doubles do not render for other people in MP. They glitch into the ground repeatedly. The dolley either double or single axle appears as a 28' sliding tarp trailer. How to reproduce: Buy a turnpike double and be around other players Screenshots / Videos: None.
  12. -AOD-

    [SCS Blog] American Truck Simulator Update 1.33

    TMP is broken regarding the TP doubles and the Lift gate option on owned trailers.
  13. Thanks for the follow!