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  1. Back in the old days of TruckersMP in 2015, you did an excellent job managing the Forum Moderator team as a Moderation Team Leader, and then you moved on to do phenomenally well during your two-and-a-half years as a Community Manager, while balancing your CM, FMTL and in-game admin duties equally until @FirestarteR93 took over the FMTL part in May 2017. Over that time, most Forum Moderators that you have taken on have now moved on to being Game Moderators and some have even become Community Managers of their own accord.


    Then you took over the role of Translation Leader when @BAKERPK [PL] [ENG] stepped down from the team, and over your brief two month stint there, you have taken on some very good members of the Translation Team and they have worked together with you in order to bring on efficient Feedback response times for users writing feedback tickets in foreign languages. 


    You were also a highly influential person within the (small) Slovakian community as most members in that community supported your efforts within TruckersMP to make it compatible with multiple nationalities and cultures, and the Slovakian community turned to you when they didn't know what to do. 


    You have impressed everybody throughout your time and you have become a model person for the future of ETS2MP when it was still in its early roots, and I would like to say thank you for all your hard work that you have bought home over your three years as a staff member. You should be really proud of yourself to have come this far.


    We wish you the very best in your future ventures, Burner.  

    1. ShawnCZek


      Very well written. :o

  2. To be fair the new Scania trucks appear to be more graphically demanding to run when in cab view because it appears that I am losing over 20 - 25FPS in cities in comparison to when I am driving other trucks, I usually get 55 - 60FPS in cities but with the new Scania I end up dropping as low as 35FPS which is the framerate I roughly get when I am near the busiest areas of Calais and Duisburg cities. 

  3. While Duisburg in ETS2 is infamous for its flying trucks and service station chaos, does anyone remember Mark Flekken from Duisburg's football team taking a drink at his goalpost and conceding to FC Ingolstadt's Stefan Kutschke during a Bundesliga 2 match? It surely was a bizarre goal to be conceded. 


    Well, MSV Duisburg still won that match nonetheless. 


    If people suddenly moved from the C-D road and made another road a busy place on such a scale seen with C-D, I would have to say that the motorway from Hamburg to Dortmund would be the most vulnerable road to that change, because that road has a junction with the C-D road just north of the interchange with the Dortmund-Berlin motorway. The Liege motorway has gotten slightly busier over recent months as GPSes are routing traffic down that road instead of the C-D road, so another good target for the busiest road change. But, I agree with the post above, people are going to choose C-D road because it's a long single-carriageway road, and it's easy to cause crashes and stir up drama there, while on the motorways, the crash will be contained on the same side of the road. Highly doubt that the traffic will move from C-D any time soon.
  5. For a lot of players, C-D road and the surrounding area appears to look like a prison for them, so for them stepping foot into the outside world simply means driving elsewhere on the ETS2 map, they only get to leave C-D road to participate in WOT events and check out new DLCs every once in a while and then they go back to the road.

    1. SpecialForcesTR


      I agree with you I 

  6. I wonder who owns an HD 7950 or a 7970 today, or any AMD 7000 series card from 2012?

    1. [LKW Tr.] bobi124

      [LKW Tr.] bobi124

      I owned serie 5000 before 3 months......

    2. Reaper


      I have a 6970 in the cupboard :o A bit older than the ones you're asking about, but that's all from AMD that I have. It was my previous-previous-previous card from a couple of years ago

    3. Moh_


      Still have my R9 280 (a rebadged 7950) lying around which I'd probably still be using today if it wasn't for the fact that I got a new monitor.

  7. How do you drive in ETS2? (e.g. steering wheel, keyboard, etc.)

    ^ Quoting your post above, Unfortunately I do not have any room on my current setup to create a steering wheel setup by any means right now, and setting up a steering wheel would require an entire reconstruction of my workspace in general (something that cannot be afforded from my side right now) that I use to play games on by shuffling all the equipment and PC apparatus as I do not have any easily-accessible ports on my PC to plug a wheel in at this moment in time. Therefore, I am forced to play on a keyboard as such but I have gotten used to it over my long period on ETS2, so I wouldn't mind carrying on using a keyboard even though it is not as realistic as the wheel.
  8. I would love to see a convoy on the road from Calais to Duisburg during peak hour because more people will join in to queue in the traffic jams as people love chaos and traffic jams in this game. If only we weren't forbidden from performing those convoys under TruckersMP rule 2.9 (Inappropriate Convoy Management). 


    Seriously, the addition of the ban on bringing in convoys to high population areas (that comes under 2.9) came along after the convoy that took place on the 17th of March went down C-D road. 

  9. Saturday was a very dangerous day on the roads across the EU2 map, as there was a very high rate of accidents and crashes not confined to the Calais-Duisburg road as I took a trailer from Calais to Stockholm for €124,000, the second highest paid job ever. Crash on the Lille-Brussel road, blockage between Rotterdam and Amsterdam, accident on the A1 westbound between Amsterdam and Osnabruck, another crash outside Osnabruck, another crash near Hamburg and another one near Kiel on the A7/E45. Along the way, I spotted TGM @VagAssLau on the Oresund Bridge who politely greeted me when he overtook me at 90km/h. 


