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  1. Glada_Laxen

    Road to Simulation

    I drive in a lot of places. In France, the UK, Netherlands and around Berlin. I also drive on Calais - Duisburg. I drive where there are players, because if I didn't drive where there were no players, I could just as well play Singleplayer. You have to understand that players join TruckersMP to play online WITH other players, that is the entire point of connecting to a multiplayer mod. You cannot disregard someone's opinion in regards to the moderating just because they drive where there's a high population. The amount of players there are in TruckersMP is way too many compared to the amount of available in-game moderators. That is why renaming the servers is not enough to battle this issue. What needs to be done is more harsher punishments, and to level with the harshness you can make the Arcade servers available to bannad players. Except if they were banned for non-driving issues, such as insulting, cheating and such. That way you get rid of these troublemakers from the simulator server for a duration of time, and still allow them to connect to TruckersMP via Arcade servers.
  2. Glada_Laxen

    Road to Simulation

    @Baerenhaart I wouldn't be too surprised actually. A lot of conspiracies goes around here. But I'm still not really a fan of how things have changed. It doesn't feel like it was the best decision.
  3. Glada_Laxen

    Road to Simulation

    These server changes did nothing for the "simulator" part. There are still just as many reckless drivers, trolls and idiots. These changes only made people, including those who drive safetly, upset. What needs to be done is more stricter and clear ruleset and stricter punishments. Use the Arcade server for banned players, and have banned players banned for longer. It's such a simple solution.
  4. Glada_Laxen

    Road to Simulation

    I think it can easily be solved by banning players for longer durations and allow banned players to connect to the Arcade servers.
  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Glada_Laxen

    Road to Simulation

    I see more accidents and crashes now than I did before. One factor is probably because these bad drivers can’t overtake fast enough going 110km/h. I’m not saying the 110km/h speedlimit is bad, I just wish these players were banned for much longer than just a few days. Ban them for a month, but allow them to play on Arcade servers. To make it short, ban players for longer but let them play on Arcade.
  7. Glada_Laxen

    Road to Simulation

    I just played on Simulator 1 for some time, it's just exactly like EU#2 was, except more accidents. The reckless drivers aren't able to overtake as fast as they used to, which means they will just ram you or drive straight into the other player coming the opposite way.
  8. Glada_Laxen

    Road to Simulation

    Once again TruckersMP makes major changes without any regards to the community. Can we get a more explanation to why some of these changes? Why are we no longer allowed to use triple trailers? We still have no explanation to why the cooldown of /fix is set to 10 minutes. You are hit approx. every 4 minutes or less by trolls and reckless drivers in TruckersMP. What do you mean by ”see below” regards to the duplicated accessories? Don’t we already basically have Simulator and Arcade servers? EU#1 seems exactly like the Simulator servers you are changing to. EU#4 being the Arcade servers and EU#2 being a mix between the two. So, basically EU#2 is becoming stricter, more limiting. While we are getting a new no-collison server. Isn’t EU#4 pretty empty? Do we really need two EU#4 servers with 2300 slots when we can’t even fill the current EU#4 server? EDIT: Yeah... I just looked. All that was done was EU#2 was renamed to Simulator 1, the. EU#1, EU#3 and EU#4 was renamed to Simulator 2, Arcade 1 and Arcade 2. Those renames with more restriction on players’ trailers and speed. I’ve said this before, trailers and speed is not the issue of TruckersMP. The issue with TruckersMP are the reckless drivers who overtake with absolutely no regards to opposite traffic or traffic jams. Players who think they are more important than others. And then we of course have the trolls. You are able to drive at 130km/h and still drive ”properly”. I usually drive 80-90km/h, but I can manage just fine going 130-150km/h. Quit restricting and limiting players with no valid reasons, and start dealing with the troublemakers. Give longer bans to those who clearly show no respect or regards to the community. Don’t give 2-6 days bans to people who d-sync ram and drive straight into people while going the wrong way.
  9. Glada_Laxen

    Racing Championship - Summer 2019 - Results

    Your perception of time may not be so good, but it took over an hour to complete the Qualifier stage, and I'm assuming the random selecting of random players did not start as the event started. So let's say it took nearly 2 hours. And since most players are from Europe, people had spent their sunday evening for absolutely nothing. And I'm fully aware that they could've left at any time they wanted, but that kind of attitude towards members of the community is very toxic.
  10. Glada_Laxen

    Racing Championship - Summer 2019 - Results

    The event itself was not bad, it was just that a lot, A LOT, of players recieved absolutely nothing from the event. In the future it would be a lot nicer to have some sort of back-up plan or anything to reward these players with. Otherwise all they do get is their time wasted.
  11. Glada_Laxen

    TruckersMP Official YouTube - Don’t risk getting banned!

    The road I came from is 90km/h, I slowed down to 50-45km/h, and then 30-25km/h before being crashed into. By following the traffic sign on the road I came from I could basically go straight across to enter the highway again, while doing 90km/h. I’m not sure that would be considered useless traffic, but I am just talking about the traffic laws, rules and signage. EDIT: I just want it to be clear. The way this situation was dealt with is very troublesome and is teaching players who may not know better the wrong things. EDIT2: I would also like to add that TruckersMP Official’s YouTube channel have uploaded a video on how to proceed in that specific intersection. The truck coming from the road I took did not stop. And the truck coming from Duisburg did, like you should. My biggest issue with this is that the player who reported me will have a false report say ”Approved”. Which means they will most likely assume now that what they did was correct, when it is not. They will most likely cause more accidents just like that.
  12. I’m making this thread because of an incident that happened me and I would not want this to happen to anyone else. TruckersMP’s YouTube channel got this video that explains how to yield etc. BUT, do not follow it. You risk getting banned. I was recently banned after being rammed by a player who failed to yield at the intersection between Calais - Duisburg and Rotterdam - Brussel. The ban was of course lifted, but it was a ban nontheless. The player who rammed me was not and will not be banned. And their report will show as ”Approved”, and now they will think that their way of driving is the correct way. This driver will continue blowing past that yield sign, potentionally ramming someone using their right-of-way and reporting them as well. Possibly being successful doing so. Again, this thread is to prevent you from risking having your account suspended for invalid reasons. I am being told that I should’ve braked and stopped. Basically giving up my right-of-way to drivers failing to yield. And the player who rammed me is basically told that they should continue failing to yield. The way this situation is dealt with will cause more accidents and more people will be banned incorrectly. If the road laws, rules and signs are not to be enforced, then I’d suggest removing, replacing or creating specific rules in regards to them. Otherwise I think it would be better for both the moderators dealing with situations like this and the community that will be driving in situations like this. I hope this will not be removed for the rule regarding discussing reports, bans and appeals, as my ban, report and appeal have all been solved so this is not an attempt to speed those up. I just want to warn other players of this confusing rule/intersection. To prevent inconveniences and troubles in the future.
  13. Just dropping in, nothing odd about that :thisisfine:


  14. Glada_Laxen

    Rule Update – Q1 2019

    I hope SCS put it into their game themselves.
  15. Glada_Laxen

    Rule Update – Q1 2019

    This rule change only lifts certain restrictions over things that are already in the game, for example putting a 3rd trailer after a double-trailer. What you linked contains custom content. Content that is not originally in the game cannot be save-edited. Hope I explained it well.