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  1. I hope to use the Job Dispatcher more frequently alongside the normal freight market jobs as it is not only useful for syncing your jobs with friends, but it also opens up greater autonomy to experiment with new routes and cargo types as it allows me to generate loads to places which are hard to find in the normal freight market list.
  2. Hey guys! I've just recorded 1000 hours of playtime on ETS2, and to celebrate the moment, I decided to go to a big city, in this case Malmo in southern Sweden. It's taken me nearly 7 years to achieve this milestone, and so I would like to thank everyone in the community for making this possible. 



  3. Happy Birthday 🥳

  4. I would like to come on here and thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday today! It's been a difficult year with many twists and turns, but I am looking forward to finishing my degree course next year. And hopefully return to the team someday...

    1. _sneaht_0810


      Happy B-Day! 

    2. Mr. sDev

      Mr. sDev

      We understand Positive! Enjoy your day. 🥂🥳

  5. Happy Birthday 💜


    Only the best in your life! 🎉

    Enjoy your day



  6. Happy Birthday! ❤️

  7. I will almost always stick to TruckersMP as I believe in a world where there are different volumes of activity across the map, and where I can mix in with other real players. But I am open to the Convoy mode if someone on my friends list wants to do a session with small groups of people and mix in with some AI traffic.
  8. I think that the development of ATS into a game that takes place across multiple countries is unlikely to happen in the close future, since Canada and Mexico are large countries that require sophisticated amounts of planning to be able to fully integrate with the American road network. Furthermore, given that it's already taken five years to build 10 states, and have just started development on their 11th state, Texas, it's most likely going to be several years, if not decades, before SCS are at a point where they are even able to think about taking ATS across America's international borders.
  9. If you are in the developer console, you can go into the "Visualize" menu and uncheck the "Wireframe" option. Alternatively you may type "r_wireframe 0" (without the quotes) into the console in-game to disable the wireframe mode.
  10. From what I can see, you are in the wireframe mode, which is usually enabled from the developer console if you have enabled that in your ETS2 config.cfg. If you open up the developer console by using the button just below the ESC key, you will be able to toggle between the wireframe and standard modes.
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