    Today was a much better day as I enjoyed a short ride with a car+caravan (meeting forum user @Syntackz in Uppsala), before returning to normal business with a trailer to Groningen for €40,000, no idiots on the road whatsoever, and spotted a TruckersMP staff member of roughly three years, @[S.PLH]Warrior on the TAB menu (although I never spotted him physically) in Groningen, a person who I had a small chat with in a status update back in late 2015. 



  10. Released

    Great to see a caravan trailer in the game, now players will be able to take a caravan tour around Europe with their Skoda's real soon when the car + trailer rules are cleared up. Hopefully that should be a solution to those who constantly get banned for having a car with trailer. The appliance of the 60km/h speed limiter in cities (that already exists in EU1), I like that because this will hopefully cut down on the number of reckless drivers that are present on the servers in cities and make EU2 in general a much safer place to be. Possibly one step closer towards my return to C-D road on that server.
  11. People tend to say "rec" in the chat to put on some sort of a comedy show for the uninvolved drivers to enjoy, rather than to actually tell a reckless driver that they have been reported.


    Honestly, we should make the use of "rec" for more productive reasons, such as capturing a tipped-over truck on video or other really funny moments, rather than using it to alert a reckless driving/ramming suspect.  

    1. Will [UK]

      Will [UK]

      Alternatively, let's just stop using the phrase. It's spammed often enough in the chat anyways :P

  12. I went to EGX Rezzed today and I had a very good experience there, although I only got to play four games (including upcoming Onrash and Qube2), I got to meet the developers of American Truck Simulator in SCS Software in the 5pm (BST) session where they talked about how they are developing ATS content in general and I asked some questions in relation to further development in ATS after Oregon, and how SCS is going to go ahead with rebuilding the base map and the Going East! region in ETS2. It was actually the first time ever that I appeared in my life in any major public Twitch stream, that's a huge step-up in my overall publicity in relation to gaming in general. 

    To view the part where I spoke to the SCS developers, skip to 35:06 in the link to the official EGX Twitch ATS Stream:



    I also asked the Onrash developers earlier on in the 3pm dev session whether there is a potential to optimise the game for ESports play following the successes of CS:GO, Rocket League and Overwatch, and you can tune to 27:35 for that part of the story on this official EGX Twitch Stream:




  13. Today was the first time I ended up inside the notorious Calais service station on EU2 after I had a head-on collision with an orange Scania at the Paris-Calais roadworks (resulting in a stuck truck and minor damage on the truck), with the cause being put down to the non-synchronised traffic lights. I was on a job that went from Copenhagen to Calais at the time of the accident. 


    Miraculously, I got out of the service station with no damage on truck or trailer, and as I had a trailer that actually went to Calais, I proceeded to unload at the Stokes depot with 0% on the trailer, meeting fellow forum user @CrackPrewier  in the process. 


    By the way, dealing with the Calais service station is in my opinion located right at the very top of my ability as an experienced driver on ETS2 and getting out without damage is one of the hardest things you could do playing multiplayer.



    1. heyhococo


      If you do it often enough, you’ll find and adopt a tactic:

      When there’s a gap, POWEEEEEEEER!


    2. CrackPrewier


      Where were you in the calais? 

      Because I ever noticed you. :) 

    3. Positivetrucking168


      I was in the Stokes when you were unloading at the same time as me. I was initially located in the service station but then moved to the depot as I had a trailer to unload in Calais.

  14. The reason why my ETS2 headquarters in-game are in Kalmar is because it is one of the safest cities in Scandinavia with fair transport links to the rest of the DLC pack and mainland Europe with ferries from Karlskrona and Trelleborg, the city has good logistical options with six depots based in Kalmar, and there is a very high level of peace, every player I met was respectful of my surroundings and reports for trolling and reckless driving are almost unheard of in Kalmar, even on Europe 2. The overall quality of life there as a professional trucker is very high and I am committed to stay there for the foreseeable future. 

  15. Please learn your priorities!

    Another major obstacle are the drivers who are coming from Paris into Calais because the left turning lane at the Calais junction for the motorway that goes towards the C-D junction is a yield and there are stop lines on the Calais-bound side also suggesting a yield (but no yield signs for the latter), there is no clear sense of priority (even though the Calais-bound traffic are going straight ahead), it's really confusing and the left turning lane that I have just mentioned is full to capacity and because everyone wants to get to the Calais-Duisburg road. This is what creates a dangerous situation as you don't know which group should go, one after the other - is it the C-D bound traffic that should go one-at-a-time then the Calais-bound traffic or should they yield first to the Calais-bound traffic coming from Paris before proceeding ahead?