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Found 89 results

  1. How to change my login background? You can change the background by modifying the file. 1. Using Win + R, into the Programdata Files. -> The programdata file is hidden on the operating system. Open the file by pressing the Win + R keys and typing "%Programdata%". 2. If you open programdata files, goto "TruckersMP/data/ets2_mod/ui" folder -> Edit this file to modify your background 3. If you open ui folder, you can't find anything that background set. -> Find the background picture you want and rename it to "backgroud0.png", "background1.png", "background2.png" and paste it into that folder. If you have completed up to step 3, the setting is complete. Q: I can't find ets2_mod files. What Can I do? A: if you can't find ets2_mod files or not created, you create it. like this and you entered MP login, it is changed. If you want to more information, please reply to this topic.
  2. По-долу са някои от възможните решения на различни грешки на стартовия панел. Моля, опитайте ги преди да създадете тикет. System.Runtime.Interop.Services.COMException 0x80072EE4 System.InvalidOperationException "Тази реализация не е част от валидирани криптографски алгоритми на Windows Platform" System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Достъпът до пътя 'C: \ ProgramData \ TruckersMP \ core_atsmp.dll ' е отказан. ( замени и с ets2mp).
  3. Hello I have been having this problem for 4 months now. The game simply won't launch. I have tried: Restarting my PC (obviously). Reinstalling TruckersMP 10-20 times, making sure every file on every drive that has anything to do with TruckersMP got deleted. Launching when on a different connection. Launching with and without steam open. Clicking OK, which sends me to the download page. I have tried downloading it again from there with no luck. EDIT: I have also tried launching with a VPN. No luck. The TruckersMP folder only contains these files: I guess I don't have all the files, since I can't even reach the launcher for some reason. I have noticed that the installation time is extremely fast, almost instant. Any help is appreciated, I really want to play this again but I really don't know what to do.
  4. Hello everyone! I have an idea that TruckersMP has to keep original ETS2 files in it: When ets2 get updates, we can not play TruckersMP. so TruckersMP has to keep backup about before the updates so we are able to keep playing when the Truckersmp is in update session. For example when the TruckersMP is in for ETS2 1.3.5, Truckersmp has to keep the ETS2 1.3.5 files inself. With this way, when ETS2 gets update to 1.3.6, we are going to be able to play truckersmp. I dont really know how can do that but I think it is a good Idea. Thanks for that
  5. Merhaba. Bugün TruckersMP launcher e girmeye çalıştığımda "Connection Error - Retry ?" hatasını aldım. İnternetten çözümünü araştırdım ama bunlar hiçbir işe yaramadı. Lütfen bu sorunu çözmemde yardımcı olun. Teşekkürler.
  6. Tool Name: truckersmp-cli Tool URL: https://github.com/lhark/truckersmp-cli truckersmp-cli isn't far from being the simplest TruckersMP launcher you could possibly conceive. It downloads the mod, launches the game, and that's about it. It aims to provide linux players with a launcher that's made to work with Wine. I developped this launcher in frustration after having spent multiple days trying to make the official launcher work on linux with Wine. This launcher isn't mean't to be a direct competitor to TheUnknownNO's (whose code actually helped me a lot while developing this tool), but as a last resort for linux players who have tried everything else without being able to make the mod work. This launcher being the dirty hack it is, it is far from perfect, for example, steam needs to be already running in order for him to be able to launch the game. But if can save at least one linux user from losing its mind try to install this mod, i'll consider this as an achievement Enjoy
  7. Hello, When the launcher asks me for my email, I can not type @ to complete my email. Anyone know how? Thank you for your reply.
  8. Проблема с запуском лаунчера при запуске выбивает данное: Какая актуальная версия игры на данный момент?
  9. Hello! I have been having this problem for over a month, where I'm just getting an error message. I have tried deleting the .dll files to see if that worked, but it didn't. I have tried launching the mod in administrator, but with no luck. I have also reinstalled the mod about 15 times, deleted all TruckersMP files to reinstall but that hasn't worked either. I'm all out of ideas. People with the same problem managed to fix this by reinstalling, but it just doesn't work for me.
  10. Hello, After launching ETS2 with Truckersmp my mouse stops moving/the game freezes in the login-screen. I've already reinstalled ETS and TruckersMP, it didn't solve the problem. Thanks in advance, seadoggo.
  11. I decided to start playing this mod again, after taking a quite long hiatus from ETS2 altogether. I tried opening it yesterday and every time I did, I got an error saying I needed to update, maybe to a beta? I don't know, but I tried it again this morning and now I'm greeted by a new error message, this time I can't even open the launcher. I've tried redownloading the mod and restarting PC but to no avail. Any ideas? IMAGE
  12. Hello guys i have the following problem. When i install the winter mod and start the game when i join in server automatically kick me . REASON . - Connection refused , You are using an invalid client . You should redownload the mod trought the launcher .
  13. Hello there I'm having some kind of launching problem. Apparently there is some sore of connection problem and launcher doesn't update TMP. I've red some topics in Turkish but that UltraSurf thing doesn't work and it sounds weird to download some other app that doesn't belong to TMP to fix the problem. There is some pix of it. TY
  14. When I Run The Launcher Stop Working The Screen Shoot
  15. ich kriege so einen fehler könnte mir einer helfen bitte ? ich weiss nicht woran es liegt
  16. What it means to i can update my "System" in launcher? I recently was installing my launcher it installed. So i want to launch it, after it launched i've got "Install Available Updates" But.. there was an "System" Option. And me (Not from english america etc) dont know what it means to can anyone help me what to do now?
  17. Hello, I "upgraded" to windows 8.1 from a win 8 machine and since the update of OS, I haven't been able to launch ETS2MP. As soon as I start the launcher, it comes up with an error message titled "Connection Error - Retry?" From there, there is a bunch of text that you can read on the image below. I have reinstalled the launcher multiple times, and ran it as administrator couple times aswell. I have also downloaded and installed both 32 and 64bit version of .NET Framework.4.6.2. I have also restarted my computer inbetween the installations of both the .NET and launcher. Nothing seems to fix the issue. Clicking "OK" on the error message allows me to enter the launcher, but I can't see any images on the launcher and I can not install available updates, another error message pops up titled the same, saying "An exception occurred during a WebClient request. Press OK to retry" Retrying never works and the error messages keeps coming up. I'm out of options, can't find this exact error message anywhere else.
  18. Merhaba, Ben oyunu açarken 502 kodlu hatayı alıyorum. Uygulamanın üstüne uygulamayı indirdim yine aynı hatayı verdi. Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer açarken Euro Truck Simulator 2 Install Available Updates yani mevcut güncellemeleri yükle yazısını alıyorum ona bastığımda dediğim gibi 502 kodlu hatayı alıyorum. Şimdiden cevaplarınız için teşekkür ederim.
  19. Ребят добрый день. подскажите как пофиксить 2 проблемы. Одна проблема это белый экран лаунчера , напрягает просто https://imgur.com/a/sUUiU9j Второе , сегодня началась бесконечная авторизация , вчера благополучно играл. https://imgur.com/a/oEhoInX Заранее благодарю за ответы
  20. MalcheO

