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  1. Positivetrucking168

    Turn "Truckersmp" into a payed service

    Well, to give my word in this topic, I would like to say that TruckersMP does appreciate people giving donations because donations are is what allows developers to make appropriate use of funds to help make improvements in the modification in the future. However, I don't agree from my point of view with people having to pay a sum of money because to be fair, there should be an equal level of access to the servers for everybody without having to pay extra beyond the ETS2 game - the only thing that users should pay for is for the ETS2 game in itself. Covering one of your points about ramming and reckless driving, asking people to pay is not going to help in my opinion because of the low cost that would be required to enter the servers, most people could reasonably cover the fees to access the servers as the cost for ETS2 is quite low, therefore we would still see the rammers and reckless drivers in-game. We are doing our best to catch the guys trying to make wrong, but we can't be everywhere all at once.
  2. Happy birthday to our Community Contributor @Darwen, maker of the ETS2 idiots on the road series of compilations and the owner of a major ETS2-focussed channel on YouTube with over 80,000 subscribers.


    It's also birthday day for our Game Moderator @GoknOz!

  3. You have been an amazing and incredibly strong contender within the team for the past 24 months that you have been here.


    It all started back in January 2016 when you joined the team as a Supporter, at a time when it wasn't a huge team and you have become a strategically important person within the Latin American community all along as there was a shortage of Portuguese and Spanish speaking team members at the time.


    Then you have started to massively recover and improve your stance and tenacity to work hard as a Supporter a year later after being kicked from the team in June 2016 due to inactivity and that has proven to be the main factor in succeding in your future goals within TruckersMP, and you have really started to show off how popular you have become when you were one of the first people to become a Trial Game Moderator back in September 2017. I still remember that time when you were driving along with a few other Game Moderators and I rolled right past you on the second day of Full GM.


    People have recognised you in your time as a Game Moderator as being a fair and firm person to talk to, one of your most notable examples was when you created a topic where you advised players about whether their save edited trucks were allowed, answering players doubts. 


    Then in May 2018 you have been given that extra boost in popularity when you got promoted to GMTL, at the same time, the Portuguese and Spanish sections of the forums started to notice a rise in users posting in those sections. 


    Only one month later, you've stepped into the role of Community Moderation Manager, this promotion has sent out a strong signal across the CMT platforms as you have become a strategically important model leading figure in that team, particularly on the TMP Discord and have continued to consolidate those gains already made in GM and GMTL into more areas. 


    Another memorable moment seen from you is that you have also shown a massive interest with cats and crafty cat work and even went out of the way to apply some of this context within TMP with your police cat emblem. It has really touched me to see you work hard at such an amazingly stunning rate and to show off your fun side. 


    It has taken me a very long amount of time to write this but we feel really sad to see you go :sadcat: 

    Take care and have fun, wherever your future lies :)

    1. Nataliia


      Thanks a lot Positive, you know my history here better than me boi. :kappa:


      Thanks for the kind words and for remember all of that, i have such a bad memory xd...

      But thanks again, that means a lot for me.

      I am glad for having you on CMT when i was the manager in there. ^_^ 

      vB4uzDy.png 4yyskX4.png 

  4. Congrats on CMM my friend Weezy!

    1. weezy


      Thank you :p

  5. Positivetrucking168

    What version was nice in your opinion?

    Well, to be fair, there are many good things to say about 1.32 over 1.31 - the most notable ones being trailer ownership and the reworked Germany. In terms of trailer ownership, it's a really good addition to ETS2 because you are able to freely explore the map with the trailer type that you enjoy without having to constantly pick up a load every time you want to drive a trailer, and the reworked Germany has also greatly improved the overall realism with ETS2 in general because you don't need to change lanes every time you are coming up to a junction which has allowed for a superfluous driving experience. As a result, 1.32 is definitely the version that I prefer.
  6. Positivetrucking168

    Dirt roads?

    To be fair, I would enjoy seeing some small rural country roads, small dirt lanes and more villages in those remote kinds of settings to drive through (particularly in ETS2) because it adds realism with the bumpy roads, adds a little extra challenge for experienced drivers having to make some tight turns etc and would help increase rural economy potential overall, this would help increase the incentive for players to explore areas outside of the large cities overall. The reason why more dirt roads would be good is because I have driven in and out of the Kirkenes quarry in ProMods along a long dirt track and the road there was highly enjoyable to drive on. But it depends on what SCS have in store in the future.
  7. Positivetrucking168

    How stressful is it to drive in ETS2MP EU-2 [Poll]

    Well, to be fair EU2 is a very stressful server to drive on pretty much across the map with most of the Going East! region, Catania and Palermo and southwestern France being the exception to this, where I would rate the experience there as half, the reason being is that EU2 is loaded with quite aggressive drivers doing the last-minute overtake and on the busier motorways you sometimes get the unfortunate thing of being sandwiched in between trucks, which can create for a potentially dangerous experience in some areas.
  8. Congratulations New Rank :tmp:

  9. Congrats  Dear