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Found 27 results

  1. Suggestion Name: More visible and configurable UI for chat. Suggestion Description: Having the chat be more visible by having it atop a contrasting background (Like the map). Along with having the option to move and resize it on screen (Bringing the cursor up and moving by dragging and Resizing by the corner). Also the ability to change font size and add timestamps. Any example images: Another better quality mockup - With borders etc. Why should it be added?: As is the chat is very hard to read when playing at a high resolution or during the day in-game. Having the option to move, resize and have a dark background would really help and hopefully wouldn't be too hard to impliment.
  2. Suggestion Name: Copy from ingame chat Suggestion Description: Currently you cant copy stuff from the chat. I suggest to make that able Any example images: - Why should it be added?: It would make it much more comftible, for example to copy others TMP ID.
  3. olá meus queridos! como eu mando mensagem privada através do ID: para um player no truckersMP usando o chat y ?
  4. Suggestion Description: Connection suggestion: if a player is kicked from inactivity or high ping, with a command e.g(/retry or /reconect) he will be abble to rejoin the server. Any example images: [No image] Why should it be added?: I don't know if this is possible, but it would make it easier for players, as they would not always have to close and open the game. Thanks.
  5. Suggestion Name: In-game chat rooms/convoy rooms Suggestion Description: So my suggestion is to add the feature to be able to make a chat room which is like a box (like the tab window) where you as the owner of the room can invite other people to chat with. And if you had like atleast 10 people in your room, you could send out a request which pops up for everybody and you can join it. And I assume it can be disabled in Rotterdam/EP to prevent spam requests. Another feature in the chat room thingy could be like a whitelist where you as the owner could choose which people can chat. So the rest could only watch the chat room. Any example images: Nope Why should it be added?: First of all, I think it will get handy for people driving together in a crowdy area, but they don't have to use the drowned public chat, or use the time taking pm system (pm is not that bad, I like it). And for convoys, I think it would give a whole new way to make them, because then the owner of the convoy or someone else that has atleast 10 people in the chat room, could invite everyone to join it as like the official convoy room and the CCs (convoy controllers) could send out the messages or announcements loud and clear without the need to repeat it all the time. Everyone can see it nice and tidy! And then of course the whitelist system would make that only the CCs could message in the room so nobody could interrupt or troll there in the room. I hope this made some sense and I'm really happy to discuss it Thanks!
  6. Как да коригирате бъг с наслагване в чата Случвало ли ви се е да отворите чата, след това сте натиснали Shift+ Tab и трябва да рестартирате играта си, тъй като наслагването на чата е замразено до мястото, където не можете да прекратите паузата или да получите достъп до някое от менюто на играта. Отворете ATS или ETS. След като се отвори ATS или ETS, отидете на опции, след това изберете клавиши и бутони и променете настройките на Route Advisory Mouse Control за клавиатурни потребители, препоръчвам да използвате колелото на мишката нагоре или с колело надолу. Клавиатурата не може да приема никакви команди, когато чат наслагването е заседнало след натискането на клавишите shift+tab. Ако сте потребител, играещ с волан, можете да използвате който и да е бутон, който е начертан на волана ви, или можете просто да използвате колелото нагоре или колелото на мишката, за да прекратите паузата, без да е необходимо да я рестартирате. Това е тествано от мен, мога да го кажа 100% работи. Бях в състояние да прекратя играта си чат отблизо, без да се налага да рестартирам
  7. i dont know how to write in chat anyone help?
  8. Suggestion Name : Make chat regulation with faking Suggestion Description: Sometime we can see "Alt+F4 can make batter condition." or simular things. Maybe some guys don't know and press them, and they suprise about the result. We need to make rule about this things to be ban or add filtering system in server. (maybe adding rules can be more effective) Any example images : (uploaded) Why Should be added? -> to prevent from these fakes
  9. Suggestion Name: / Command Shortcut Suggestion Description: With The New /fix and / pinfo Command It Is A Pain When Driving And Having To Reach Over To Press The "Y" Key To Then Press "/" To Type In Your Command. Instead, I Think You Should Be Able To Press "/" And That Will Bring Up The Chat With "/" Already In There. It's Very Much Like Minecraft Have It To Type In Any Command. Any example images: Nope Why should it be added?: I Think it Should Be Added As It Will Make it Easier For Drivers With Wheels And In case Of Any Trolls The Victim Can Quickly Do /fix or /pinfo To Then Carry On Trucking Not Causing Any Traffic Jams.
  10. Guest