    Awaria TruckersMP

    Witam, piszę na forum dlatego, że mam niemały problem. Mianowicie gdy chce wejść na TruckersMP to wyskakuje mi taki błąd i nie za bardzo wiem co zrobić. Załączę zdjęcie i prosiłbym o pomoc.
  21. They are getting many updates oh my launcher is wrong because every time I open it I can install updates
  22. When trying to install TruckersMP i get the "install available updates" screen. after pressing the "install available update" button i get the error: "An exception occurred during a WebClient request. Press OK to retry." and pressing OK doesn't change anything yet just prompts me back into the same error. couldn't find anything online please help i just wanna play online After legit spamming the OK button (non stop around 30 times) it started downloading.
  23. Hello all! I have been having this problem for over 24 hours since the update on TMP. When I launch TMP, the current path version still says Then when I click on "Install Available Updates", it goes through the motion and comes back saying I should Install updates on that same TMP window. Opened multiple launcher windows and yet, same error. I have uninstalled completely(from both Control Panel and from Program Data and even gone as far as emptying the Recycle Bin) and re-installed the program over 12 times and yet, it still comes up with that same problem. I have become restless. Please is there someone out there who can help me? Link to a picture of the launcher taking a minute ago: http://prntscr.com/jjou9a Thank you
  24. Установил все правильно, в ту же позицию, где находиться Euro Truck Simulator 2, все устанавливается, а потом при запуске выходит это.
  25. Olá. Instalei hoje o launcher do Truckers MP, porém o computador não o executa, acontece o erro da imagem anexada. Meu PC possui os requisitos mínimos para rodar o Launcher. Pesquisei sobre possíveis soluções para erros, mas não acho quase nada. Uma das poucas possíveis soluções encontradas, que foi limpar os arquivos temporários, não conseguiu resolver meu problema. Me ajudem por favor!!!
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