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Found 59 results

  1. Suggestion Name: clearer Modding Guidelines Suggestion Description: Make Things clearer, if possible with Pictures. Something like "Any mods changing or expanding the truck, car or trailers hitbox is not allowed." is not clear enough. I've received 2 bans already, because of this rule (which have been appealed and accepted). My Trucks had a different Cabin, so the Cabin was extending past the Chassis or the Chassis was extending past the Cabin, with current context I didn't violate your Rule, which says, that the hitbox is not allowed to extend out of the Truck, which it didn't, but the Cabin did. I wouldn't even change this rule, because it is cutting Modding Freedom a lot, and it is not violating any other User. I am suggesting to rewrite this rule, with other Words, because Admins and Players do not seem to fully understand this Rule. (I am not blaming anyone for this since the rule is really weirdly written) These Trucks have a lot of Advantages, like the Trailer being much more in the back, better view or handling. And getting banned for driving them is ridiculous and not even a rule violation (at least at current state) Any example images: (Maybe brighter, I couldn't take a new picture because I had to sell all my Trucks with this kind of Cabin/Chassis Combination for my Ban Appeal to be accepted) Why should it be added?: To clear things up for Players and Admins, since this rule is really unclear. It would make Modding for us Modders so much easier. Thank you for your attention.
  2. New accessories and trucks

    Hello dear TruckersMP forum . I would like to add something here Suggestion: Add more pilot sirens and the new trucks we are waiting from July . What I Mean : Add more styles of pilot leds like the blue police leds and more styles of pilot sirens . Add the new trucks as well that we are waiting from July ( Renault Range T and Scania S ) . Thank you very much Chris Maverick (ChrisMaveGR)
  3. Reconnect command

    Suggestion Name: More MP commands Suggestion Description: Commands for non mods to use Now, I've discovered there are commands in the game already, but maybe we can add more? Like to get to the menu screen where you login without restarting the game (/Menu), to play by yourself like In the top corner of the screen where it says OFFLINE (/Singleplayer) and, to change servers because leaving and rejoing can be annoying. (/server [Server Name], /server help (lists servers)
  4. Suggestion Name: [In-Game Reporting] Click to Select/Report Suggestion Description: I am currently watching @Chris - TFM's stream and realised administrators could literally click a player to select them then they can perform certain actions on them. I realised why can't players also have that option, I'm sure a lot of people use freecam and/or would enable it if you could. Basically, (as IGAs would know) you can click on a player physically in the 3D environment and it selects them. How would it work? All you would need to do is click the player when in freecam (or if possible when you have your TAB menu open) and it would select them so when you open your TAB menu to report someone or have their TMP ID on your screen for evidence it has them pre-selected and is already showing their details on the TAB menu as it currently does. Any example images: N/A (refer to admin streams/videos for examples) Why should it be added?: I feel like it would make reporting people much easier and less strenuous in highly populated areas. Also since we don't see much information regarding the /report command coming into TMP I feel like it would be a viable and alternative option for players to select players.
  5. Hello admins and dev. I wanted to present this suggestion a while ago, but never saw a potential on it, but now that there has been a new report system implemented, I think it would be much easier to make. I know that many in-game admins have their own lives, and can't be in the game 24hrs a day, therefore, many ours, like Brazil hours, people troll a lot, and we can never find admins to aid us. This system will now be effective when there are few people, but on full servers like EU2, it would be perfect. Here it goes. The system would basically work by reports. Right now in-game, a player can only be reported once, which is bad, because after that, nothing much happens. What if: the player gets reported 10 times by different players = kick 15 times after he returns to game: temp. ban (1 hour) 20 times after he returns to game: temp ban (1 day) By then, 24hrs has past, but his report numbers are still counting. If he gets reported once again, making a total of 30 reports, he would get a permanent ban until an admin decides on how long he would stay banned. I think this system, if possible to be implemented, would make admins life much easier so then can also play the actual game and not have to worry so much, and give them more time to review the website reports, which right now are taking more than 10 days to be accepted. Would a report system like this work? Its like Rockstar's report system from GTA, when voted to be kicked, at least 50%, player can no longer join that session, and when reported multiple times, rockstart automatically bans the player. Well, that's it! Thanks guys!
  6. Add reconnect button/command

