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  1. Looking berry good! Andy's puns, as always, are pear-fect
  2. You're only allowed to react to 10 posts a day??
    Is that not a little outdated now? 🤔

    1. Yarkoon


      I also don't understand why exactly this number and why this restriction exists at all. It feels like this site is stuck in 2010.

    2. chaotic-control


      😂 I guess forums are a little outdated in general at this point.
      But TMP's are useful for some discussion.
      It does seem strange to have limitations though.
      Especially in the shape of reactions.

  3. Happy Birthday.  I hope you have a good year!  ❤️

  4. Happy birthday! 🎉

  5. Happy birthday! 🎂

  6. Happy birthday ! :HaulieLove:

  7. Happy Birthday 🎂 

  8. Happy birthday

  9. Happy Birthday 🎉

  10. Happy birthday ❤️ :HaulieLove:

  11. Happy Birthday! 🥳

  12. Here we are, arguing amongst ourselves about a differing speed limit split between 2 servers (Promods is a different story), which ultimately the community decided. We'll see how it plays out. No one mentioning how cars are the menace... In my experience 9 / 10 cars drive recklessly. We should have a survey regarding them. Imo, they're pointless. Sure, they add variety, but it's a just an inferior replacement to try and replicate AI traffic from singleplayer. They control horribly, always have, which doesn't help the average player. Generally speaking, people clearly use them to get up to max speed as quickly as possible, and use them to squeeze between trucks in busy areas. They don't add anything positive to a truck simulation game. I do understand the topic of cars is a little off topic for this thread, but in terms of speed, they do play a significant part on the servers.
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