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  1. Look who's pumping diesel late at night ??


    1. Arcticwolfs
    2. Kааn


      Happy birthday! Wishing you another enjoyable year with full of trucking! :HaulieLove:

  2. Cooling off this beauty in the shadows ?




  3. Watch this beautiful sunset ? Romania is something different. Such a scenic gem. No players on the road tho, a bit sad ?





  4. ? found a clean looking Scania today in Dusseldorf



  5. I must admit, im kind of in love with my Truck ?. Trip to Bourges was also very relaxing





  6. ??????? - ??????? ?? ?? ?????? ????



  7. ? ? 






    1. ManuMarSch


      Really nice!

      Enjoy your evening.

  8. Good evening @Airbrush Gaming, thanks for updating us about the current status. Yes i've tried reinstalling the launcher as described HERE but that didnt work out either. BUT i tried launching TMP again yesterday and as if a ghost fixed some errors while sleeping, i am now able to launch and play TruckersMP again without any issues or messages. @Colored_Greens - Case closed i guess. At least from my side. ?
  9. Hey @Colored_Greens, thanks for responding and coming back with a possible new solution! Unfortunately doesnt this work either. I can now download the launcher update, but the launcher itself still throws an error message at me ("Connection Error - Retry?" (Screenshot above somewhere)). I appreciate your help tho. I will just sit back and wait for a new update to be released. I wrote a support ticket yesterday, maybe someone is able to help me there, or us, as it seems to effect several people.
  10. Hey guys, thanks for ur quick response! I reinstalled the launcher today and tried to run it as administrator - it didnt work. I even switched off my anti virus program as @RedWolf_TMP suggested, but this message: still pops up, which doesnt allow me to start the launcher. It says the following: "The operation could not be completed successfully because the file contains a virus or potentially unwanted software." and some code below. I guess this is an automated error message by truckersmp, as it links me directly to the download page. I dont know what else i can do by now. My hands are tied i guess. Maybe i have to wait for a new update to check if it works then.
  11. Coming home a few minutes ago, i was planing to play some TruckersMP. But as i booted up the launcher, my anti virus started going crazy saying, that core_atsmp.dll is a Coinminer Malware. Is there any news regarding this issue or is my anti virus program just too careful? Any same experiences?
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