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      Current development status [overview + info]   12/04/17

      Hey truckers, quite alot happened recently and we are getting many questions from you. To help you getting your answer much quicker, here is a recap of the latest information in regards to the Italy DLC, the Special Transport DLC, the wintermod and the latest game updates.   SCS released the Italy DLC. This DLC is not properly working in multiplayer at this moment. Until official support has been added, use the DLC on your own risk. You won't get banned for driving in the Italy area, but you might experience issues with missing NCZ and other minor bugs.   American Truck Simulator is not supported for quite some days now.   The Special Transport DLC is not guarantueed to be included within the first few patches. Due to the complexity of the situation of how the content of this DLC operates, it is possible that support for this specific DLC will take a long time, or in worst case scenario won't be supported at all. Please bear with us and give our developers enough time to make sure everything goes alright. Putting pressure on them or creating a massive amount of topics about it is not going to change the speed of development.    As always, our team is working hard to make sure we can give you the best experience. We hope to provide you a new version of our mod with support for ATS real soon, but we are currently not able to give you an estimated date of release. We thank you for your understanding.  
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      Translation Team Recruitment   12/11/17

      Hello Truckers! We are making small changes in the team. We are looking for new translators for our community. Please check the requirements and send it to us. Languages that we are interested in are: Turkish, Polish, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, French, German   Requirements: * You are at least 17 years old. * You must be active in our community. * You have sufficient knowledge of the English language. * You understand and respect the forum and in-game rules. * You can remain calm and polite in a conflict. * You are able to ask questions and inform yourself if you don't know something. * You are able to work in a team and participate in team discussions. * You have some basic social skills as you will be in touch with many community members. * You are dedicated and devoted to help other members of the community. * You are registered on TruckersMP's forum for at least 1 month. * You know at least one more language than English   Please feel free to send an application here: https://truckersmp.com/recruitment Thanks for your interest ! End Date: 20/12/2017 Good Luck to Everyone !

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  1. Is it just me or do other have the problem of corners and just outside place like garage - service station depots etc... turning from yellow where you have been back to grey
    see image for example

    1. Samiz [FIN]

      Samiz [FIN]

      SCS did same as with old France parts, added new junctions etc. to old parts of map. "We refreshed the old part of Italy which is already present in the base game to make it fit better with the quality of the upcoming Italia DLC." http://blog.scssoft.com/2017/12/euro-truck-simulator-2-update-130.html

  2. Woulden't go of my screen even after fast travel to garage

  3. I take it the Italy DLC is not implemented in multiplayer yet ?????

    1. buksee [HUN]

      buksee [HUN]

      Yeah it isn't implemented yet along with the small update, but the TMP team is working on it to get it compatible a soon as possible.

    2. Rev.


      If you downgrade to 1.30 temporary you can play on MP. But NCZ zones etc won't be supported so don't expect the best experience.

  4. see you on the road mate

  5. 428 in Queueue for EU2

    1. TSRVTC-Truckerpilot


      Yep its gonna be one crazy day today on ETS2

  6. The thing that annoys me about this game is that when you find a job (the longest job) then you fast travel to it garage and then you find out that the job is gone

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    2. buksikutya77


      What you can try is go SP and you just teleport there with dev cam and pick up your trailer then you are good to go, the time is already synced.... probably in SP more time will pass than in MP while you teleport to there, you open the console write "goto (city name)" and it will put you near the center and when you find a safe spot for example your garage press F9 and it will teleport your truck there

    3. [ST-LH] Valheru

      [ST-LH] Valheru

      Here's how I solved this problem - it does involve a bit more clicking, but it works like a charm:

      • first, make sure that in all the garages you own there is one free driver slot (in other words - 4 hired drivers max per garage)
      • now, when you find the desired long distance job, go to your 'Garage manager' screen
      • find the garage where you have your 'home base' and click it
      • you then relocate your current truck FIRST to the city where you found the desired job
      • go back to the 'Garage manager' screen, and relocate yourself to that same city
      • this way you and your truck get 'teleported' without any time actually passing in the game! It's the way relocation mechanics work in ETS
      • and your job will still be available in the Freight Market screen


      Hope it helps. Of course it works best if you already have an established company with lots of money and thus own all the garages.

      I forgot to mention - this method also works in MP, not just in SP mode.

    4. Stuart  (GB)

      Stuart (GB)

      so i just did a jib from Scandinavian to France and was late in delivery - picked it up in single [player went to multiplayer

  7. the steam 1.30 update for ETS2 is 1.4 gig

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    2. Stuart  (GB)

      Stuart (GB)

      i have no idea, but if you install it you can only play single player;;;;;; and you will have to reinstall temporary_1_27 - 1.28.x for incompatible mods for multiplayer
      I am installing the 1.4gig to see what it has to offer

    3. Stuart  (GB)

      Stuart (GB)

      Up to now i have found a another boat on long trailer and it looks like 2 roads in Torino area

    4. Stuart  (GB)

      Stuart (GB)


      to see the new boat trailer Queen V39

  8. F.Y.I
    ITALY DLC is available on 5th Dec according to steam

  9. is something wrong with ETS EU2 main populated server i just lost connection

  10. just spent 2 hours ranking up on ATS becuase i lost my profile, so i thought, anyway i just found it from a year or so ago,, but it looks like i go to re do all the map again, still got my trucks and garages and $1 mil

  11. i am at a bit of a loss,, Help!!
    after not playing ATS for a while like ages; i have just installed it + mexico and need to do whole thing again
    i see no MP icon on desktop for American Truck just the regular ETS ?

    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      All you gotta do is download the latest version of the launcher from the site (https://truckersmp.com/download) and select ATS during the installation process. A single icon will be placed in your Desktop and upon clicking on it, you'll be offered to choose which game you'll want to start.

    2. Stuart  (GB)

      Stuart (GB)

      ah yes that's it thanks

    3. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      You're welcome!

  12. Italia DLC Giveaway

    i thought it was just for a week end so i took it of after 80 or so hours
  13. i understand that ETS/ATS user now use discord, how do i get onto it, i already ave it installed on laptop

    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Go to your profile on the site and open your Settings: https://truckersmp.com/profile/settings


      On the bottom of the page you will find the option to link your Discord to TMP.

    2. Mirrland


      To get onto the TruckersMP Discord, this topic will help you: 


  14. Nice to see you on the road dazbam - long time no see

  15. Is there a way i can protect my trailer from,,,, putting it politely,,,,, "bad drivers" some sort of ""legal"" hack, like no damage hack
    Love some feedback