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  1. I think the idea and app is great, but the problem is that ets2-telemetry is so widespread and used by so many stuff that ETCARS is just going to be yet another DLL in the plugins folder. You and others need to convice Virtual Logistic Companie Software developers, etc. to implement your system, otherwise the end-user will have nothing from your performance improvements. It will only have more impact as two plugins will do the same thing.
  2. Since is locked i need to make a new topic: <04:41:18> Trying to resolve hostname ts3.ets2mp.com <04:41:20> Failed to resolve hostname 'ts3.ets2mp.com' <04:43:27> Trying to resolve hostname ts3.truckersmp.com <04:43:29> Failed to resolve hostname 'ts3.truckersmp.com'
  3. I'll answer my own question here: [17:51:07] [System] Available commands: [17:51:07] [System] /pm <id> <message> - private message to player with <id> [17:51:07] [System] /blockpm - blocks/unblocks private messages [17:51:07] [System] /(r)eply <message> - reply to the last private message [17:51:07] [System] /channel <id> - 0 => disabled, <1, x> => channels. [17:51:07] [System] /pinfo <id> - show information about player with <id> [17:51:07] [System] /time - show current server time [17:51:07] [System] /(p)layers - show count of players on the server [17:51:07] [System] /report - obsolete command [17:51:07] [System] /search <name> - find players by <name> [17:51:07] [System] /(s)earch(t)ag <tag> - find players by <tag> [17:51:07] [System] /(h)elp - display help
  4. Can someone provide a list of chat commands? (Preferably including admin commands like /b and /tt)
  5. ^ Isn't the forum the better alternative to a ticket system? Cause it's somehow a public FAQ? If i understood it right the ticket system is only for support including sensitive information.
  6. I would second that but i don't think everyone has the same opinion on it :'c
  7. Hey, i've seen some crash compilations and many people are just driving away when a accident happens without even using hazard lights. I know if a vehicle is blocking the road it has to F7+Enter immediatly but it takes away some realism and also probably encourages people to the same in RL. If you look some real life dashcam compilations you see that there are already too many people that act as if nothing has happened. I would love to hear other peoples opinions on this. Just my 2 cents Bluscream BTW: Is Mr. Teds using a cheat in this video?
  8. Hehe, i know where you got your profile pic from, you furry :P

    1. Bluscream


      Nope =) You need to dig a bit deeper then Google Reverse Image Search ;)

    2. Bluscream
    3. HumaneWolf
  9. Thanks for your help anyway, God. I managed to change to horn sound to a german police siren by: Getting the mod from the Steam workshop. Replacing the klakson_int.ogg file in the "\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\227300\679170273\universal\sound\truck\skoda\int" directory by this file. Replacing the klakson_ext.ogg file in the "\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\227300\679170273\universal\sound\truck\skoda\ext" directory by this file. Now i have a german police siren while pressing [H]. The last thing i have to accomplish is making the horn toggable, so i dont have to keep the key pressed. I'll probably use AutoHotkey or something similar for that.
  10. @God can you tell me how to replace the horn file of the Skoda?
  11. Thanks @God for clearing it up. Do you see any chance that the police Skoda gets released on the workshop from the original author (I think it was Vodka) or the actual maintainer for single player use with workng sirens? Or can someone give me a tutorial how to change the horn of the Skoda to a siren?
  12. Oh okay, im just searching for a way to add a working siren to it. Playing a siren tone from VLC while playing the game is not really what i want ._.
  13. ^ I'm not talking about the multiplayer.
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