    [ALB] Biseda Shqiptare

    Ky është një nën-forum shqiptar. Vetëm gjuha shqipe këtu. Keni pyetje? Pyetni këtu! Bashkohem https://discord.gg/vAqVRkz
  11. Hi everyone! When I'm pressing "y" for chatting, I can't write anything. Well i can; but when I press "e" for instance, my engine turns off, and when I press the "r", I'm in the radio menu - etc. Can someone please help me with my problem? I really don't know what to do. Thanks.
  12. All these crashes happen on my machine. Specs: Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit iMac 17,1 Core i7 6700k 4GHz 24GB RAM 1TB SSD Radeon R9 M395X 4GB GPU Mod Version: Controllers Used: Mouse Description of Issue: When I click on the colour swab when changing my tag colour, from the ETS2MP setting, the game crashes How to reproduce: Click the blue colour patch after the tag name text field Crash log: https://pastebin.com/T3YmL3s8 Mod Version: Controllers Used: Keyboard Description of Issue: Every single time I open the chat window (by pressing letter Y), the game crashes. Deleting the logs folder, and the config file fixes it for a while, but eventually the crash comes back How to reproduce: Press Open Chat after joining the game Crash log: https://pastebin.com/mDQkhJR0 Mod Version: Controllers Used: N/A Description of Issue: Game crashes at random. This occurs more often in areas of higher player density, but sometimes the game will crash with no one else on screen How to reproduce: Play in player congested areas (i.e. Brussels/Calais) Crash log: https://pastebin.com/mRP1ZjPp Each of these bugs is 100% reproducible for me No mods installed other than Winter Mod. Launcher runs as Admin every time, and all Steam files validated
  13. Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mod Version: Controllers Used: Keyboard Description of Issue: I've bound the quicksave option to key F9. When I press it, the chat gets disabled. I don't see any messages nor I can write something anymore, nothing happens when I press Y. How to reproduce: See above Screenshots / Videos: None
  14. How can i check if my microphone works properly and other players can hear me? I was using my CB to say "Hi" but i never got a reply. At least they were using CB to wish me GL while i was using my headlights. If it doesnt work how can i fix it?
  15. Sometimes when I press Y, the chat works. But sometimes, it doesn't. I can't even see anything sent by other players.Help?
  16. I encountered a bug in the chat. Ater using /fix, the chat is broken and only rejoining helps. Is this a bug, or is that normal? If it is a bug, can it be fixed? If it's normal, Why breaks the chat after /fix?
  17. Hello, I'm having this problem since a while. When I type in the chat my keyboard is still activated. So if you want to write a M you go into the map menu when writing in the chat. Example video: In the video you can see that when I write G my game goes into the garage menu and when I press numbers it goes to different camera angles. I have completely reinstalled truckersmp and set the settings to default. Is there anyone that can help me? Borek

