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  1. Happy Birthday! Nice day!:love:

  2. RazvanRO15

    TruckersMP meets Instagram

  3. RazvanRO15

    TMP dx11 compatible

    Hello! We do not know when DX11 for multiplayer will be compatible, yet it's in Singleplayer Experimental. It's not easy to implement in multiplayer. There are many who have PCs that do not carry them DX11.
  4. Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day!

  5. RazvanRO15

    TruckerMP UI in-game

    Hello! Try to join the single player and switch from there. You can also give a picture, it does not matter if it's done with the phone? I'll come back with an update.
  6. Salutare! În acest ghid vă voi arăta cum să vă puneți o semnătură. Așa va arăta: Pasul 1. Clic pe săgeată Pasul 2. Apoi pe ”Account Settings” Pasul 3. Apoi pe ”Signature” Pasul 4. Puneți pe ”ON” Pasul 5. Intrați pe steam signature 1. Vă conectați cu contul de steam. 2. Aveți 3 modele: Copiați linkul de la ”direct link”! Pasul 6. Îl copiați aici Pasul 7. ”SAVE” Puteți aduga orice, gif, imagini, linkuri, etc. Sper ca va fost de folos acest ghid. Dacă aveti vreo neclaritate nu uitați să ma contactați @RazvanRO15 sau aici in topic. Toate cele bune, RazvanRO15
  7. RazvanRO15

    What do you think will be in the next ETS2 and ATS 1.36 update?

    Hi! I think the next version will be launched in September or October. Or when the new DLC is launched Road to the Black Sea. I say it's too long until then!
  8. Happy Birthday! Have an amazing day!:love:

  9. Happy Birthday! Nice day!B)

  10. Happy Birthday! Nice day!:love:

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      Thank you so much, my friend! <3

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  12. La Multi Ani! Sa ai o zi superba!:love:

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      Mulțumesc frumos. ❤️

  13. Happy Birthday! Nice day!:love:

  14. RazvanRO15

    Real Operations - 28 July 2019

    Nice. I will be there