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  1. Ogłoszsenie !!!!!!!!!!

    Post nie spełnia wymagań dot. reklamowania firm wirtualnych na forum. Prosze o przeczytanie wymagań dot. o reklamowaniu VS'ek tutaj: Regards/Pozdrowienia, Positivetrucking168 //Locked and Moved to Polish Trash section //Zamykam i przenosze do Kosza
  2. Suggestion Name: Editing the list of ETS2 Italia and ATS garage locations that are available on forum profiles Suggestion Description: On our forum profiles, we have the ability to select where the player's headquarters are based in, as shown in these screenshots: Dropdown options for ATS garage locations showing New Mexico DLC locations: Dropdown options for ETS2 Italia DLC locations: However, not every city in the Italia DLC and in ATS has a garage available, so therefore this makes some garage locations that are available in the dropdown for ETS2 and ATS garage locations redundant to have as choices, and this can be backed up with this image here: Any example images: Images shown above within spoilers Why should it be added?: This would help reduce choice redundancy by only allowing users to select places in ETS2 and ATS where there are garages available.
  3. Next Busiest Road?

    I would say the motorway from Duisburg to Hamburg would become the next busiest road because it's really close to C-D road, it even has a junction with it and in recent months it has seen a rise in traffic due to people using that motorway to commute to the C-D area. In addition Hamburg is going to be completely reworked in the 1.32 update and because Hamburg is only a 15 minute drive from C-D road, I am expecting an additional rise in traffic using the motorway to get to Hamburg to check out the reworked area.
  4. Today I decided to check out ProMods which is a massive map modification that spans all corners of Europe, I started a new profile that will be used only for ProMods while keeping my main profile for TMP.


    Since Northern Norway is my favourite part of Europe, I chose Kirkenes as my headquarters on my ProMods profile, but in the future I am planning to do a roadtrip down to the south of Europe from there. 

    1. Albert.


      You definitely wont regret it :). The north part of the map is indeed beautiful and I'm sure you will enjoy it. Make sure yo check out northern Russia, those roads are just amazing

    2. Dziada


      @Albert. Wrong. The whole promods map is amazing, but Northern Europe and Russia just has that something


  5. [Zabawa] Wyraz na ostatnią literę

  6. Application as mod or sup

    Hello there, Please have a look at these topics if you are considering joining the team in the future: Thank you for your understanding.
  7. Ban doesent expires

    Hello there, All ban expiration times are listed in UTC. At the time of posting the time is 6:04pm (UTC), and your ban expires at 7:50pm UTC, so you need to wait another 1 hour and 46 minutes before your ban expires.
  8. Congratulations Shawn on achieving a rare feat - a promotion to Developer. 

    1. ShawnCZek


      Thank you, mate! ;)

  9. Map markers.

    I am going to move this to Help since you are looking to get some answers from the community as described in your second question. //Moved to Help
  10. Put discord icon on front page of TMP

    Hello there, and thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately, your post does not follow the format for suggestions. Could you edit the post so that it meets the following format: Suggestion Name: Suggestion Description: Any example images: Why should it be added?: Thank you for your understanding. Regards, Positivetrucking168 Community Moderator on the Forums
  11. Car speed

    Hello there, Similar topics have been suggested many times before and rejected: Please use the search function the next time you want to make a new suggestion. Regards, Positivetrucking168 Community Moderator on the Forums //Rejected
  12. Hello everyone,


    Guess what, on August the 8th I will be celebrating three years since I signed up for an account on TruckersMP and on the 11th it will be three years since the day I first went on the forums - I am going to become a Veteran Driver III.


    In about two-and-a-half weeks time I am going to be picking up a copy of ATS Gold which includes the New Mexico DLC, so that I have a lot of ground to cover right from the outset with four big states, and hopefully I might see some of you guys on the ATS server in the near future. I am also going to pick up the Vive la France and Italia DLC packs on ETS2 to get myself totally covered on map DLCs as they are quite important DLCs for me to have. 


    Also, I will be definitely looking forward as to how my future here on TruckersMP will play out. 

    1. LuiGi Junior

      LuiGi Junior

      Well done,we are waiting for you in New Mexico, and I congratulate you on the future of Veteran Driver III.:)

    2. [WTLVTC] ismail [TR]

      [WTLVTC] ismail [TR]

      Congralations to Veteran Driver III and have a nice trip, Mexico :) 

    3. Spieker


      I have 4 years to celebrate on the same day! I only joined the forums way later :P

  13. hello everybody

    I am going to move this to Help since you are looking to get some answers from the community. //Moved to Help
  14. I've never had to teleport to the service stations on my journeys along the C-D road because I rarely get hit to the point where I end up taking serious damage, in fact I try to stay out of the Calais and Duisburg service stations because they are known for its notorious reputation due to its very high levels of overcrowding and being incredibly difficult places to get yourself out of.
  15. Truckers MP startet nicht

    //Moved to German Discussion > Hilfe