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Found 85 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Allow to Drive with mixed type of dubble traile in ATS Suggestion Description:I think to allow ppl drive legal (not breake rules) with mixed trailers ( reefer_wabash + bottom_dump ) The same width and length, the collision zone is the same So can be drivable normal by any truck from scs Any example images: Why should it be added?: rules was made before adding dubbles to game (more than one type) if collision zone are the same an other parameters too so why not allow it ?
  2. High beam auto-kick system

    Sometimes It's annoying when the guy at the back of you has his High-beams on, And when you're driving and you see the other guy from the other lane has his high beams on, It's harder to see. So I think that they should implement an Auto-kick system for people that are using High beams in front of other truckers. It could work like this: When a guy turns on his high beams while other truckers are in front of him, he will get a message that will say "Turn off your high beams! If you don't, you'll be kicked in 15 seconds." Just like the "Headlights off" system. I think It will be a great feature if it was added. - A pinged sock.
  3. Warning system

    Hello Description: Some sort of warning system as ”punishment”. Sometimes players are reported, on the website, for offences that could just be worth a kick or just not enough to be a ban. I reported a user who failed to pay attention to players in a roundabaout and drove out having me collide with him as I was coming around the roundabout. The admin who claimed the report denied it and deemed it to be just kick-worthy. The player in-game seemed to be completely unaware of what he had done. Why? I think this would be useful and perhaps also healthier for the community. With this players would be more aware of their mistakes and perhaps less would get banned for incidents that could be solved over a warning. With a warning system players will be aware of their mistakes and hopefully not repeat them. This would benefit everybody; players will be more educated how to properly drive in different situations and countries. Innocent players seen as troublemakers for mistakes/accidents will get a second chance. Players negatively affected will get some sort of relief knowing the player who caused them ”harm” in-game is aware of their mistake. Perhaps even Staff will learn new stuff too from unique situations. No images, but perhaps it would also notify a user in-game that they have a unread warning on the website in some way. EDIT: Just had another report denied because it was deemed only kick-worthy. This user failed to yield, slightly ramming me, blocking me and another player. He might've thought he had right-of-way when in reality he was in the wrong, now since my report got denied he might keep this thought and continue ignoring the give-way on that road. No information related to my report will be sent over to him, to either punish or explain his error. That is where my suggestion comes in.
  4. Suggestion Name: Not allowing people to overtake on the corners of the Calais-Duisburg road. Suggestion Description: At the moment there is so many different collisions which are mainly caused by too many people overtaking on the corners of this road as they can't see round the bends. I think other truckers would benefit from this as it reduces to danger to other drivers on that road. Example images: None needed. Why should it be added?: It'd allow multiple users to have fun on that road, but would make it more realistic if overtaking on the bends would be an offense as they can't see what is coming up.
  5. Suggestion Name: (Auto) Remove new suggestions older than 3 months Suggestion Description: There are many new unedited suggestions. I think they could removed automaticaly or manual after 3 months of no topic move or answer. Any example images: Why should it be added?: The view of the suggestions would be better.
  6. Enforce right of way more seriously

    Admins should enforce right of way at intersections more seriously, it seems most players are unaware of correct right of way rules and it's one of the main things that causes crashes and traffic jams in the game, people not giving way correctly slows everything down.
  7. suggestion for developers and admins

    hello good, did not want to give them as an idea I do not know if it can be taken into account, since they entered the caravan load for the cars according to the DLC of special transport to make a server where if it supports that DLC is not as an idea as it would be good and nice to do convoy with friends of special loads, thanks and greetings from Costa Rica
  8. Ban Removal after 3 years of being issued

    As follows: Suggestion Name: Bans which were issued 3+ years ago to be removed (within reason) from TruckersMP Account. Suggestion Description: At the moment some people are not given the opportunity to apply and join the truckersmp team due to their past ban history from 3+ years ago. Would be helpful if bans could be removed or grayed out to not to count against them if over 3 years if they applied for a specific role. Any example images: Nope. Why should it be added?: People learn from mistakes and people should be given an opportunity to help in the community.
  9. Add-In for Expressions

    Suggestion Name: Add-in for expressions. // "AWESOME" Emoji Suggestion Description: emoji to be added to show how much we like a share or topics. Any example images: Why should it be added?: There is have only a simple "like" emotion. For example: We very liked a topic, we can use this emoji.
  10. Greetings staff of the Forum, I'd like to point out the forum post in which I am contesting and suggesting a change to is titled, "Virtual Trucking Company - Requirements". I recommend it should be the center of your attention for the duration of my post. Thank you for your patience. Suggestion Name: Change the VTC Rules and/or add a subforum for new VTC's Suggestion Description: Suggesting a change to the rules, which are over a few years old, to encourage new upstart VTC's to contribute to the community at large and promote competition among the community and provide a way for upstart VTC's to advertise at large. Any example images: None Why should it be added? Before I begin, I would like to firstly thank the staff and administration of this wonderful site for providing and maintaining a platform which is both fun and entertaining for folks such as myself. I realize that not all individuals come here with prior experience in the real world industry, and the rules and guidelines you provide help those with little to no knowledge become interested in continuing the call in the real world - if nothing else to gain a bit more respect for the struggle. Furthermore, the multiplayer mod in particular has brought not only myself, but undoubtedly many others enjoyment and fulfillment for years now. I am, gladly, among one of them. Recently, I became the proud owner of Euro Truck Simulator 2 after a long struggle of my own in the real world. Needless to say, I needed a break from the road for medical reasons, and so I sought again the solace of SCS's excellent software along with your wonderful mod. I purchased ETS2 with very little expectations, but was ultimately blown away by how more mature it was than its counterpart in American Truck Simulator; for obvious reasons, of course. I decided to take the very next step and begin starting up my own Virtual Trucking Company, utilizing a site called "Virtual Trucking Manager" which provides an excellent platform for record keeping and a sense of immersion and fulfillment. It does, however, lack a critical aspect that this forum could potentially provide to an upstart VTC CEO/Driver such as myself; advertising. Unfortunately, as the rules stand now I am unable to post that advertisement. Undoubtedly these rules, which I will respectfully note were posted in October 19, 2015, did have their reasons. Further updates to the rules signify that perhaps there was a situation with "newbies" in the virtual industry such as myself coming and inundating the specific forum with useless advertisements. I can fathom this, and respect this, however at this present time and with the new blood that could possibly be emerging I find these rules to be extremely archaic. I have no issue should this proposition be shot down to complying with them, with due respect to the poster and the forum staff themselves, but I insist as a user and upstart VTC owner that individuals such as myself be at least given an avenue to advertise our business to attract future growth. My argument centers around one specific concept; competition. Competition is healthy. In a free market, competition moves the economy along with supply and demand for specific products and services. When a new business emerges, the first avenue they typically seek is advertising their existence. In bygone past, it was somewhat easier to get the word out depending on the avenue one took; phone books, for one example, and newspapers for another. Similarly, these forums act as an avenue that is very reminiscent of a platform that drivers would easily be able to see and review on the road. My proposition is that, at the very least to encourage further friendly competition, that a forum or subforum be established for upstart companies to advertise their companies without the requirement of a website. In such a way, you can create a tier-based system where the upstart company can at least advertise their existence, and thus once advertising continue their patronage of the services to grow towards the necessary requirement of a website for the parent forum. At the very most, a change in the rules to allow upstart companies to advertise to continue and encourage healthy competition and promote services to potential drivers. I am not going to say which rules should not be taken and which rules should be, I feel that is best left up to the staff themselves. Already I've offered two potential suggestions and changes that could assist new players with feeling the immersion value, with interaction and contribution to the community at large. The ultimate goal of this suggestion is to not exclude the smaller companies, regardless of size and driver count. An upstart company starts with one driver, and when they're ready they want to advertise, I believe firmly that the avenue should be available to them to do so. Ultimately, the rules were set in a particular day and year and in a particular set of circumstances that I am not privy to myself. If for some reason it is more beneficial to not change them, or to not add a subforum to the parent forum, then by all means I will continue on under the old rules of the forum. I feel strongly that should change be made, those of us upstart CEO's will be given a chance to shine and promote the necessary competition that can encourage growth in the community and your wonderful virtual game. Thank you for your time.
  11. Sugestões para a discussão portuguesa

    Boa noite para todos da comunidade portuguesa, tudo bem com vocês? Hoje eu estou aqui para fazer sugestões que poderiam ser adicionadas em nossa comunidade (Comunidade portuguesa) para tornar mais organizado e fácil de achar alguns tópicos que se encontram em nossa área (por mais que a atividade não seja tanta, por aqui). Ultimamente estou ativo no fórum para ajudar as pessoas, expressar opiniões, apoiar ou não certas coisas e diversos, como qualquer pessoa iria fazer. Mas vamos ao assunto, eu vou separar sugestões por seções, exemplo: Sugestão 1 (S1) e assim vai.. Observação: São pequenas alterações, mas que podem fazer a diferença! ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Nome da Sugestão (S1): Descrições para as seções Descrição da Sugestão: Na discussão portuguesa tem algumas seções, todos sabem que há pessoas experientes e novatas no fórum, poderia ser adicionado descrições em todas as seções. Exemplo: Seção de Ajuda - Descrição: Você está precisando de ajuda? Crie aqui o seu tópico que a comunidade irá lhe auxiliar no que for possível! Imagem de Exemplo: Porque essa sugestão deve ser aceita?: Pois as seções vão ficar "claras" no assunto que se tratam e pode dar uma breve descrição do que você pode fazer, como citado acima. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Nome da Sugestão (S2): Criar seções / sub-categorias (Eventos, sugestões e em guias) Descrição da Sugestão: Eventos (Oficiais e públicos): Deveria ter uma área específica para a divulgação de eventos "oficiais" (que são realizados pelo TMP) e "públicos" (que são realizados por grupos ou VTCs), existe a área "OFF-TOPIC" mas para ficar algo mais atraente, facilitar a divulgação e organizar melhor as seções, seria interessante que tivesse uma área própria para isso. A área de eventos oficiais seria fechada para os jogadores, somente os funcionários vão ter a permissão de criar postagens. Para não ficar na mão de pessoas que são do Support, Game Moderator e diversos, podem colocar para Tradutores fazer a postagem lá ou qualquer outro cargo que tenha função idêntica. A área de eventos públicos pode ser uma área controlada pelos Moderadores do fórum que são responsáveis por essa área, para controlar quais tópicos serão postados, pois há pessoas que não sabem utilizar o fórum e acaba criando tópicos em área errada ou tem experiência e faz tópicos desnecessários naquele local. Novos sub-fóruns para a seção de Guias e ativação da moderação: Na seção "Guias" poderia ter categorias que separe os tópicos para tal categoria para ficar de uma maneira mais fácil e organizada de achar tópicos sobre determinado assunto. Exemplo: Em-Jogo, Site e Fórum. Acho que a área deve ser moderada em postar tópicos porque os Moderadores do fórum vão se certificar se é algo bom e necessário ou se é algo ruim e desnecessário, pois acho muito trabalhoso aos funcionários responsáveis por essa área e um pouco para quem faz os guias ter que criar o tópico na seção "Off-Topic" para ser movido a seção guias, igual a @[L.A] [41] Lorena* [PE] fazia com meus tópicos. Sugestões: Em nossa comunidade poderia conter uma seção com o nome "Sugestões" onde todos os tópicos criados que sugerem algo serão criados, pois é muito ruim fazer igual estou fazendo agora, que é criar um tópico de sugestão na área "Off-Topic". Nota: As sugestões serão apenas para a nossa seção dentro do fórum. Imagem de Exemplo: Tenho imagem de exemplo somente para a área Guias. Porque essa sugestão deve ser aceita?: Como foi citado no início, é para melhorar a organização das seções em nossa comunidade e ser algo mais direto e fácil. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Nome da Sugestão (S3): Tópicos descritivos e padrões nas seções Descrição da Sugestão: Nas seções como sugeri acima poderia ter além de uma breve descrição, ter tópicos fixados que sejam: descritivos, falem sobre o objetivo de tal seção e padronize tópicos em certas seções. Imagem de Exemplo: Porque essa sugestão deve ser aceita?: Pois há áreas que devem ter padrões a seguir, é como se fosse regras para criar um tópico. Exemplo: A área de ajuda tem um tópico padrão que todos devem seguir para criar o seu tópico: Observação: As áreas "padronizadas" todos devem seguir o que foi proposto sem exceção, pois acabam tendo tópicos sem informações que são necessárias e ficam sem sentido, um exemplo é a área de ajuda coisa que nem todos os jogadores seguem e quando a comunidade e funcionários portugueses vão ajudar, acabam não conseguindo e tendo que adivinhar. Então todos os tópicos fora dos padrões devem ser avisado pelo menos uma vez, caso não haja a alteração e o não seguimento dos padrões o mesmo deve ser fechado sem aviso. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Nome da Sugestão (S4): Anúncios em seções Descrição da Sugestão: Deve ser colocado os tópicos padrões/informativos sobre a área que são existentes como anúncio em tal seção, para ser algo adicional e talvez facilitar a encontrar o tópico padrão/informativo. Exemplo: A área de ajuda precisa disso mas não tem e todas pessoas que acessam descer a página quase no final para encontrar o tópico. Imagem de Exemplo: Porque essa sugestão deve ser aceita?: Citado acima em: Descrição da sugestão. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Essas são minhas propostas para a nossa comunidade para ser algo mais: Fácil, objetivo e organizado. Aguardo a opinião de todos os participantes portugueses e o que acham sobre a sugestão? Apoiam? Se sim, quais. Se você apoia, coloque a sua opinião e no início ou final do post coloque: +1 ou se você não apoia, coloque: -1.
  12. Suggestion name DLC Steering Wheel from ATS to ETS2 Suggestion Description: I want to be added this mod because original steering wheels on anouther trucks are looks bad exemple:Daf XF 105! For what need aded! Daf XF 105Daf XF Euro 6Iveco HiwayIveco StralisMan GTXMercedes ActrosMercedes Actros2014Renault MagnumRenault PremiumScania RScania StreamlineScania RS (RJL)Scania T (RJL)Volvo FH 16 2009Volvo FH 16 2012 Any example images: Why should it be added?:Looks like the Steering Wheels on the trucks!
  13. Suggestion Name: "Admin-Style Freecam for Media Users" Suggestion Description: Allow media user(s) and/or select users of the community to have access to the 'admin-style' freecam. This is where the rendering of players is based on the position of your camera and not your player. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: From a personal point of view which can be applied to other users it will add a new perspective especially for events and other media associations. It will allow media teams to greatly increase the production quality of their events rather than being displayed from a first-person perspective. I would personally use this feature if I was granted access as it would greatly increase the production quality in my event live-streams which could also serve the same purpose in other TruckersMP or community streams. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From the perspective of an event/media I would much prefer to see an event i.e being able to visually see a convoy not someone driving at the front of one.. it's not entertaining. Thus making an event stream/video more enjoyable and in-depth. It would increase the quality of the stream making TruckersMP look more appealing to a new user/viewer not just the standard view of a player within the convoy/event etc meaning they could watch any other stream or event for the same content. If this needs a better explanation let me know, it's difficult to explain.
  14. Auto-kick for cars with trailers

    Suggestion Name: Auto-kick for cars with trailers Suggestion Description: The purpose of the suggestion is to have the same system that happens if you try to get out with double trailers from DLC Scandinavia, try to pick up cars with police accessories or unsupported loads. Only it will have an auto-kick for those who try to get cars with loads, but what is the purpose of the suggestion? Take out troll people who take loads with cars to hurt other players. Any example images: Photo credits: @David Edson Why should it be added?: It was quoted above, but it is to kick trolls who try to pick up cars with loads to hurt the TruckersMP players.
  15. Name: Stop people with hacks entering the game. Suggestion: If people have NCZ hack or speedhack installed then is it possible to get the game to detect the hack and stop them from logging in? Any example images? Nope Why it should be added: To stop people hacking the game and causing harm to others trucks.
  16. Suggestion Name: Virtual Truck Driving License (VMTL) Suggestion Description: Wouldn't it be nice to have players that took a basic traffic exam/test before they started playing on the servers? I think so. Don't worry, I am not suggesting to make it obligated to take it successfully in order to play. How does one get hold of an (E/A)TS-MP Truck Driving License or "VMTL: Virtual Multiplayer Truckers License" First of all, new players registering get an option to take the VMTL Driving License test right after making a new account. Existing players will get a notification, button, or a link in the forum to take the test as well. Players in game will get a small Green VMTL sign/logo, indicating to other players that this player has sufficient traffic knowledge to be a safe trucker on the roads. Players that have not taken, or did not pass, the test will get a Danger symbol or a Red VMTL sign/logo. Losing the VMTL sign: It would also be possible to lose your VMTL when: - An admin manually removes it if they think that would be appropriate. - You get banned. When a player wants the license back, all they have to do is wait for a (Day/Week/Month) before being allowed to retake the test. Basic uses of the VMTL system: The signs indicate to admins and other players that this driver does, or might not possess sufficient knowledge of basic traffic rules. This way players can be extra cautious and admins can easily see who to pay more attention too in crowded situations. Possible other uses: - Calais-Duisburg is obviously overcrowded and full of inexperienced and or bad truckers (as well as good ones that suffer from this, don't get me wrong). What if, to enter this road, you need to have your VMTL. This way new players, and players that do not know basic traffic rules, can't enter this dangerous situation. This might make it a lot safer, and with that, in my opinion, more fun to drive. I personally avoid this route when driving in an MP server because of the dangers of driving there. - Higher Penalties: When players have their VMTL it means they have basic traffic knowledge. Now, of course, this doesn't mean they can't get into accidents. Especially when encountering a player that is unfamiliar with the traffic rules. It would be possible to encourage players to learn the rules, and with that, possibly drive safer if they got higher penalties when not having their VMTL. - Speed restrictions of 90km/h (or 60mph) for players that do not have a VMTL. What would a hypothetical exam/test look like: - Questions on basic traffic signs that are found in the game like the yield and stop sign. - Questions on basic road markings. Like for example: "Are you allowed, and is it safe to overtake the truck in front of you in this situation?" - Other questions like: - "The traffic lights are off, who is allowed to go first in this 4-way crossing?" - "Is it safe to take a left in this situation?" - "Are you supposed to go first, or are you supposed to yield?" Example Images: None Why should it be added: I think it became clear why it should be added in the description paragraph... In short though: It would make driving in general safer, possibly give admins an easier job, and save players from breaking their keyboard's F7 button... Just to avoid confusion: The test would obviously not be obligated unless the developers think that would be better of course. It would still be possible for all players to join, it would only mark some of them as a possible hazard and might restrict certain areas. Don't get me wrong, this is not to annoy players, or because I think people who don't know the traffic rules shouldn't be allowed to play. It's just to make the game more playable for everyone. After all, I do not own a (car) drivers license in real life either because I haven't even done my theoretical exam yet. This, of course, doesn't mean that I don't know what I am supposed to do at the "Upside down white triangle with a red border" ;). By the way, of course, if something like this were to be implemented, it will need a few changes. Please let me know what could be better/improved, and what do you think of this.
  17. ADD New Car

    Dear TruckersMP;I love your mod very much but I would love to see a new car in multiplayer,I found one by ChrissyyB! :YT: check it out and if it is good please add itYours faithfully,CheeseballSVK
  18. Suggestion Name: "/fix" for trailers only. [Suggestion/Feedback] Suggestion Description: Just a helping hand to improve the /fix-system Any example images: no Why should it be added?: I know the mod-devs had some good intentional idea's to keep the game rolling, but adding the "/Fix"-code wasn't the greatest thing to add according to the community. So I listed up some suggestions to give some feedback for a better trucking-experience. SUGGESTION 1: So instead of removing the whole "/Fix"-code I have a small idea/suggestion to this issue; is it possible to change the "/fix"-code so it's only usable for the trailers? The goal of ETS2 is to deliver your cargo/trailer in a 0%-condition and to get some money and XP for it. If you got damage to your truck just press F7+enter like we've done before the release of the "/fix"-code. The timer of 10 minutes that has been added to the "/fix"-code isn't bad, but I will suggest to reduce the time-limiter from 10 till 5 minutes due to some situations in some areas on the map. [NO-damage mod, speedhacks and such are NOT allowed] SUGGESTION 2: Remove the "/fix"-code and add a speedlimiter to all Skoda's, due to the fact that most trolls and rammers are using Skoda's and abusing the weird hitbox, weird weight-reductions, insane topspeed and bad brakes of the Skoda's. [max. 90km/h for players and unlimited for moderators]. This will reduce the overall-damage in general so players don't need use the "/fix"-code every single 3 minutes. [NO-damage mod allowed, speedhacks and such are NOT allowed] SUGGESTION 3: Keep the "/fix"-code [latest update] and reduce the damage-model of all trucks/trailers. So for example; instead of getting 30% damage after being rammed by a rammer/troller/inexperienced-driver, you'll have 20% damage to your truck/trailer. [NO-damage mod, speedhacks and such are NOT allowed] These are just some suggestions and some feedback to improve the "/fix"-code. And I hope the mod-devs will consider one of these suggestion or atleast improve the "/fix"-code for a better trucking-experience. Happy trucking everyone!
  19. Suggestion Name: Suggestion according the Skoda-issues [To prevent trolls and rammers] Suggestion Description: Fix that need to be done to the Skoda's Any example images: NO Why should it be added?: How about adding a speedlimiter of 90km/h to all Skoda's? (Only admins/moderators are able to turn off the speedlimiter) Its still a TRUCK-SIM and not a Skoda-sim. And what about to fix the brakes and fix the weird weight of the Skoda's? This will annoy the trollers and rammers...and they will eventually leave the Skoda's and the Skoda's will be used as a proper convoi-leaders like intended. And yeah to be honest, most rammers and trollers are Skoda-drivers/abuser.
  20. Translation

