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  1. Hi, as from the image example there, I don´t think SCS would implement this onto the smaller GPS that´s in-truck, because of the really tiny screen you would only see the speed limit and the distance until maneuvering. Also adding the street names is a really difficult task as there are thousands of roads. BTW, the time until destination is reached (or ETA as is called in-game), distance from finish and speed limit are already shown at the virtual GPS by pressing F3. Althought I like your idea, is really good, but making a person to say every street or HWY for the voice nav would be also complicated. What I would really ask SCS is to improve the AI traffic.
  2. Do you think SCS will implement Canada so we can drive or pass through Alaska or they will add a ferry, or they just won´t add Alaska?
  3. I drive on my laptop, so I can´t add a steering wheel or some pedals, therefore I use mouse and keyboard. I feel this is better than using keyboard only, you don´t have much movement
  4. Hi everybody! I haven´t bought the Utah DLC yet for ATS, do you think it is a good DLC? I want to know your opinions and if you suggest me to buy it or not?
  5. I would prefer both of them balanced, not too much, but also not too low. But if you have all the skills active you should go for more money, because the experience won´t be useful from that point
  6. Yeah I am fine with the Skoda, just that it doesn´t make sense at all and sometimes I get triggered, you know?
  7. I have wondered wy were there Skoda cars on ATS, even if those are not from America, but from Europe. I suggest to change it to the most selled car on America or whatever car that makes sense being on America and not a Skoda which is a bit weird. What do you think?
  8. The thing is that he doesn´t obey the rules and worse, doesn´t want to get banned. He is misunderstanding the definitions of Simulator, he must respect others and the rules that are shown at the beggining when registering and installing the TMP Launcher. He is being selfish with himself and not being empathic with others. Dear Nakliyat_ı Sefer, if you read this, you should understand that rules were created to be followed. others won´t like your attitude as you are ruining the experience of others by ramming them, they will think you are doing this for your own fun, but others won´t have fun because of you. Please consider behaving well with others and this huge community.
  9. d_saiz, you speak spanish and so do I, maybe you can message me on Discord in spanish and then try to explain others your situation but in english. BTW my nick on Discord is ZabbeX as well.
  10. It must have the same scale, I don´t think it will have different scales, because that will cause different road sizes
  11. I always try to get some people near me, but right now I am discovering the map
  12. No, it wasn´t an error. I think the servers were in maintenance. My other friends who live in different countries had the same issue, when logging in they had to wait like 5 minutes, then when connecting to the servers you needed to wait between 5-10 and on the top right corner showed the message authenticating. My internet speed down is 7-8 Mbps and up is 1 Mbps, ping at the game was 200, also there weren´t too many players on the server, it had at least 1000 players on Sim 1
  13. Hi everebody, yesterday I went to TMP and play. When I tried to log in, the servers where too slow and it delayed the log in, such as connecting to the servers. Anyone else noticed that or not? It´s not just me because I was playing with friends and they also got that 15-20 minute delay.
  14. Yeah, specially with the cars, I think they are much more uncontrollable
  15. ZabbeX

    Snow physics

    I am conscious that drifting is not allowed, so I just did it on my garage :d
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