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  1. Had a blast doing Food For Poor! Great event @[ATVTC] Med Ali!


    Great photos from @shodon108 and @Laggy_Lucas!

  2. Why are you disclosing Promods easter eggs? lol
  3. Need data paths for your trailer cargo? No problem you came to the right place! I wanted to create a organized excel for those of us who want to have all of the cargo models in the game. As my save edit years have passed I have seen several .txt files with data paths in them, my problem has been to find the right trailer and cargo each time. This is no longer a problem as I created an excel sheet two years back with the data paths. I have been updating it for each ets2 version and it has recently been refurbished for me to share on the forums. The excel is you
  4. Hey! I think you should pitch the idea to TFM, they have done smilar convoys before. Hope you succeed with your goal!
  5. One of my usual Heavy cargo transport routes is; Jönköping, Nordic Stenbrott - Lillehammer, Norrfood Lillehammer, Norrfood - Kalix, Björk Kalix, Björk - Kittilä, Sag & Tre Kittilä, Sag & Tre - Murmansk, Ns Oil Murmansk, Ns Oil - Kirkenes, Ns Oil Kirkenes, Ns Oil - Hammerfest, Ns Oil I usually use Virtual speditor to create my jobs since Heavy cargo trailers aren't ownable. I recommend these delivery points although you might want to avoid Kirkenes during rush hours on TMP.
  6. That looks really good. I like the clean and simple style.
  7. 1.39 Trailers actuially look quite nice. Have a look for yourself. ;)


  8. Aight I'll link a photo album so I won't spam the forum. @Mustafa. Took about half of the pictures in the photo album. Photo Album
  9. Hello! So since I started playing TMP in 2017 I have been looking for a heavy haul community with people that want to make it as real as it gets. Driving pilot cars and trucks in a convoy. Am I the only one looking for such a community or are there other people out there aswell? I base my TMP experience in ETS2 but I do have ATS and drive there aswell. As of right now I am in a vtc where I have gotten other members to "escort me" or that I escort them since I'm always looking to be as realistic as possible. I hope I'm not the only one so please hi
  10. Pictures from one of my favourite mini convoys. (Thanks for the pictures @Mustafa.)


  11. Yeah, well I use virtual speditor to create my jobs so i can hit that Vtlog sweet spot.
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