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  1. Happy birthday to a pal that i known for 4 years now its something that i cherish in my life that i meet you. You and me figured out that we had the same bday and it was funny to laugh those days off, but i hope you had a wonderful birthday and beautiful day you beautiful man :). Much love, Xander

    1. KhaosHammer


      Thank you mate, and happy birthday to you too! :lol:

  2. Happy birthday (lol) same bday hope your having a wonderful day :wub:

    1. KhaosHammer


      Thanks and happy birthday to you too! :P

  3. Like really putting a speed limiter at 150km.h (93mph) doesn't prove a point at all. It makes all of us fast driving people mad. EU1 is a "realistic driving" server thus those people that like driving the "speed limit" Can enjoy peace at that. I can easily go 160km.h in a Scania. Top speed for me downhill in that truck was like around 170 km/h. So proving a point of putting the speed limit at 150km.h makes no sense in no such way. It's not real life driving and its a game not limiting us gamers at speed limits. And btw the only reason why people play this game is to have fun with people online
  4. Is it just me or is the game kinda of bugged out. I saw frame by frame how the trailer went up in the air and went back down. And I saw a guy slam into a parked truck and the guy went frame by frame, up and back down until all of his wheels were on the ground. That's one weird glitch or bug I've encountered. 

    1. Aragon


      You mean weird desync/teleportation like this? 

      Been noticing that a lot lately.


    2. XanderBGaming


      yeah, that. I've noticed it like about 1 week ago or when the last update patch came out. it has to be something in that patch that's making it do that.

  5. So the Avgerho No damage Mod just crashes my game now after the patch that came out an hour ago or two. it was working fine all day... 

    1. LSPD Gamer
    2. XanderBGaming


      Explain @BIGTRUCKER UK#1 How it still works for u?

  6. @RudeIrishKnight it is a good thing to lift the speed limiter off the US Server on Euro Truck Simulator 2, The only reason is why I am saying this that I want it to be lifted off too because I rather to be on the US server then Eu2 Server Since most 10% Everyone from the States or near the states go on Europe 2 server because of the speed limiter gets in the way of driving since Everyone likes to go fast and not be restricted to a speed limit of 110 km per hour Or to "68.3508 Mph".
  7. how can I make my photo a gif or is that not allowed anymore

    bc I want to add this to my profile pic on the forms https://imgur.com/paNEJe6


    1. XanderBGaming


      any help will be fine

      And I quote "1 file was larger than the maximum file size of 150.016kb and was skipped" the max is 0.15MB

      So tell me why I cant upload it 

    2. Caricature


      Use a program/search online to reduce the gif size. Also, gifs can only be uploaded from your disk I believe.

      I doubt you can use the URL upload tool as the file types are displayed under each upload option.

    3. XanderBGaming
  8. Why Can i not join the eu servers it keeps kicking me

    and reconnecting me

    Is it me or the server?

  9. All my life I wanted to be a moderator, but never happens since I cant get into moderator. I Cry every day.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. TrademarkGamer


      Some posts dont count towards content count

    3. XanderBGaming
    4. Truckerpilot


      Hello i can see that you are very eager to become a staff member. If you have not yet done so, take a look at the requirements Here: 


  10. When They up the slots they make Calais seem like a Selena Gomez Concert with over 100+ people. :truestory: 


  11. Just waiting for the day when the dlc comes out :D

  12. I will be leaving TSR at the end of this month sorry ,but I cant be in a vtc anymore Sincerely, Xander

    1. Eddis



      I know that feeling...Wish you best of luck!

    2. XanderBGaming
  13. ^_^Ah Just A lovely Evening on saturday night (Dinner Time):lol:B)


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