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  1. @ScaniaFan89I noticed that as well if you havent already i suggest making a bug report about it i just did but hopefully the more people that make one the more likely it will get fixed
  2. so anyone else getting error 500 when trying to update?

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Ya I got it, I just kept hitting ok and it worked ?

  3. my only issue with these vehicles is i noticed as of 1.40 that one of the vehicles didn't revert back to a Scania R(2009) like the scout car does and like other normal truck mods do it's stuck in my garage as a N/A and if i even click on it my game crashes to desktop because of it so i cant even sell it to open up a garage slot for a truck so i think future vehicles need to have that same ability to turn back into a stock 2009 Scania R when you use your profile outside of MP also would it hurt to maybe use some different interiors than just the scout car interior cause it seems like you can make the engines sound different and the vehicle handle different but skimp on the interior and reuse the basic scout car interior
  4. so whats in the new update?

  5. Exactly which is why I asked but haven't got an answer back yet from staff
  6. What is Prohibit trailers for oversize cargos supposed to apply to out of curiosity
  7. @ApproachConsidering with 1.39 SCS messed with the Fmod Sound engine again among other things i Imagine it's going to take a while so find some good mods and enjoy Single player until MWL and co can push the update for 1.39
  8. Honestly it could have been done better in my opinion i got on late and ended up getting nothing done except run out of air pressure and sit at 2 FPS in a massive traffic Jam watch a few vehicle go past all the while i was just trying to get into Zurich from Stuttgart it took me the entire 2 hours i had left of the event when i got on to get even near Zurich and at that point the event was over and the server was shutting down so i hit F6 and cancelled my load and teleported back to my main garage in Munich so honestly this event gets a D- i won't fail it completely only due to actually being able to see the signage in action and pass by at least one scene otherwise next time there needs to be some better traffic management and ways to keep the traffic moving so we dont sit in stop and move an inch every minute traffic jams for the entirety of the event
  9. From what I have heard from someone who is friends with a SCS Dev is with 1.38 SCS once again massively changed a ton of stuff thus why it is taking so long for MWL4 and the developers to port TMP to 1.38 because they have to completely reverse engineer both games code so that they can make multiplayer work properly so give them time they're working as fast and hard as they can. Believe me I want to play 1.38 on MP as much as everyone else and until i was told what i know now i was going to remove my patreon but now i honestly wish they had a higher tier or two to give more support to MWL and the team because they have to deal with the people that have no patience to wait for them to release a update that is as bug free as possible but at the same time throw a huge fit when the team and devs get tired of hearing all the complaining and send out something that may not have been as well tested as it could have been if people would have some patience
  10. Well that was a fun trip from Finland to Beirut in My Renault T High 520 though The Renault Definitely does not agree with some of those steep uphill climbs when loaded down with 20T of Flour But made it safe and sound another load in the book for Northern Logistics VTC

  11. @Rebelwarrior1981 well mine finally got their act together and downloaded at a reasonable pace
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