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Found 13 results

  1. Hello Truckers! If you were apart of yesterday Christmas convoy or just wanting know what happened, I just wanted to share some of my thoughts on what happened and maybe you can share your thoughts on the whole event and the convoys that you attended. For the truckers who didn't know about the event, this years Christmas convoy was all about raising money for a child to go to Lapland to go and meet the Santa Claus with their family. At 9AM UTC hundreds of truckers on Euro Truck Simulator started their engines in the popular city of Calais in France to begin the first convoy. The whole day consisted of 5 convoys with some breaks in between which lasted just over 12 hours as the final destination was in Oslo, Norway. As of writing this post we have raised £2,534.68 in total. Only £475.32 left to go and you can donate right here! You can see more about the different routes that were taken in the official TruckersMP blog post I myself did all 5 convoys which was fun, but very difficult and challenging when you have everyone following the same road, but also see truckers trying to bump in line and unnecessarily overtake. I feel like some truckers didn't understand that this was an event that didn't included any racing or trying to be first in line. I saw so many players who were overtaking and racing the convoy on the right as they just want to get there quicker. Of course, the only time it's ok to overtake is when someone has stopped for a while and then overtake before getting back into the right hand lane. Thankfully, there were many moderators, admins and event staff who looked after the event and kick anyone for overtaking as it can disrupt the convoy. If you also had the all snow mods on including the physics mod like I did, I think some of us can agree that with the empty trailer was harder to turn with sometimes as I must of under/over-steered too many times to damage myself and flip out controllable. But it was fun to have an extra challenge to the game as it was hell, but fun at times too. I do have a few ideas that I want to share and yes you don't have to agree with me either with them as they are just ideas. Repeatable kicked offenders (3 Strikes, Your Out!) on the event sever should be banned for the rest of the event on that server. Have the requirement to have the mods downloaded before joining. In this case all 3 winter mods. Less player slots (around 1500 instead of 2000) I would like thank everyone who came and be apart of theses insane convoys over the day. To the people who tried to over take the convoy, don't be a spoiled sport and ruin it for everyone else.
  2. So this year have you been naughty or nice? Whether you have or haven't, what is your most ultimate Christmas gift you could receive this year? Just a little bit of Christmas fun... Be bold, be clever, be greedy.. No matter what, write your ultimate Christmas gift. Will Santa bring you your wishes this year????
  3. Is Christmas 2018-19 Rewards Are Useable in TMP? Includes :- Truck and Trailer Skins Cabin items Games :- ETS2 & ATS
  4. Well, as 2018 approaches and 2019 begins, what would you like to happen to you in 2019?
  5. We all know the post your setup post is popular so let's see all your Christmas setups Here's mine 
  6. Presents 12 Days Of Christmas Giveaway! Atlas Gaming Group WILL be doing a giveaway each day until 12th December on their DISCORD Server! All you have to do is head to the #12_days_of_christmas channel and enter there! We'll be giving out a range of steam keys at around 4:30PM GMT everyday. Click Below to join our server NOW! Merry Christmas from all of us here at Atlas Gaming Group
  7. Selamlar; TruckersMP, yıl boyunca binlerce katılım sağladığınız birçok yeni ve heyecan verici etkinlikler gerçekleştirdi. Yıl sonuna doğru yaklaştıkça, bu sene diğerinden daha büyük bir etkinliğe ihtiyacımız var. 2018'de başarımızı doğru bir şekilde kutlamamızı sağlayan bir etkinlik ve büyük bir patlama ile karşınıza çıktık. Umarım daha keyifli hissediyorsunuzdur , TruckersMP'nin geleneksel 12 saatlik Noel(Christmas) konvoyunun geri geldiğini ve 16 Aralık 2018 Pazar günü yapılacağını size ilan etmekten onur duyarım . Evet bu doğru , yanlış duymadınız . Bu Pazar sadece 90 dakikalık bir konvoya değil , 12 saatlik bir konvoya ev sahipliği yapacağız . 5 rotadan oluşan bir konvoy ... Her rota iki saatlik olacaktır ve rotalar arasında 30 dakika molalar vereceğiz. Aşağıda sizler için planladığımız tüm rotalara bir göz atın! Yerel saat diliminizde konvoyların ne zaman başlayacağından emin değil misiniz? Saat Dilimi Dönüştürücümüze göz atın. Toplam konvoy büyük bir 5153 mil veya 8293 kilometre olacaktır. Kaybolduğunuzdan emin olunca, küçük elflerimiz bu büyük konvoy boyunca size rehberlik edecek! Bu sizi etkinlik ruhuna sokacak kadar yetmezse, o zaman başka bir şeyimiz olabilir! SCS Software'de yer alan dost canlısı arkadaşlarımızda bizim topluluğumuzda ki etkinliğimizde ki neşeyi paylaşmak isterler. 12 Saatlik etkinlik boyunca şanslı katılımcılara hediyeler vermek için bir sürü Euro Truck Simulator 2 - DLC Steam Key sağladılar. Bu yüzden kaçırmayın! Hepinize mutlu Noeller diliyoruz ve orada sizlerle görüşmeyi umuyoruz! Ek Etkinlik Bilgisi: Etkinlik Kuralları | DLC: Vive la France & Scandinavia | Sunucu: Christmas Convoy -TruckersMP Ekibi Anasayfada ki blog yazısını göster. Durumu detaylı bir şekilde açıklayıp, sizlerin kafasında soru işareti bırakmamak için kısmen yerlerde eklemeler/değişimler yapılmıştır. Katkılarından dolayı @-VOYVODA-'ya teşekkürler. Orijinal Konu: @Digital
  8. Title says it all.. Do SCS offers discounts on Christmas? There are few in my cart but can’t afford them lol
  9. for when will do the new update of euro truck simulator 2 so truckers mp is compatible with euro truck simulator 2.
  10. Christmas paintjob DLC : are u guys gonna add this to the ATS mp before christmas ..?? or gonna wait until christmas is over .... ???
  11. Hey there, Hello everyone. Today I had bought the Christmas Paint Job but unfortunately it does not work in ETS2 MP. But why ?
  12. Hello everyone I'll go straight to the topic.... snow, will there be snow for any of the MP? am sure near the time of Christmas you can play on ETS with snow (without mods) now am just wondering, will the snow come back again this year? will it come on ATS or ETS? and if so will it come on any of the ETSMP or ATSMP? I hope so, to be honest I wish there was a server just for snow ... in my opinion.
  13. SOARFLY LOGISTICS PRESENTS Reindeer Dash Go Fancy Dress as festive as you can! :: WHAT :: A festive convoy to visit santa! :: WHERE :: Helsingborg Hotel, Garage and Services :: WHEN :: Saturday 19th December 2015 from 18:00 GMT :: WHY :: To bring the community together and share the christmas spirit Sign up on ets2c.com Now! :: No Charities, Just Festive Cheer :: Timetable 17:30 - Meet in Helsingborg 18:00 - Convoy leaves Helsingborg to head north to Uppsala Route Santa changed his route for logistical reasons! The route will take us on the most direct route to the destination via the E4 Planning started on 17th August 2015 by the Soarfly Logistics senior management team. Images produced by [sFH] Cheetah for use by Soarfly Haulage VLC. No Drink Driving Please
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