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  1. After two years and two months as an Event Manager, where you have done some exceptionally good work across the board, it is now time to start a new quest, a much bigger quest that involves the future of the project. 


    Congratulations on your well-deserved promotion!

    1. Digital


      Thank you very much! I am looking forward to what this role will bring for both me and the projects future. :) 

  2. This might be a bit too soon, but congratulations on becoming the third person to get 10,000 rep on the forums!

  3. Due to the lack of time I have on TruckersMP as a result of my university studies it is unlikely that I will be able to attend any TMP6 events, however I will continue to support the efforts that TruckersMP has made to make this anniversary special, as well as the team's efforts to make the TruckersMP service better for the foreseeable future. My most notable moment in TruckersMP happened in mid-June 2019 (not long after TMP5) where I created a forum topic in an attempt to raise awareness on autism, an effort which eventually culminated on July 3rd with my promotion to Media Manager, where I was the manager until the 11th of October. The topic that I posted back in 2019 can be found here (now archived):
  4. I would like to say congratulations on your transfer to Game Moderation Management, this is a well deserved transfer given that you have showed some strong skills as a GML and CM. Keep up the work that you have showed over all those years in the team! 

    1. Aek177


      Thank you Positive, it means a lot and I will continue to work my hardest ❤️

  5. To be fair, I don't support having a server with police cars that is open to all players on a long-term basis as for one, there are not many benefits of having a police car available for players long-term and two, this would encourage players to impersonate staff on other servers in-game. I would only support such a server where it is happening as rarely as possible, only for a short period of time and where it is a special situation (as seen in TMP5).
  6. I would say that implementing protest scenarios into a new role play server is completely unnecessary and is in fact logistically challenging to implement due to the layout of different cities on the map, this is due to the need to make sure that protest scenarios do not completely block access points to critical services in the city, such as service stations and depots. It might be more feasible as a random road event in SP, but this would be something that would have to be done by SCS more than TruckersMP in any situation if it was to ever happen and again, it's not really necessary to implement in my opinion.
  7. When I drive around the map, I occasionally tend to play the BBC World Service as some of the topics talked about mix in quite nicely with the surrounding environment in some areas of the map, especially near high-population areas. But on more casual SP trips I might choose to play some relaxing music from one of the other radio stations I have available.
  8. I don't think a connection between the ETS2 and ATS areas of the map would be possible since realistically there is no scheduled passenger ferry service between the United States and Europe, so unless you had the option of shipping the truck over in a container, or the connection from Russia to Alaska (and hence to the rest of the ATS world) gets built IRL, I don't see much sense in connection of the two games as far as SCS goes.
  9. I would say that the introduction of the ProMods server as well as the important rule changes found in Road to Simulation #1 and #3 have contributed to a slight decrease in C-D traffic as well as contributing to a relatively equal balance of players in high population areas across the TMP network - C-D obviously and the Kirkenes quarry. The effects brought from a slight decrease in traffic on the Calais-Duisburg road have also resulted in an increase in traffic in other parts of Germany and Belgium, particularly in Liege, Hamburg, Berlin and Frankfurt as well as many of the roads leading to those aforementioned places (and some of those cities are accessible on the motorways not far from C-D), and this has bought some of the problems that the C-D road is currently facing to other cities outside of the immediate vicinity of the road.
  10. Well, the simple answer is that there are no restrictions on where HCT's can go in accordance with the TruckersMP rules, so therefore users attempt to drive to the Kirkenes quarry with HCT's to see if their vehicle can get there without getting stuck. This occasionally results in blockages along the way as well, especially around the dam area near the quarry itself.
  11. Former Love Island presenter Caroline Flack has died at the age of 40... 😭


    I honestly feel so sad to see the lives of previously well-known personalities suddenly end like this... and I give my condolences to Caroline's family who are going through this very difficult time today.

  12. I have a little query about this topic: Following the website update on 31/01 which disabled the ability to contact Project Management directly on Feedback, could this news post be updated to reflect on what feedback category should potential partners contact via to offer their ideas?
  13. Arrived just in time to catch the sunrise in Leipzig...


  14. Congratulations on achieving the landmark analyst role in TruckersMP! 

  15. Happy birthday to one of our more respected media team members!

    1. LaxZ


      Thank you mate :)

  16. I've just been to January's official convoy, and I have to say that the route that has been planned has been quite well thought, with wide and varied scenery and width of roads, and overall, I really enjoyed being at the convoy and meeting so many people that I know of from my time in the team. 


    I hope to return to another official convoy when the next one comes up, and hopefully with less lag on my end. 

  17. To be honest, if you mean to talk about it demographically, I haven't really spotted any players from Guyana on my journeys or indeed anyone from the non-Latin South American countries, so for me it is indeed a rarity to see a Guyanese player here in the TruckersMP community.
  18. Congratulations on getting promoted to Community Manager!

    1. Aek177


      Thank you Positive! I hope you're keeping well m8.

  19. I generally tend to use first-person view when actively driving 95% of the time, and I use the third person view (Cam 3) when unloading/loading as it's the easiest way for me to handle unloads, however when I am in cities, I do also occasionally tend to switch over to Camera 0 to get the idea of what goes on in the surrounding area outside of the depot where I am parked.
  20. To answer the question on why ETS2MAP is outdated, ETS2MAP is currently maintained by persons who are developers on this project, and since the TruckersMP developers have to dedicate an increased amount of time towards the TMP project it may take a while before the map on ets2map.com is updated.
  21. To be honest, I didn't expect Iberia to surreptitiously appear on Steam on this side of the decade in 2019, but if SCS can confirm officially through other platforms, that Iberia is coming, then I am really looking forward to checking out that expansion when it comes out! The Iberian peninsula definitely contains some very scenic places throughout, from the Picos de Europa and Pyrenees in the north, to the wine regions and the Costas that skirt the east and south of Spain, so I am definitely hoping to see some cool places to drive around in the upcoming DLC, and the opportunity for ProMods users to finally get the chance to truly drive from one end of continental Europe to the other.
  22. Suggestion Name: ProMods garage locations on forum profiles Suggestion Description: In this suggestion, users will be able to assign their ProMods home garage locations on the forums. Cities that do not have garages will not be included in the dropdown entries. The way this suggestion is to be implemented would be to create a new field in the "Profile Information" window within the profile which under "Edit Profile", this would be visible as a drop-down option with multiple choices. In the longer-term when new ProMods updates come out, the listings for garage cities would be updated as appropriate. Any example images: Not really necessary for this demonstration. Why should it be added?: ProMods on TruckersMP has been released two months ago, and at the present moment, there is no ability for users to set their default ProMods garage location on the forums. This means that for friends of other users who want to meet up on the ProMods servers at their home garages, it is impossible to figure out where they currently are unless the home garage location is discussed elsewhere (ie Discord DMs/Steam messages). Overall, the aim from this suggestion is to make it easier for users on the forum, particularly friends, to find others to play with at their home garage city as well as the surrounding area.
  23. I would like to say congratulations to @Peeters Pyatrow for becoming TruckersMP's first Trial Translator and to @Jamie R for becoming the first Trainee Supporter! 

    1. TARANlS


      Hey! Thank you so much! ❤️ 

  24. Today I had what could be one of the most difficult journeys I have ever done in TruckersMP since my journey from Krakow to Dover on Europe 2 in the base game in February 2018, as I was running into many bizarre situations along the way. This video that I am about to show showcases one of those situations.

    On my way to the ferry to Hirtshals, I was passing by a small town in eastern Iceland when I noticed a driver going the other direction that was moving into my lane. What happened was a bizarre crash on my part where my truck stopped dead from hitting the pavement... 


    The wider incident was unavoidable in any case but the crash was not supposed to happen in this way which is what makes this crash bizarre, however, nothing worse (such as an engine malfunction) happened to the vehicle.

  25. I tend to play with automatic gears because of the fact that it's easy to regain the pace again in high-population places without having to constantly change gears yourself everytime, and also because I am a keyboard player which doesn't make the use of manual gears too friendly anyway.
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