    Chat kapatma

    Chat'i kapatıp açma tuşu varda hangi tuş acaba?
  19. Bonjour à tous, J'ai pensé qu'il serait judicieux pour les débutants francophones qui nous rejoignent de pouvoir trouver dans ce forum un sujet épinglé récapitulant toutes les commandes du mod multi, aussi j'ai décidé de m'y coller, en comptant sur l'aide et le partage des plus expérimentés d'entre nous. Commandes globales [Y] Chat au clavier [X] Chat vocal (micro requis) [Tab] Affiche la liste des joueurs autour de vous qui peuvent vous lire ou entendre (car vous avez une portée limitée comme avec une vraie cibi), elle permet également d'effectuer des réglages à propos du mod multi mais aussi de muter les enquiquineurs qui abusent du micro (pour pouvoir sélectionner les options ou les pseudos à l'aide de votre souris, faites un clic droit). Enfin cette liste vous permet aussi de déposer un rapport de plainte contre un joueur nuisible. [F9] Désactive le chat [F11] Désactive l'affichage des pseudos ainsi que la liste des joueurs obtenue par la touche [Tab] Interactions avec la cibi Dans votre cabine, placer votre regard sur la cibi, ensuite appuyer sur [Tab], puis faire un clic droit (cela active le pointeur de la souris) et cliquer directement sur les boutons de la cibi (remarque: dans certains cas il faut cliquer en tâtonnant un peu autour des boutons pour parvenir à agir dessus) Eteindre la cibi: Agir avec la souris sur le bouton de la cibi situé à gauche Changer de canal: Agir avec la souris sur les bords inférieurs du bouton de la cibi situé à droite (bord inférieur gauche = canal - 1, bord inférieur droit = canal + 1) Commandes du chat ( touche [Y] ) Message privé (XXX = numéro identifiant du joueur) /pm XXX Votre_message Répondre à un message privé /r Votre_message Bloquer les messages privés /blockpm Chercher un joueur connecté /search pseudo_du_joueur Chercher un tag /st nom_du_tag Voir le nombre de joueurs actuellement connectés /players Afficher l'heure réelle /time Changer le canal de la cibi /channel numéro_du_canal Afficher les informations Steam et TruckersMP d'un joueur /pinfo id_du_joueur Liste des commandes disponibles (en anglais) /help Note: Le raccourci /h fonctionne également. Le sujet n'est pas fermé, n'hésitez pas à m'aider à le compléter et le tenir à jour en fonction des prochaines évolutions du mod multi TruckersMp. J'en profite pour remercier les membres suivants qui contribuent déjà au bon développement du sujet : Chatyo Nasteb Bonne route à tous ! Caacrino (Kac[FR]).
  20. Hi everyone, When i press a key to write in chat, the letter is written but also function of key in game runs. Example, if i press m in chat,m writes also map editor opens. To sum, chat doesnt stop keys in gameplay. Moreover, when i want to use tab player list, i click mouse right, yellow pointer appears, but pointer doesnt move, camera turns. A hidden pointer(nothing seen) selects players in list sometimes. I am confronting this problem for last several updates of tmp (i dont remember, not ets 2 versions, tmp versions)
  21. [SK] Dubkiss


    Hey Guys i got problem with chat in ETS 2 MP when i open chat my ETS 2 MP crash.Why ? Can anybody help me ?
  22. Como corrigir o bug da sobreposição do chat. Alguma vez você já abriu o bate-papo e em seguida precisou de um "Shift+Tab" para poder reiniciar o jogo, devido ao congelamento da tela causado pela sobreposição do chat, de modo que não era possivel sair da Pausa ou acessar qualquer menu do jogo. 1- Abra ATS ou ETS2. 2- Com o jogo aberto, vá para Opções, selecione Teclas e Botões, e mude a configuração de Controle por Mouse o Supervisor de Rotas. Para usuários de teclado, recomendo que atribua essa função à roda do mouse "Para Cima" (Wheel Up) ou "Para Baixo" (Wheel Down), pois o teclado não consegue enviar quaisquer comandos quando a sobreposição do bate-papo congela após o Shift+Tab. Se você joga com um volante pode atribuir outro botão, ou simplesmente usar a roda do mouse também, para conseguir sair do menu de Pausa sem ter que reiniciar o jogo. Isso foi testado por mim, posso dizer que funciona 100%, eu era capaz de sair da pausa do jogo e fechar o chat sem precisar reiniciar. Créditos: @rfoster327 Tradução: @DiegoLBC1 Topico original: Veja aqui
  23. Mod Version: Controllers Used: Logitech G29 Description of Issue: If I open chat using y , if I then go to steam overlay and then switch back, I am not able to switch off chat, unpause game, or disable tab. Not sure if I can drive but its not like I can with these windows there. I can type, but I cannot backspace or post the comment. This is a very annoying issue that happens way too often because of how easy it is to get wrong. Restarting fixes the game but this is really such a pain. How to reproduce: press y and go to steam overlay, then try to go back to game. Screenshots / Videos: Easy to reproduce, please just check. I only found one post about this issue: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/40450-game-stuck-when-i-shift-tab-enable-text-chat/&tab=comments#comment-392394 but it doesn't offer a solution to the problem and it is back from 2016.
  24. Hola, ya intentado con la tecla V y nada pasa. Lo peor ahora es que no sé que le moví y ahora ni siquiera escucho cuando los demás hablan. Alguien sabe dónde puedo entrar una guía o manual de la configuración de las teclas del multiplayer?
  25. havocc

    voice chat

    I am playing ATS online and someone told me use V to talk. V was assigned to lock my diff. I am on the right channel and I can hear people sometimes but how do I know if I'm talking and what button should I press?
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