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  1. Hey there! We have just released a new version of the Truck-Simulator-Tools. Version 1.1.5 Changes: + Support for "The Great Steppe ProMods" Have fun exploring "The great steppe" with the TST!
  2. Hey there! We are still working on the tool and have just released an update for the new game and ProMod versions. Have fun with the new version of the TST!
  3. Hey there, Edit Destination is now compatible with TruckersMP's new Duisburg. Have fun visiting the new city ?
  4. What are you thinking about? We are grateful for any ideas and suggestions for improvement ?
  5. As you have probably already noticed, TruckersMP has reworked the city of Duisburg. The feature Edit Destination should therefore not be used in the area of Duisburg in TruckersMP at the moment! However, we are already working on a solution, which will be implemented in the next few days. Thanks for your understanding ?
  6. In the new version 1.0.9, Edit Destination now also supports the TruckersMP Headquarter ?
  7. Yes, some of our features may be not allowed in TruckersMP and other game modes. If you use our tool responsibly and don‘t disturb other players, then all should be good.
  8. Hello there! In the last few months we have developed a new SaveEditTool, which we would like to present to you here. The tool offers around 20 features and convinces not only with functionality, but also with design and user-friendliness, at least in our opinion Screenshots Features list - Change vehicle (truck and trailer) - Refuel - Teleport to waypoint - Share position - Important places - Share waypoints - Unlock (cities, garages, dealers and agencies) - Repair (truck, trailer and cargo) - Vehicle recovery - Change weight - Change license plate - Profile settings (edit money, level, skills and profile name) - Edit destination - Change cargo Download and setup Download from our Website Follow our user-friendly setup (YT-Video) VirusTotal The tool and the website currently support English and German. Links Website https://truck-simulator-tools.de/EN/ YouTube https://truck-simulator-tools.de/EN/youtube Discord https://truck-simulator-tools.de/EN/discord We hope you like our tool and have fun using it ExluX and .vacuum
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