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  1. Is ProMods and TruckersMP prepared for the high amount of players that will download the mod?
  2. This just came to my mind, will ProMods be involved in any of the development of TruckersMP or is it solely their own map mod?
  3. Can you tell me exactly what you wish to do on the Simulator servers that you can't do? Wanting to go over 110km/h is one thing, but what else?
  4. I'm certain the players who wish to play and drive properly are not just 5% of the playerbase. Perhaps they can enable collision on one of the arcade servers in the future, so you can drive reckless without any consequences. But, the players in the simulator servers are not your toy to play with. They do not want to be crashed into by your reckless driving. They do not want you to ruin their experience. That is something you have to understand. if you really must crash into someone, do it with a friend somewhere where nobody drives on Simulator #2. Seems like there's nobody in northmost point of Finland, or southmost point of Hungary. Or Italy even. Just don't do it to other players, they are not there to satisfy your need to drive reckless and crash into them.
  5. @megadethsteve666, how you like to play singleplayer is completely up to you, since you are alone and the only one who matters in your game is yourself. Whether you want a more realistic simulation or a unrealistic simulation, as you can play both in ETS2 and ATS. However, when you play multiplayer, it is not just about you. That is why you need to play by the same rules everyone has to play by. If you do not like those rules, then you don't have to play, or more importantly, you don't get to play as you would end up banned. But, fortunate for you, TruckersMP also offers servers where you may drive however you like. Where you may still drive with other players, at the same time as you can play however you like. The thing I don't think you understand is that the servers related to the "Road to Simulator" changes are literally called Simulator 1 and Simulator 2. Where you are supposed to drive by the book the best you can to create the best experience for those that want to follow traffic rules and laws. If that is not for you, then you are very much welcome to play on the Arcade servers where your preferred playstyle does not ruin the gameplay of many others. The players who drives properly on the Simulator servers does not ruin the experience of other players other than them having to slow down to match their speed, but that is okay, because this is a multiplayer driving simulator mod, so obviously there are going to be traffic. And again, if you do not like traffic, you are more than welcome to play on the Arcade servers where you may skip traffic by playing in non-collision. But, the Sim 1 and Sim 2 servers still offers some unrealistic gameplay, for example you may drive 110km/h, you may run through red traffic light as long as you yield for those who have a green, you may overtake over straight lines, and many more things that you normally would not be allowed to do in real life. Again, if that does not your playstyle, then you may still play the mod the way you like, on the Arcade servers. The thing is, they have listened. They have listened to both parts of the community. Those that want to have a simulator-like experience have the Simulator servers, and those that want to drive and complete jobs fast got their Arcade servers. What exactly is the problem here? @Odion It's either or. Either play as a simulation, aka real life, or not. And on the simulator servers you play as if it's real life. And on the arcade servers you can play however you like. So what is stopping you from playing on the Arcade servers?
  6. SCS did not develop TruckersMP. TruckersMP developers have set up 4 servers. 2 simulator servers and 2 arcade servers. Obviously, the simulator servers are to be played as if it was real life, to simulate real life driving. Right? If you do not wish to play simulator-like, then you have the Arcade servers that are specifically made for that purpose. If you don't want to play by the rules, then you have nothing to do on the simulator server. Unless what you want to do is mess around and ruin the experience for other players. Where you'd end up rightfully banned.
  7. Most of the complaints I've seen from players wanting to drive fast are those that wish to drive quickly on big highways that are usually empty. And I don't exactly disagree with them. If they lost control, they will most certainty not harm anyone else. Driving fast on Calais - Duisburg and other very populated roads is whole different story, if they lose control they will most likely cause harm to someone else. I've also noticed now with the current settings that if you drive around 100km/h, players will almost never overtake you, because they have bad odds and they know that. It would probably be the same if specific busy roads got 90km/h speedlimit. As well as players wanting to go fast will not do so on these busy roads, such as Calais - Duisburg, and drive elsewhere. Which is something TruckersMP really needs. They need to push the players away from Calais - Duisburg with reasonable limitations.
  8. I am really happy with the changes regarding bans and punishments on the Simulator server. It is something I've wanted for a while because I think that will truly reduce the chaos that sometimes occur. Really curious how it will look in a month or so when these bad players/trolls are banned from the server. Although, if it continues to be an issue. Especially on busy roads, then I'd suggest reducing the speed limit even further on these busy roads specifically. Like 90km/h max on Calais - Duisburg, but 110km/h on less busy roads. That might even reduce the high population on Calais - Duisburg and push the players outwards or to another road.