    Currently, there is no way to reconnect after having been kicked for inactivity, you have to exit the game and then re-open it again. (A scenario: you are playing ETS2, you are starting to get hungry so you park your truck (appropriately ofcourse) and go get something to eat. Then when you come back you see that you have been kicked and instead of typing some sort of command in the chat you have to re-launch the game entirely and log in to your profile again just to reconnect.) Reason it should be added: It would be much more convenient for people that haul long distances who have to take a break now and then and the multiplayer mod would feel much more finnished. People would also waste less time re-opening the game wich can take a very long time (I have a more powerful computer so it's not as big a deal for me as for someone else.) I do not have any Image examples.
  7. Suggestion Name: Get an email on the status of your web reports Suggestion Description: When your web report is posted ("Your web report has been successfully posted"), changes status from new or waiting for admin to "waiting for admin", "declined" or "accepted", get an email alert to tell you about it. If an admin has left a message when accepted or declined, it should also quote that message in the email. Possibly make it an opt in/out service? So people will start to get the emails but at the bottom there will be the words opt out as a hyperlink, taking you to a confirmation page saying "Are you sure you want to opt out?". Also there should be a button on the reports page to opt in again if someone changes their mind about opting out. EDIT: Maybe make it an opt in thing instead. Any example images: Nope. Why should it be added?: So people know if their report has been declined or accepted so if it needs extra attention (eg, more evidence/video needed) and they will not forget about it/forget to check it.
  8. Suggestion Name: 'Revamped' In-Game Reporting Suggestion Description: There are two parts to this suggestion, in order for it to make sense you need to see both parts individually. Part One The first part of this suggestion would include introducing a role similar to 'In-Game Moderator'. The role of a moderator would not be the same as an administrator. A moderator would receive the reports as well as admins however they would not hold the same powers to ban players etc. Moderators would be able to 'flag' reports and set their priority making it easier for administrators to moderate the servers, this is where the second part comes in... Part Two With the reports as they currently stand they are just listed to administrators in-game and they can select the report they wish to review. I suggest having a priority filter. By default the report would be 'Normal' priority however if reviewed by a Moderator they can either set it to 'High' priority if the evidence is sufficient and punishable or archive/delete the report if the evidence of the report is not sufficient enough. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: With the introduction of 'In-Game Moderators' it would make filtering reports easier and faster to review for admins. tell me this isn't the best suggestion you've ever seen in your life. ever.
  9. Suggestion (Undercover admins)

    Maybe its funny but undercover admins will most likely do better then now. When people see admin starts to kick players everybody becomes serious. But if you put undercover admin everybody all the time will be good players and less crashes. A reason why it should be added/removed/changed: I think this suggestion should be accepted because it will help many other players A description of what the suggestion is about: Example: when undercover admin is here. When he/she kicks or ban player. Just that player can see the massage that he is banned or kicked nobody else.
  10. Suggestion Name: CB Radio - Add keybinds to adjust channel, volume, and on/off Suggestion Description: Alright so I think options to bind keys to adjust the CB radio channel, volume, and power should be added. Any example images: Not possible Why should it be added?: It should be added for many reasons. The reason I wanted it added was for "Trucking Cockpits" basically it would be nice to have a button to easily adjust the channel for the radio. Currently I am working on a "fake" CB Radio for my trucking setup. I would like to have the ability to change channels with a knob. Other than my own personal reasons, it would also help reduce distracted driving when players attempt to adjust their radio while moving. Trying to get just the right position of the cursor to adjust the knobs can sometimes be a hassle, this addition would easily eliminate this. Also it would help newer players who aren't sure which knob does what, now they can just bind a key and use it.
  11. AI Vehicles to ATS

    Name: Cathalgall Game: ATS Suggestion: The servers in ATSMP are not really much in it for me it feels empty compared to ETS, Implemnet and server with AI vehicles driving around to ad Realism to it and you feel like your not the only one on the road and the roads are not empty. Sure they are people on it but not many.
  12. Suggestion Name: Replace the Scout with a Ford Crown Victoria (P71 Interceptor). Suggestion Description: If TMP were to just switch out the Scout with the Crown Vic it wouldn't be that difficult, just swap the model tweak some of the code for the car and change the name and sounds. Any example images (the California Police Livery): Why should it be added?: The Scout doesn't fit in ATS at all and the police variant sticks out the most. It would be a really nice change for ATSMP.
  13. Convoy Control skin

