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  1. Suggestion Name: Deattach and attach trailer bug Suggestion Description: There is this bug that I've noticed a lot more recently. And I have also noticed that there are players who sit on the side of the road abusing this intentionally hitting players. Any example images: Why should it be added?: The best solution would be to completely get rid of this bug. I don't know how us players could report intentional exploiting like this unless we decide to sit and watch that player do it several times.
  2. Suggestion Name: In-Game Chat upgrade/fix Suggestion Description: The in-game chat is sorta buggy and have pretty much been the same since the beginning. Why should it be added?: There is this very critical bug with the in-game chat where if you end your message with certain keys, like W, S, A, D, or T, and quickly after press Enter to send the message, the game will still initiate that key as if you pressed them and keep the key "pressed" until it's pressed again. So if you were typing while driving and ended your message on A, your truck would make a hard left crashing into the le
  3. Yea... The chat has been needing an upgrade for a while now. It's causing issues for new players where it gets stuck on your screen with the only solution being restarting the game. Or for example if you end your message with W, your truck starts accelerating until you press W again. And same goes for any other button, like T which unattaches your trailer.
  4. @Joao Rodrigues Oh, okay, then I get it. No worries! The reason I've come back to this suggestion is because of a recent ban of mine. (It's already appealed and accepted, so don't worry about me discussing an active ban appeal) As you can see, I was spawned into the game without even pressing "Drive" or loading a save. It wouldn't be fair to make the player responsible for such mishap. And with a ghostmode that doesn't disable after a set amount of time, but rather with a distance driven, innocent players won't get banned.
  5. I still don't really understand what you are trying to argue for. This change is helpful for everyone, especially since it can get innocent players banned.
  6. No, that is way too much to ask of the players. Instead of forcing players to launch their game twice, just make the Ghost Mode work for players spawning while on the road. I don't understand why you're so against something that doesn't affect anyone negatively? It literally just improves it for everyone.
  7. You cannot always decide when you are leaving the game. Sometimes you crash whether it's your PC, the TruckersMP client or the game tiself. And then you don't geto to park on the side of the road or in non-collision zones. And having Ghost Mode helps with just that, by letting players load into the road without appearing right infront of drivers causing accidents. But, since it also appears now that your truck and trailer can be spawned into the game without you pressing "Drive" or loading a save, then there has to be changes to the ghost mode or at least for the game moderators n
  8. Of course it's meant to prevent blocking... and how am I supposed to park, if I'm not even driving yet? Or did you skip reading that part?
  9. It seems there is a even bigger need for this suggestion. I just got banned for blocking, before I had even loaded into the game. I was somehow loaded into the game, before I even got to press the green "DRIVE" button. If the Ghost Mode was still active, I wouldn't have blocked, but because it's set to end after a set amount of time, I was blocking without even knowing it. This suggestion was started in 2017... It is now 2020. Are suggestions even being read...?
  10. ProMods is gonna be a flop unless they change the way of the free download. 

  11. @Small_Naofu Yes, if you are in Ghost Made and drive into another player, you both will be no-collision towards each other, but will still collide with other players. It has some issues though, where it thinks you got out of the player and will then act as if you crashed into him instead.
  12. You don't always get to decide where you park. You may get kicked for unreliable connection, kicked for whatever reason, loading an autosave etc. The ghost mode is not working as intended as it is right now, players are still popping up from nowhere without ghostmode causing accidents. And the reason that's happening may be because their PC is taking too long to load that the ghostmode time has expired before they even get into the game, or their connection is bad. It's completely necessary because it prevents accidents unlike the ghostmode does today.
  13. Suggestion Name: To clearify the rules to remove abuse and/or grey areas. Suggestion Description: There are some rules that are unclear. I was recently banned just because of a rule being too unclear. For example, there used to be a rule regarding useless traffic. The question was, what exactly was useless traffic? The way I understood it was that basically, driving on a very populated road without any true reason was considered useless traffic. But the issue was, how would a moderator know that a player did not have any business being on that road? They couldn't, so it basi
  14. Just wait! Some people are still trying to download the mod through their free download, so there will be even more players once everyone manages to actually get the mod. I'm also unsure how it works when you are missing map DLC's, but after the Halloween Steam Sale it will be even more!
  15. I got disconnected once when the server was first launched. I also got the "You will be reconnected automatically", but that was false. I had to restart the launcher and game to re-join.
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