  9. If they do, they would get banned without notification, as stated in the rules. To play TruckersMP you need a set amount of playertime before you can join, so it's not possible for people to purchase ETS2 on Steam, whether it's on sale or whatever, and then refund it if they get banned again. I'm also unsure how TruckersMP does it when it comes to ban evading, but hopefully they add additional days to the original ban. I don't disagree that they shouldn't be surprise, I disagree that you tell them that they should not complain. Their complaints are very much valid, just as anyone else's complaint. ETS2 is mostly built with highways, and those tend to feel empty because there's no AI. Even if you drive in popular places they sometimes feel empty, at least to me. That is another reason why I think players enjoy driving on C-D, because it's 1 lane in each direction which makes it feel even more populated. Regarding the 110km/h change, I'd rather see a restriction in C-D only. Make it 90km/h in just C-D, then keep it 110km/h or 150km/h in other places, maybe even both 110 and 150 depending on the area. Or 130 which I think is the highest speedlimit in most European countries. With that people may scatter even more across the map because of that restriction in that specific area. And it is true that driving slower gives you more control, but it has also made it so those that wish to overtake but cannot get high enough speed to actually pass in time cause an accident. And inappropriate overtaking is not exactly uncommon in TruckersMP.
  10. No, what I said is nothing like what you said. Central Europe is where pretty much everything is at. Just check https://traffic.krashnz.com/ets2/sim1, only new high activity I can see is in Malmö, Bergen and Tallinn, otherwise literally everything else is at Low. People want to play where it's the most popular because that's literally why they joined TruckersMP, to play multiplayer. But, this multiplayer experience that many players want to experience is being ruined by the occasional troll. That is why a lot of players are complaining about the behaviour of many, but not all, players(trolls) on C-D. And people should not be pushed away or disregarded for having this opinion, just because they play in these areas. And it saddens me that many players, including TruckersMP staff, have this refutation towards this issue. That is why I wish there would be longer bans so these players with no regards for those who want to play realistically and simulator-like to be banned. With longer bans, there would be fewer reports and fewer trolls. I've said this before, but I will say it again; renaming the server from EU#2 to Simulator 1, with some minor changes and restrictions, does not solve the issue of trolls/reckless drivers.
  11. Well, obviously if you drive where there are barely any players, there won't be any issues... Unless TruckersMP can manage to add AI to their multiplayer servers, users will continue to drive at Calais - Duisburg. If users want to drive where there are no other real players, then they might as well play in Singleplayer. You have to realise that people join TruckersMP to play with other players, they do not join TruckersMP to stay away from players. And you should not blame or disregard their opinion on how chaotic certain few players are on those popular roads because those roads are popular. If you attend a convoy you know that it is fully possible to drive with a whole lot of players, whether it's a convoy with a VTC or hosted by the TruckersMP staff. Completely. Just like how you drive through players in the Service Station or Job Compounds. No-Collision is active everywhere.
  12. Of course. There's a difference between a player who swerve between lanes, overtake without any regards to oncoming traffic, or even thinking ahead of what may be causing the traffic jam. And a player who may fail to yield once, not able to stop in time and such. Accidents happens. But when someone races through traffic, thinking they own the road, then that is not an accident. That is them intentionally crashing into other players.
  13. A lot of people like and dislike things for all kinds of reasons. There doesn't have to be a clear line between like and dislike. I do not, not dislike this update. I don't think it is fair to say that you are "the majority", without anything to back that up. But I do not like it either. I find it so unecessary and that it doesn't do any good. It only upset players and it didn't help anything with the players who don't want to play ETS2 as a simulator game. They want to race, crash and cause havoc and they can still do just that with the changes we had, which, by the way, was just a rename of the servers, and a change on the speed limit and other minor limitations. The rules are too forgiving to these players who wants to ruin the gameplay of other simulator players, because they just keep coming back after a few days. Or they even have alternative accounts and just repeat it. Bans have to be more severe, they must be longer so these players actually go away from the simulator server.
  14. And once again, my comment is completely ignored and you instead go for what you can reply to.
  15. Okay, so you don't think it is reasonable to listen to someone who comes to you and tells you that the high volume on the car engine is damaging to your ears? Or that with the current ghost mode it can bug out and cause major accidents? WITH a solution? Just like with this. Renaming the servers does not solve anything. Would it not be possible to use the Arcade servers to be accessible by banned players, as well as unbanned players. Just that the Simulator servers only allow unbanned players. And seeing how many troublemakers there are in TruckersMP, an increase in the ban lenghts would also help the case. And I think it would be fair considering they would still be allowed to conncet to TruckersMP via the Arcade servers. I don't see why this would not be possible?
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