    Hello TruckersMP team (and forums ) Today I present to you my idea for the Convoy Control skin. I think it is nice to have as it perfectly matches the Pilot beacons. I think it is nessecary as a lot of people are driving around as Pilot with scout cars, and my skin should be used as only convoy control vehicle. Quick disclaimer: Do not reupload my skin/images anywhere on the internet, I will report if you do. only the TruckersMP team may use this image.
  14. Remove suggestion format

    Remove the suggestion format, sometimes you'll see a really good idea and the first response that someone puts there is the most irritating, irrelevant and dry "Use suggestion format" it should be a recommended format, not a requirement. I've even seen posts where multiple people say "Use suggestion format" its a stupid moot point on ideas that are genuinely good. Also, yes I didn't use the format on purpose.
  15. Traffic to ATS MP

    Suggestion Name: Traffic Suggestion Description: Add traffic to multiplayer on ATS with other players as well. Any example images: Nope Why should it be added?: Driving on the streets and freeway are empty on ATS MP. This will make multiplayer fun. And for people to not worry about finding people to play with and to get on the road. Plus this will make loads harder to get on time which adds even more fun. Also this forces players to follow laws to not crash into traffic.
  16. Traffic control

    I have noticed there are a lot of traffic jams. Many times I go there with my pilot skoda and block one lane till the other one empties and then block other one and release this one, and it helps clear up the jam. But people dont listen to me, they just ram and overtake and drive on wrong side of the road. I think you should have a special job called traffic control where you could apply and then get access to police car and paintjob, and when a jam happens we should all be in TS or Discord and talk about how to clear it up and then clearing up, and the drivers would have to listen to us. I think it would be very useful in areas with a lot of players. They could also be able to maybe close a road if there is an accident so the guy who had an accident can safely either reverse or transport to service center, cause I noticed that when somebody crashes people just ram him to a point where he cannot even reverse or do anything. I hope this becomes a thing because it would be nice! -Tim
  17. I don't see why you wouldn't be allowed to drive around in ATS when you're banned in europe and not in america.
  18. Suggestion Name: Disable the AFK kick (not timer) when the server population is below a certain threshold. Suggestion Description: Disable the AFK kick when the server is nowhere near full capacity so that players can be a bit more leisurely in their trucking during off-hours. When space is needed (when the server is above 75%-85% full or something like that), start kicking the ones who have been inactive the longest. Also, let players know with a message in chat when they're about to be kicked, so they can move if they're not actually AFK. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: When the server is fairly empty, I find it pleasant to take longer breaks between loads and have a snack, people watch, or just lay back a bit.Sometimes this means parking in the garage, sometimes it's by the repair station, or in a lot, and sometimes it's on the shoulder or in a truck stop. During off-hours, when server demand is lowest, I think it would be nice to see other truckers doing the same, either taking extended stops in rest stops as well, or just parking nearby to chat a bit. Making this change would allow players to take it a bit easier when less people are on, and also increase the average amount of players online during those times.
  19. Suggestion Name: Hearing Other Players' Radios Suggestion Description: The ability to hear other players' radios within a reasonable proximity. Any example images: None Why should it be added?: Hello. I have never played this modification because I own a Macintosh computer, but soon I will because this modification's lack of compatibility has convinced me to purchase Windows 10 and install BootCamp. I have been informed, however, by a close friend of mine that other players are not able to hear what you're listening to on your radio. I think this would be so -expletive- cool dude, and thus I have made this thread.
  20. Allow people to work on reports

    Suggestion Name: Allow some players to work on reports Suggestion Description: Allow experienced players - for example players who have an account for a very long time, made many reports, etc... - to ban people, who got reported on the website. Any example images: Nope Why should it be added?: Allowing more people to work on reports would get them done much quicker than now. Right now I have reports that are about a week old and still nothing happened. :/ What do you think about the idea?
  21. ATS In-Game State and Federal 'Police'

