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  1. time for bed, have to be up at 4:30,
    the weekends are just to short

  2. been wake for 17 hours since 5am
    time for bed just to be up again at 5am  ZZZzzz,,,

  3. i see there is no BIG week end convoy this weekend

  4. 4:53am
    it very windy its raining,,,,,, and i have to cycle 6 miles to work

  5. Just been thru Bourges (France) and went threw a large wooded/forest like area,,, quiet nice & therapeutic on a sunny day



    Problem Event Name:    APPCRASH
      Application Name:    eurotrucks2.exe
      Application Version:
      Application Timestamp:    5995a500
      Fault Module Name:    WS2_32.dll
      Fault Module Version:    6.1.7601.23451
      Fault Module Timestamp:    573365bb
      Exception Code:    c0000094
      Exception Offset:    00000000000132f5
      OS Version:    6.1.7601.
      Locale ID:    2057
      Additional Information 1:    c28d
      Additional Information 2:    c28d590d3cf9ae9033b203bfd0934c82
      Additional Information 3:    2458
      Additional Information 4:    2458650f61fa11eb321678fef0140308

  7. Just installed Discord on Laptop --
    I have never used it before

    (Atlas Gaming Group)

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    2. Stuart  (GB)

      Stuart (GB)

      how do i get people on discord, i never used it before,, i think you laso sent me a forum link a few days ago,, can you resend,, thanks

      Stuart (GB)#5001

    3. Dj Jefferz Atlas GG Owner

      Dj Jefferz Atlas GG Owner

      How do you mean?


      how do i get people on discord


    4. Stuart  (GB)

      Stuart (GB)

      ok i manage to connect to discord it look realy complicated,, i see lots of names
      but not to worry,,, all i am getting is notifications and no voice

  8. this game needs more active admins around Duisburg - and no i don't want to be one

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    2. Woerki (GER)

      Woerki (GER)

      I think the problem with the service exit (end of non-collision-zone, crashing of players) is the main problem. Community-Manager Digital wrote in feedback area: "Yes it is causing issues, however, it is not something we can punish for as they are in the No Collision Zone. mwl4 is aware of the issues caused on the service exit's and should be looking into a fix soon."

    3. Positivetrucking168


      Completely agree with @Nameless Ghoul, there are on occasions times when admins will teleport to places far away from the common player blackspots to deal with potential trolling in the quieter cities. If every admin was sitting in the C-D area all the time on their in-game duties, all the trolls located elsewhere on the map will completely avoid their punishment (Unless the user is reported through the website). 

    4. notrevolution


      The problem is the players. We just don't realise it yet.


      No extra development priority or administration priority will change it. The game is extremely affordable which doesn't help the trolling situation and/or the players who as @Nameless Ghoul said 'go to places knowing it is chaos'.

      It will always be an endless fight against players.

  9. im in a city on MP with 107 trucks and it kinda beats watching Emerdale Farm

    1. Positivetrucking168


      I can take a guess that you are in Duisburg right now, and how is your PC coping in the traffic? 

    2. Stuart  (GB)

      Stuart (GB)

      im just sitting watching, my PC can handle anything :)

    3. stilldre1976


      Pop in the woolpack for a pint bruv :lol:

  10. i have noticed that on there are some convoys on EU3 - but there is no EU3 - so what server do they take place on now

    1. TrademarkGamer


      The trial server is EU 3

    2. Stuart  (GB)
  11. Took you long enough to ask me,,,,,,,,,,,,, and yes i can

  12. Be Like Water
    Go With The Flow

  13. Does  truckersmp,com have an PR ?

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    2. Dylann /!\

      Dylann /!\

      player reprt or Automatic number plate reader ?

    3. notrevolution


      Public Relations?

    4. Stuart  (GB)

      Stuart (GB)

      Sorry for got about this post
      Plublic Relatiions - that sales thing

  14. Just did a long Journey with Double Trailer first time used and enjoyed it