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Found 23 results

  1. Hey, I was just wondering if anyone else has or had this problem that I am going through now. When on multiplayer, I get stalling/engine failure sounds when my vehicles is perfectly fine. When the stall sounds happen my vehicle both car and truck don't actually stall. I would love to see if anyone has a solution for this as it is terribly annoying and unreaslistic. It also puts me of from making content on the game which I am planning on doing. Regards, Fred.
  2. Suggestion Name: Display Player's Patron tag In-Game Chat From Public Players and Moderators. Suggestion Description: Currently there is no visual tag or color display from patrons players ingame chat. Every ingame chat displays publicly from patrons users playing the game apart from only the moderators of the game. It makes it less heard from the community of the game and less inclined to be less supportive in the truckersMP community. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: I believe this should be added as players of patron in the truckersmp community and may be more inclined to get patron subscription with TMP if they knew that they could see their patron tag in game chat. Even express their extra support in the TruckersMP team community.
  3. Suggestion Name: Chat / Message System Rework Suggestion Description: The in game message system needs a rework, when you message someone & they reply you reply back to them but if someone else messages you it sends your reply to that person instead of the one you were replying to plus you type & it disables your ability to control your vehicle if you use keyboard! Any example images: No Why should it be added? Your message response goes to the right person & you don't loose control of your vehicle while typing. Doubt anything can be done about that though....Maybe putting it in a box that can be opened & closed so its 1 easier to read & 2 doesn't affect driving!
  4. Hi Community! I'd like you to tell me what you think of the idea of turning up the range of vision at will? Yes I am aware of some reasons why it is currently set so low. ( bad FPS, bad PC, CPU, other,... ). But there are some with a good computer. I only ask because I would like to make some ETS2 videos and that includes loading all my stuff in a bigger area ( looks better for the video ). But maybe there is one or the other solution, I am not a developer who knows about this matter. I am happy about your suggestions, votes and answers!
  5. It's so hard to find some players sometimes in the player list when you drive and gonna report him. I think it can be easier if somone can make a comand eksample: (/report playernumber) It could just be an idea? good trip out there
  6. Suggestion Name: Change the: You Cannot do that firstly you must stop your truck message. Suggestion Description: It changes the message when you are moving and try to go into menu Any example images: No Why should it be added?: Because, cars have been added so it would make more sense to have it as : You Cannot do that firstly you must stop your vehicle. .
  7. Hi reader ! i got a question, i have the known no sleep, no jobs bug. I wanted know if i’m allowed to reset my economy ingame because i do not want to get banned.
  8. Suggestion Name: TMP ID's in player name Suggestion Description: The ability to enable visibility of TMP ID's after player name (Like admins see it) in the TAB settings menu Why should it be added?: Easier to make TMP reports, and also easier to see on screenshots/stream clips Best Regards General18
  9. Hello I have an Idea to improve gameplay: Suggestion Name: Ingame Reconnect Suggestion Description: An Button or command ingame that alllows you to reconnect to the server without restarting the game and/or reloading the map Any example images: - Why should it be added?: So you dont have to restart the game if you get kicked because your afk for example. It can also help for bad pc´s so they can load in and just reconnect without loading the map again.
  10. Suggestion Name: Timestamps in the in-game chat Suggestion Description: As a prefix to a players name time would be shown in the format of [h: mm tt] Any example images: Yup, take look below Why should it be added?: Detailed video reports, abusive chat reports or just nostalgia triggers when you take a look at old screenshots. I'd love to hear the thoughts of other players.
  11. Why make it a limited time? It should be a server to stay for those who want to roleplay or have fun for a bit For example: Having it as a server to stay for those who want to use it such as police chases Any example images: No Why should it be added?: It's already gonna be added on the 29th
  12. Bilindiği üzere bugün 1.32 güncellemesi yayınlanmıştır. Fakat 1.31'den beri gelen, "Serbest Çalış" bölümünde "Filtrenize uygun iş bulunmuyor" ya da güncellemeyle birlikte gelen dorse sahipliği ile satın aldığımız özel dorseler için de yine "Yük piyasası"nda yine aynı hatayı alıyorum. