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  1. @Small_Naofu Yes, if you are in Ghost Made and drive into another player, you both will be no-collision towards each other, but will still collide with other players. It has some issues though, where it thinks you got out of the player and will then act as if you crashed into him instead.
  2. You don't always get to decide where you park. You may get kicked for unreliable connection, kicked for whatever reason, loading an autosave etc. The ghost mode is not working as intended as it is right now, players are still popping up from nowhere without ghostmode causing accidents. And the reason that's happening may be because their PC is taking too long to load that the ghostmode time has expired before they even get into the game, or their connection is bad. It's completely necessary because it prevents accidents unlike the ghostmode does today.
  3. Suggestion Name: To clearify the rules to remove abuse and/or grey areas. Suggestion Description: There are some rules that are unclear. I was recently banned just because of a rule being too unclear. For example, there used to be a rule regarding useless traffic. The question was, what exactly was useless traffic? The way I understood it was that basically, driving on a very populated road without any true reason was considered useless traffic. But the issue was, how would a moderator know that a player did not have any business being on that road? They couldn't, so it basically became a guessing game. I just noticed this rule was gone, but it's still a solid example as it becomes up to the moderator to choose whether they want to punish a user or not. Another example of a rule we still have is part of the §1.5 rule which states; The biggest issue I am having with this rule is that it have "normally" in it. "Normally" should NEVER be in a rules page. It basically gives a game moderators the choice to kick/ban a user or not. And it can come down to whether this game moderator have a good or bad day, whether they like or dislike a user and so on. It basically enables corruption. I recently got kicked and banned because I said in-game that doing a certain thing was idiotic, I've also talked with other players who claim the same. And this is also something I often see in-game by other players, including staff members. But the rules page states that such light, or sometimes called "polite", insults are normally not punished for, unless abused. In a case I know, I believe a moderator had a bad day, as they were part of the heavy traffic, probably lagging a bunch and had to deal with many troublemakers and doing exactly what was said to be idiotic, which puts them at a bias. So there is no wonder the choice was to kick, and later add a ban, because apparently they could by the rules, or at least how they interpreted the rules. There just has to be clear what words are and aren't allowed. "Idiot" seems not to be allowed, as I've learned from a feedback ticket, because the case was about what was "normally" and not. We also have rule §1.9 which states; The way "normally" is interpreted favours the moderator more than the player in the case of rule §1.5, just because of this "normally". The rules should be in place to protect users, from players but also punishments from the staff members. I'm saying it is to protect users from punishments because unclear rules can be misunderstood or interpreted in different ways. Just like words like idiot can be interpreted in different ways. Why should it be added?: §1.9 states that ambiguities are to be reported, so this suggestion is sort of a report to remove the ambiguity and clearify rule §1.5. EDIT: I'd like to add that I was just told by Game Managers of TruckersMP that "staff can decide to ban or not for any offence, whether it's written or not it doesn't hide the fact that we have the right to issue punishments when and if deemed necessary". Apparently Moderators are allowed to punish users however they like, even if it goes against their own rules or is not within their rules at all. I'd almost suggest removing the rules all together, because it doesn't even seem to matter.
  4. Just wait! Some people are still trying to download the mod through their free download, so there will be even more players once everyone manages to actually get the mod. I'm also unsure how it works when you are missing map DLC's, but after the Halloween Steam Sale it will be even more!
  5. I got disconnected once when the server was first launched. I also got the "You will be reconnected automatically", but that was false. I had to restart the launcher and game to re-join.
  6. Not really. They've made their free download INSANELY tideous and faulty. I wonder if this is on purpose to trick people into buying their paid fast download.
  7. Seeing how terrible their free service is, I wouldn't want to give them any money at all. I just finished downloading the .001 file and it has completed. Then I get this message I understand limiting one download per user, but I'm not downloading anything from them at the moment, so the warning is false. If the warning is false, then it feels like they're trying to force you into paying €1. The files are also just 250MB and it takes their servers 15-20 minutes to send. That's really bad.
  8. Seeing how ProMods is downloaded right now... Do we have any information on their part if it will change? Or will we have to spend several hours for this mod? Or are we forced to pay them money?
  9. One thing that I really like about this; players who are idiots on the roads and got banned, and is now playing on a second account will have to buy the DLC's again. The players driving with ProMods will be nicer.
  10. Now ←----------- Very Soon™ -------- Soon (Not Soon™) -------- Soon™ -------- Soon-ish™ --------→ End of Time Judging how they've said things are on track and that it will be released in the middle of October, I'd say it is between Very Soon™ and Now.
  11. Is ProMods and TruckersMP prepared for the high amount of players that will download the mod?
  12. This just came to my mind, will ProMods be involved in any of the development of TruckersMP or is it solely their own map mod?
  13. Can you tell me exactly what you wish to do on the Simulator servers that you can't do? Wanting to go over 110km/h is one thing, but what else?
  14. I'm certain the players who wish to play and drive properly are not just 5% of the playerbase. Perhaps they can enable collision on one of the arcade servers in the future, so you can drive reckless without any consequences. But, the players in the simulator servers are not your toy to play with. They do not want to be crashed into by your reckless driving. They do not want you to ruin their experience. That is something you have to understand. if you really must crash into someone, do it with a friend somewhere where nobody drives on Simulator #2. Seems like there's nobody in northmost point of Finland, or southmost point of Hungary. Or Italy even. Just don't do it to other players, they are not there to satisfy your need to drive reckless and crash into them.
  15. @megadethsteve666, how you like to play singleplayer is completely up to you, since you are alone and the only one who matters in your game is yourself. Whether you want a more realistic simulation or a unrealistic simulation, as you can play both in ETS2 and ATS. However, when you play multiplayer, it is not just about you. That is why you need to play by the same rules everyone has to play by. If you do not like those rules, then you don't have to play, or more importantly, you don't get to play as you would end up banned. But, fortunate for you, TruckersMP also offers servers where you may drive however you like. Where you may still drive with other players, at the same time as you can play however you like. The thing I don't think you understand is that the servers related to the "Road to Simulator" changes are literally called Simulator 1 and Simulator 2. Where you are supposed to drive by the book the best you can to create the best experience for those that want to follow traffic rules and laws. If that is not for you, then you are very much welcome to play on the Arcade servers where your preferred playstyle does not ruin the gameplay of many others. The players who drives properly on the Simulator servers does not ruin the experience of other players other than them having to slow down to match their speed, but that is okay, because this is a multiplayer driving simulator mod, so obviously there are going to be traffic. And again, if you do not like traffic, you are more than welcome to play on the Arcade servers where you may skip traffic by playing in non-collision. But, the Sim 1 and Sim 2 servers still offers some unrealistic gameplay, for example you may drive 110km/h, you may run through red traffic light as long as you yield for those who have a green, you may overtake over straight lines, and many more things that you normally would not be allowed to do in real life. Again, if that does not your playstyle, then you may still play the mod the way you like, on the Arcade servers. The thing is, they have listened. They have listened to both parts of the community. Those that want to have a simulator-like experience have the Simulator servers, and those that want to drive and complete jobs fast got their Arcade servers. What exactly is the problem here? @Odion It's either or. Either play as a simulation, aka real life, or not. And on the simulator servers you play as if it's real life. And on the arcade servers you can play however you like. So what is stopping you from playing on the Arcade servers?
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