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  1. The reckless driving goes up when drivers tend to get frustrated when they get held up by someone doing the speed limit on the road as a lot of drivers like to take this road quite quickly, and then the person who is going the limit gets reported for blocking, which then causes drivers to overtake all over the place which then results in crashes with drivers going the other way. In addition, very little respect is shown towards heavy cargo drivers, but in this case it's not the player's preference, they are forced to go slow as the weight of the trailer will not let them go uphill without losing speed unless they have a really powerful truck. If people were patient in those scenarios and drivers kept their distance then C-D would have still been a busy place but a much safer road.
  2. светофоры на перекрёстках

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  3. Reporting

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  4. Ambulance and Fire Department

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  5. Here is a picture of my truck and excavator trailer combo while I loaded up at the Kalmar quarry, with the camera pointing towards the quarry itself:


    But the fun to be had from taking pictures soon ended and I had to F7 as I got stuck the minute after I took this photo. 

  6. congrats, i wish you success :) :tmp:

  7. Używana Logitech G27 czy nowa G29

    Temat nieaktywny. //Zamykam i przenosze do Archiwum.
  8. How many reports you guys have on the website?

    I have submitted 19 reports, including two that I submitted in 2015 under the old ETS2MP report system that is no longer viewable, which goes to show that I don't get trolled too often when I am driving around on my routine jobs in-game.
  9. Hello everyone, 

    I would like to say thank you to all both on the forums and on Discord for all the congratulations, it makes me feel that I have been welcomed in the team. 

    I would also like to thank everyone who has been supporting me since November 2015 in my goal to become a forum moderator, it has taken a lot of effort to come this far. 



    Community Moderator on the Forums 

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    2. TrademarkGamer


      Congrats on the role and everything, but this is just notneeded. Just because you have a position, there's no need to change the way you are and the way you conduct yourself. It's just annoying to see people join the team and completely change.

    3. Positivetrucking168


      I get what you are saying to some point as there are some things that may slightly change, but I don't want to completely change my tune as a member in the team as this goes against what I think of joining the team in the first place. 

    4. SharpVTC-TruckerGR-Driver


      Well all the best goes to you. Who knows one day you may be a game moderator.

  10. Which dlc is your favorite map?

    In terms of the DLC areas, I would have to say that Western Norway in Scandinavia takes the cake undeniably due to the twisty and steep nature of both the Oslo-Stavanger and the Bergen-Oslo road. If I was asked about favourite areas in other DLCs that I had, I would have to say that area around Banska and the road leading to Kosice are by far the best parts of the Going East! region.
  11. Ban the person above you (game) V3

    Banned for having over 400 rep
  12. Congratulations on your promotion to support manager, you have been working hard for close to a year as a seasoned support team member, so keep going, you deserve it! 

    1. T.Rucker


      Thank you very much, i highly appreciate those kind words ;)

  13. How many miles do you have on your truck?

    I have 20 trucks in my in-game company, the Volvo FH low-cab edition is the most-used truck at roughly 115,000km on the clock, while the MAN truck that I use the most has done 66,000km on the clock.