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  1. I think the scariest crash I have ever experienced in the vanilla game was back in February 2018 when I was en-route to the Calais ferry from the Going East! region, and while I was travelling down the Liege motorway a truck coming from the A61 rammed the truck that was in front of me, sending the perpetrator's truck flying over the top of my cab. It was truly terrifying, considering I had already been through a blocking and crashing incident not long before that incident occurred.
  2. Exactly two years ago to this day, January 19th, you have taken over as the lead Project Manager from Scar.


    Since that time you have achieved a lot of things that have hugely benefitted the project and its community - some of the most important decisions included the introduction of the TruckersMP Patreon, as well as partnerships in October 2019, to contributing to the easing of Save Editing rules, and more recently, the appointment of several Project Coordinators, who have previously served as experienced upper staff members and can help to further drive along positive change in TruckersMP. 


    Therefore, I would like to serve my congratulations on reaching this milestone in your TruckersMP staff career, and I wish to see you through another year of Project Management.

  3. Seeing the Cyrillic, you could tell that this is a plan to create a "Going Further East" DLC expansion, and I am certainly looking forward to see how this will shape the gameplay experience of ETS2 going into late 2021 and beyond.
  4. Well, my Formula 1 heydays were in 2013 and 2014, and it all began when I started playing F1 2012 a lot at the time, even in multiplayer, but my interest got more serious when Sebastian Vettel earned his fourth F1 title in India in 2013, which made me want to realise at the time, which pathway I could end myself up in if I was in the shoes of a racing driver myself. This topic honestly helps me bring back all those memories about the times I enjoyed F1.
  5. For me, looking at ban excuses are no surprise for me since I have dealt with those kinds of posts on the forum when I was a Community Moderator sometime back, but from what I have seen from publicly available Forum/Discord discussions in this area, the most interesting, yet ridiculous excuse for me is when the banned user claims their brother got them banned.
  6. Congratulations on joining the Add-on Team, wish you the best of luck! 

  7. The port of Varna contains one of the most unique unloading places in vanilla ETS2 in my opinion. 




    What a great way to end a problem-free trip around the Road to the Black Sea DLC. 

  8. I made this status to assure everyone that everything is OK from my side again, for now. 


    Just to let everyone know that I am back playing games again after six months of not playing anything truck-related.

    I am currently taking things easy and playing ETS2 single player (1.38 if you're wondering), so that I can get used to driving trucks again without the pressures of other players, and to get used to the road traffic rules again. In my next session I am going to play a bit of ProMods 2.50 and get used to the new areas there, and it's also a good way to pass the time, until the 1.38 update for TruckersMP comes out. 


    In any case, I hope to see some players that I used to meet in-game sometime in the future. 

    1. WNxArcticwolf


      Glad to see you back trucking after a long break.

  9. Background This is a slightly different question that I would like to ask compared to what has been seen so far, since this will be about the Q&A itself and its inner workings. I decided to leave this question to the very end of the session, since this is a question that relies on having a large amount of information available to get the best answer. TruckersMP has had five publicly known Q&A sessions; May 2017 (page 2-6 of archive), June 2018 (page 1-2 of archive), April 2019, November 2019 and August 2020. Over time, each Q&A has had different themes and the structuring of the Upper Staff team has changed significantly between each session, allowing for a wider variety of questions to be presented to a bigger range of departments. Question Based on the types of questions that are seen in this session as well as in previous Q&A sessions, I have three questions to present in this topic: 1. How did the TruckersMP Q&A experience evolve over time from the perspective of the Community Management? 2. How could the Q&A experience be changed in the future? 3. What are the challenges that are involved with carrying out improvements in this area of work?
  10. What I enjoy about the forums is that it's generally a low pressure environment, where we are able to reply to topics at any time and be able to express our opinions more freely, such as being able to post our road trips through status updates and create new suggestions for TruckersMP, and that other members of the community are able to react to our posts using reputation points which encourages positive community interaction. The help section is also a big bonus of the forums in my opinion, as members of the community are able to join in and help out the Support Team in one organised topic, to help solve issues that are experienced by other members. Overall, I would say my experience of the forums has been largely positive and would generally prefer this method over Discord.
  11. I can +1 this suggestion as this improves realism particularly in urban areas of the map, however there are some things that could make this suggestion work to its optimal standard. For example, one of the things I thought about is that I would give verified, and otherwise more well-known VTCs priority as far as VTC advertising in-game goes, as those VTCs are more likely to be trusted by players, and would therefore play a factor in a decision to allow players to make a more informed choice later on.
  12. Well, since I've already been to eastern Spain on ProMods, my guess is that the first area I plan to visit in the Iberia DLC will most likely be the areas to the north such as Santander or Coruna in Spain, as the northern coast is generally very green and highly scenic, especially when you have the Cantabrian Mountains meeting the sea.
  13. Well, there are quite a lot of positive things that I have seen over my time in TruckersMP, as I have met lots of welcoming people within the general playerbase and in the TruckersMP team. The staff have also been helpful and have allowed me in some way, to get through any issues that I have experienced pretty much almost all of the time, and the ongoing Q&A session has helped to provide some transparency on what happens in the team. The in-game experience has also proven to be quite interesting for me as you get to meet all sorts of different types of characters as you drive around in different areas of the map. With that being said, I still remain highly loyal to the TruckersMP community even after leaving the TruckersMP team and it would be really difficult for me to break that bond, even if there was something that I disliked about TruckersMP.
  14. Whenever I drive in-game, I always stop at red lights in ETS2 irrespective of location in order to get the most out of the simulation experience in the game, the same goes for ATS, however, I may occasionally do a right turn on red in ATS after stopping behind the line and checking for others, as right turns on red are permitted at most intersections in the United States. Besides the right turn on red exception, I only run red lights during convoys, as it's relatively harmless due to the fact that there's only one direction you can go in those events and you have to keep up with the other participants at all times.
  15. Background to this question Back in April 2020, the Add-On Team reconfigured the Calais-Duisburg area in an effort to improve road safety at some of the most notorious junctions along the C-D route. This made me wonder if there were other areas of the map, particularly other high-population regions, that could be redesigned in a similar fashion. Question Are there any plans to reconfigure other areas of the vanilla ETS2 map in places outside of the Calais-Duisburg area? If so, which areas are being planned to be redeveloped in the close future, and if not, what are the issues that are related to such projects?
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