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  1. Who want's to play a truck driving simulator game with maniacs flying about the place, and who have no regard or respect to anyone else around them? For me, that is in no way fun in the slightest.
  2. Hey, from your video, you had right of way / priority. The player joining the roundabout has the yield / give way 'upside down triangle' signs, just as you did when you entered the roundabout yourself. In terms of lanes, you were correct to enter the roundabout in the left hand lane, and use the inside lane of the roundabout. When you want to exit a roundabout, common practice should be to signal right, after the exit before your exit, and move to the right lane, and then exit. Ultimately, the player driving into you is at fault 100%.
  3. Hi, if you mean your game seems like it freezes after the ETS2 intro logo, but eventually loads after 5 - 10 minutes, you can try following this guide, and it should fix your problem. If your issue is something else, please try to explain in more detail.
  4. Hey, Trucky disabled the feature back in June, here's a copy of what they wrote on their Discord.. "Until further notice, the Online Friends feature and Friends list will be always empty / no friends online to avoid heavy load on Steam API calls as Steam is banning API keys for too many requests It's highly possible this feature won't back for a long time." It's a shame as it was a useful feature!
  5. I would assume it helps with reliability / continuity for the RM / GM. When making a report and specifying the time, if any other evidence is submitted, potentially from the perpetrator to show their point of view in an appeal, or even an in-game report, if it is seen in time, or maybe if multiple web reports come through against the same person, it would help to show a bigger picture of everything that happened at that specific time. As I say, this is just an assumption from me, but I think it's a fair assumption to say it can be useful to the RM / GM for a wider view of circumstances for that specified time.
  6. I'm honestly surprised the debate about GM anonymity is still on going It's not a conspiracy theory... A GM being anonymous literally hasn't changed the way they enforce the rules. As stated by the GM team already, they have internal rules and guidelines to follow. They aren't all best mates hanging out waiting to ban players I would assume the change was made because the average player causes a toxic environment when challenged about breaking a rule. If I was volunteering my time to moderate a free modification of a game, and constantly got abuse, I'd want to be anonymous too. TMP are very clear with their rules, and how they are enforced, no one is forcing anyone to play this mod, if anyone disagrees with how TMP works, I hear singleplayer is fun..
  7. It is my pet peeve when people don't turn off their high beams approaching me, especially when their truck is plastered with lights. I always give them a long flash, and sometimes people get the clue and turn them off
  8. I'm glad this stat was stated. It sounds like a lot, if not everyone, commenting on this thread, who are against the changes, just drive up and down the C-D constantly. (Although I'm sure if anyone responds to that statement, they are bound to deny it ) My advice would be to drive literally anywhere else on the expansive map. Just staying within Germany especially, you'll find many people to interact with. And I'm sure you'll have a much nicer, chilled out driving experience. You may still encounter the odd troll now and again, so you'll still get your reporting 'fix', but ultimately you can enjoy the game, drive, and have fun.
  9. @TnT404 Hey, I think you locked the wrong post, 'Picture of the Month - September 2023' is currently locked
  10. A nice update indeed! Completely agree with all the points made. I tend to use the in-game reporting for players I come across clearly doing something wrong (wrong way driving for example), however I either don't have enough context in my recording as I'm only passing by, or ultimately they didn't affect me directly, to warrant a website report. I generally know it will time out, but it takes a couple of clicks and if seen, a GM will be able to see a lot more of their driving than I did, which would make any punishment fairer. Hopefully with this new direction of moderation the roads outside of the C-D will become a little more regulated too in real time.
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