    Suggestion Name: add more portuguese-speaking translators Suggestion Description: open recruitment for portuguese-speaking translators Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: Because, mainly in Brazil, people don’t have a good english knowledge to use the forum
  21. Suggestion to "10 seconds no headlights"

    Suggestion Name: Suggestion to "10 seconds no headlights" Suggestion Description: Add a message [with a beep] in the Navigation. Any example images: Why should it be added?: I've got kicked of the servers many times before because I didn't had my headlights on [according to the game]. It would be a great addition to add a beep and a message at the navigation-system to "Turn on your headlights within 20 seconds or you'll be kicked from the session". And why 20 seconds? Because there are people at TruckersMP/ETS2 who are new and still need to have the chance to get used to their button-layout/keyboard-config. Let's hope that the devs/mod-creators will consider this option if possible.
  22. Adding a no damage option to Multiplayer

    Suggestion Name: Adding a No Damage option ingame Suggestion Description: In lieu of allowing external sources, maybe try having a setting within the TruckersMP options ingame to enable No Damage, this would be something that some players would enable while other players don't if they dont want it Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: This would allow the players who use the trainers in a positive way to keep the no damage while preventing most trolls from using ti to troll people.
  23. Allow steam avatars

    Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but this evening I got banned for having a steam avatar of "Vladimir Putin". I'm not sure why allowing pictures of political figures would 'hurt' the game or the people playing it. Therefore my suggestion is: 'Allow players to have avatars of political figures.' I am quite sure this will get denied but maybe someone can at least give me an explanation of why this rule exists and why it would hurt the game if this was allowed. Thanks in advance.
  24. Suggestion Name: "NON-collision"-server for "Special Transport"-DLC ONLY Suggestion Description: Just a small suggestion to get the brandnew DLC (Special Transport) online at TruckersMP Any example images: No Why should it be added?: I know the devs/modcreators are working hard to get the latest DLC (Special Transport) online at TruckersMP without any complexity of the DLC-files that are written by SCS. I have a small idea to share with the devs of TruckersMP; how about a "Non Collision"-server for "Special Transport" DLC owners? (So it's only accessible for players who'd purchased the "Special Transport" DLC"). This allows the devs/modcreators of TruckersMP to rework the files in "chillmode" and to get it worked how they want it, and players who purchased the latest DLC (Special Transport) will be able (and happy) to play it online. I love to help the team a bit with some idea's and some feedback! Regards, Joey [aka Team NLD Gaming]
  25. Drive with friend as passenger

    Suggestion Name: Drive with friend as passenger Suggestion Description: Players could enter vehicles of other players(ofcourse with approval) Any example images: Why should it be added?: Having this implemented servers would have less traffic, just imagine it, multiple friends want to get to certain destination but some of them do not want to drive, but also they want to get there. What they could do is just get with their friend and watch whole ride. Sometimes my friends and I just drive around 90km/h and talk, but having this in game would be a game-changer. I would be grateful having this just in Škoda or in some trucks if it is a too time consuming to add this feature in every vehicle in game. It would be so fun just to have normal, daily, usual ride while you talk with your friend, and also..Winter mod is coming soon so ride would be even more interesting. So truckers, what are your thoughts?