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    Dirt roads?

    To be fair, I would enjoy seeing some small rural country roads, small dirt lanes and more villages in those remote kinds of settings to drive through (particularly in ETS2) because it adds realism with the bumpy roads, adds a little extra challenge for experienced drivers having to make some tight turns etc and would help increase rural economy potential overall, this would help increase the incentive for players to explore areas outside of the large cities overall. The reason why more dirt roads would be good is because I have driven in and out of the Kirkenes quarry in ProMods along a long dirt track and the road there was highly enjoyable to drive on. But it depends on what SCS have in store in the future.
  3. Positivetrucking168

    How stressful is it to drive in ETS2MP EU-2 [Poll]

    Well, to be fair EU2 is a very stressful server to drive on pretty much across the map with most of the Going East! region, Catania and Palermo and southwestern France being the exception to this, where I would rate the experience there as half, the reason being is that EU2 is loaded with quite aggressive drivers doing the last-minute overtake and on the busier motorways you sometimes get the unfortunate thing of being sandwiched in between trucks, which can create for a potentially dangerous experience in some areas.
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