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      Once again a new version of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator have been released. If you wish to carry on playing TruckersMP, for the time being you will need to downgrade your game versions to   ETS2: "temporary_1_27 - 1.27.x for incompatible mods" ATS: "temporary_1_6 - 1.6.x for incompatible mods"   Use the following to learn how to downgrade:      Thanks!


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  1. Warnings about Useless Traffic

    then you could do your job, in a freeroam where car are allowed ..and everyone is equal.. k
  2. Warnings about Useless Traffic

    ^ '' What? EU2 is not a freeroam server, EU4 is '' freeroam mean you can go where you want and this is the most populated server where you can pick up the car and drive normaly( Yes you can still pick a truck wich will be the same thing )... ... still if you declined report on the only fact of '' useless traffic '' because i used a car and i have cleary enough evidence of someone whos making a traffic jam on purpose and you dont ban him or extend a ban or add the evidence to his account that is not fair... you let real rule breaker free and we lost time on a ***** thing( report ) .. ! EU4 is only a NCZ and ill never go to that server because i dont like this kind of server( there no body there ) .. that is your choice.. but you cant limit someone reporting a rule breaker and said after go on another server... it make no sense ... so you as admin have to make sure the report is well handle and done ! So EU2 in my term ( in my vision of the server ) is : freeroam ( you can go where you want ! WITH ANY SORT OF IN GAME VEHICULE ) Casual ( beginner and Veterant driver are welcome, or everyone is welcome wich is the same.. ) Server ... you can say what you want .. but that is how that server is called...
  3. Warnings about Useless Traffic

    ^ Joaoa R The problem is : 1) EU2 is a Freeroam Casual server (Car are allowed and Truck Allowed)( from what i have seen ... ) ..... so that make NO SENSE at all to said ''useless traffic'' in this kind of server. Because this server is made for driving already without a specific pupose or destination. ( Yes you can pick up a job and having a destination ... ) 2) The problem with the rule : '' Useless traffic in excessively high population areas'' HOW can you said or believe that... and that is a form of Disrespect. I just login to go from Calais ( As exemple .. ) to Duisberg ( in my car, because i dont want ( IT MY OWN CHOICE ) to fast travel to pick up my truck and a job ) but there a m**** who decide to block the way and took his trailer and leave it there.... if i report him ( the report got declined ) saying that im the useless traffic ... while a m**** doing nothing to move away and never got ban for that and i have all evidence and all id and a record of this guys for like 45 min of trolling and AFTER you still blame the car to make a report in a '' excessively high population areas '' BUT if the m**** got ban with my report.. many other admin will have more time to catch them up ... but the LOGIC of TMP ( actually ) for now is : Better blame the skoda whos did nothing and doing nothing at the real rule breaker !
  4. Time to BAN cars

    EU1 , Trial Server , EU4 and many other city and road instead of only C-D,Rotterdam,EuroPort ..... why are you blaming only car... start by blaming truck driver that racing at 130+km/h and after mayby you can complain about car..
  5. Estimated review time for reports

    ^ i dont agree with what you said Mike, i make good report, and they still get decline saying that i'm a useless traffic , but the real perpetrator who making a traffic jam leaving his trailer , blocking , wrong way and ramming .... etce etc etc .. get free ! soo that is total not true, you have your opinion and i have mine and that is fine, we will not talk about ban and report here because it doesnt have it place here and it not usefull at all for no one.... many admin making wierd call on ban and report and that isnt fair for anyone actually. Befor blaming players , sometime ill would blame the administration team on there Decline report and Useless Traffic Status way befor blaming bad report !
  6. Warnings about Useless Traffic

    ^ [AC] xaverracer it called EU1 and Trial Server...... ^ Cosworth 1-What is useless traffic? It when you take the Skoda and goes on C-D road and making web report when seeing someone blocking,ramming,creating traffic jam etc etc etc... You are concider as Useless traffic and solely making report ( that is only an exemple.. ) 2-How can you ban a player for doing useless traffic? If the players is in EU2 on C-D road only in game admin if they caught him live , if not do not bother yourself to make report...after see it get decline and after get called : Negative report for purposly drivving in high density areas solely for reporting Rule : §2.12 Useless traffic in excessively high population areas Useless traffic in excessively high population areas such as Europoort, Rotterdam or the Calais to Duisburg road. Driving without reason to and from or anything similar. If you are in the area of Europort, you are expected to use the port or you are running the risk of punishment. §7 Reporting users If you are reporting users on our website, please note that most rules do require video evidence to see clearly what is happening. Offenses such as insulting and such are fine with screenshots but as a general rule of thumb, a video is better. §11 Changing these rules TruckersMP can change these rules at any time given. If one of those rules does not apply anymore, the others will still do. By playing our mod, you agree with all of these rules. You have no excuse that you didn't know about them. (ahaha) So that mean : ( Eastern Time Zone ) between 7:00 am to 11:00/12:00 ( IN AVERAGE )..... on EU2 on C-D road if you take the car 90% of your report will be decline even if you have all perfect evidence,ID (P.S) No where in the rule they said that Skoda is a useless Traffic ! just saying ??? if someone see it can make it visible for all ? you know Same Rule for all. i wish to given you the right answer, if not let me know, if i could make some change in my answer... ! Thnx
  7. ETS2+MP doesn't work

    Hi, if you read this post : mayby it can help you to solve it ????
  8. Saved profile incompatible

    Hi, if you look in these post mayby it will solve your problem ? :
  9. Server Config Changes

    finaly a server where it calm and relax to play and fun to play without car so genuis
  10. ETS2MP: Chat Buggy?

    Hi there , i got a little guide for you to fix your chat? .... mayby it will help you
  11. Server Config Changes

    Now EU1 will be the next EU2 with no car... humm let see how it goes... RIP Speed limit :'(
  12. banned because your location is anywhere ...
  13. i was sure it was remove.. lol ok
  14. Reporting with video

    The reason why it like that is : - Every player have different ID ( In-Game ) - TruckersMP ID ( website ) - Different SteamID64 - to many evidence in one report ... And it better to make them one by one ..
  15. Website Report duration

    Our admins try to deal with your reports as soon as possible. The queue is big at this moment so it can take up to a week or 14 days for admin to deal with it. As long as you provided sufficient evidence and the right TruckersMP ID, your report will be dealt with accordingly. It just takes a bit more time then usual. i got one from the 4 Aug i'm still waiting with patience. with the new system they have added recently mayby in the next few day you will have your answer..