    I personally think that they should make the in-game admin feature a little more in-depth policing system. Having 'State Police' and 'Federal Police' systems in place would also make it funner. Because if someone is running red lights, ramming, and other illicit activities, a witnessing trucker can file a report and an in game admin would be dispatched depending on the state the perpetrator was in and in what direction they were headed. if it goes on to long, or it goes across a state line, a state admin could get help from the next state over, or from a 'Federal', or inter-state, admin. 'State Police' admins would only have the power to carry out bans and such in the state that they are assigned, and are limited to certain time bans. 'Federal Police' can carry out bans and such in any state, and for any amount of time. For instance, if a group has been street racing across the state for a long time, it would mainly be handled by the 'Feds', with a little help by the State Police. You would have to be a state admin before you can become a federal admin, and only the best got promoted. there would have to be additions to the game. some are suggestions, some would be required. Required. Paint Jobs for each and every state. A simple fully color able paint job for the fed admins(if they want to put themselves out there and not drive an 'unmarked' cruiser). Optional More american looking cars, like the old Dodge Monaco and Ford Crown Victoria. Maybe even the Ford SVT Raptor if you can't get some made. You could even use the default police car models for it, you'd just need interiors. More light bars and 'unmarked' lights(including a pilot bar that is activated using flashers if someone wants to seriously go undercover). An actual admin tag only visible to other admins. A statewide frequency for each state( for talk between police and and a frequency for the whole state for the cb radios. 'Truck impounds' were someone will have to pay to get there truck back after doing something illegal. Now, I know this may make it harder to catch people, and it will probably spawn some organized 'runs'(think Smokey and the Bandit), but that would be the fun in it. You may even attract new players to the game, like actual police officers. Pro's More realistic. More fun. Con's Harder to catch criminals. May or may not spawn more illegal activities. May spawn illegal car racing with new vehicles. Anyway, what do you all think? Voice your opinion below.
  22. Driving test

    I think its a good idea for all Players to take a driving test (u must pass the test to play further) because if u fail the test u can't play. This will off course not keep all trolls off the road but sure it will help.
  23. Traffic jam info

    I Would like to see the map with traffic info so u can see where traffic jams are and can choose a different way. This will avoid massive chaos.
  24. Duisburg Country Road?

    Hi guys, Let me get straight to the point. I'm sure you guys are becoming more and more frustrated with the Duisburg Country road where on evening's the traffic and drivers are diabolical. I yet have still not seen anything or have heard of any plans to be put in place to control whats happening on this road apart from a few road closures. I have a few suggestions to solve this issue and would love to see any idea's you guys might have. This is only to give TMP a prompt to do something and an idea of how it could be solved. Now I don't know about the TMP in game logistics so some of these suggestions may not be feasible due to how the game is made, but here goes. More resourcing admins to maintain the road on a rota'd basis. By this I mean placing admins on a designated shift where they will be somewhere on the Duisburg road to monitor the road and people on them.This will significantly reduce accidents / useless traffic / dangerous traffic and more. Make that section of the road 90KMH only. Making the whole stretch of this road 90KMH only will reduce accidents as truckers crash and loose control all the time due to high speed and not being able to react on time. Close the road completely. Truckers will have to use alternative routes which will then also become congested. It is an option but a bit of a pointless one. Close the petrol / Sleeping zone on that road to prevent build up of traffic in that area. A small petrol station is not a ideal place to fill up where over 100 people in traffic could be. It causes major traffic and accidents. Make this road accessible to Truck's and Trailers ONLY. No Cars or single trucks allowed. This a very likely suggestion however I don't know if the TMP could facilitate this. I do like the idea of have Trucks and Trailers only though. All in all I think that implementing some of these ideas could result in less traffic / collisions. Less reports to deal with for admin and a more enjoyable ride on this road for the drivers. These are my suggestions to solving this road and welcome anymore ideas you guys may have. Thanks for taking a look at this post!
  25. Mushroom's Big Server Idea

    Hello guys, its me Mushroom! Or else known as Valence. Today, I want to add a suggestion. This game is great, I can even prove it. I've been playing it since mid 2015. In that time range, I got an idea in my 12vie head. Here's the format I need to do: Suggestion Name: Australian Dedicated Server. Suggestion Description: Australian server, as off there is EU, US, etc. Any example images: Nope, no images required. Why should it be added?: Most people that live in Australia that enjoy playing ETS2MP get kicked for high ping, due to we have to join servers far from local. GOOD ABOUT SUGGESTION: Attracts Australian players, Aussie players don't get kicked. BAD ABOUT SUGGESTION: It may require a load of more staff. This can cause some issues. I hope an Australian server is made. As it will attract more players. Thankyou developer's, staff, anyone who comments and supports me on this suggestion. It's been great coming on the website for the first time, unlike before ~ Cheers! ~ Valence Quartz / Pixela'td Mushroom! ====== Just before you leave, I'm having an issue with the updated ets2mp. When I open it, this what it says: Unsupported Gameversion Detected. You need to have 2v ETS! (I'll make this a report/issue in a different forum) ====== Any issues with the thread, any forum staff members feel free to edit/fix/move the thread/post. Voom Voom!