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  1. Positivetrucking168's post in Adoption of the date was marked as the answer   
    Hello there,
    As far as I am aware, you need to be a member of the TruckersMP community for 12 months, however it is also a requirement to have a forum account for one month as well if you wish to join the team. 
    The other general requirements relating to recruitment can be found here: 
  2. Positivetrucking168's post in how can i change ranck was marked as the answer   
    Hello there,
    You get the Veteran Driver rank after being registered on the forums for one year. After two years, you become a Veteran II and so on. 
  3. Positivetrucking168's post in It's raining all time. was marked as the answer   
    under Options in-game in the ETS2 main screen, go into gameplay and set the rain chance slider to the left hand side, and then apply the changes. 
  4. Positivetrucking168's post in I can not sleep because I am not tired was marked as the answer   
    By the way, TruckersMP does not use fatigue simulation when you sleep, so your time left is always frozen at 11 hours. You can go over to single player and enable fatigue simulation, where the time will start ticking on SP, and then come back on MP and do your rest. By the way, you'll reset your economy by doing this. 
    Otherwise, there's not much you can do about it. 
  5. Positivetrucking168's post in How long should it take for a ban appeal to be processed? was marked as the answer   
    Mr OP, you need to wait for a ban appeal decision to be made by the banning IGA, end of story. Just as a reminder, please do not create any more threads about your ban appeal. If you have a problem with an admin, feel free to PM Clarkinator or I<3VODKA about your issue:
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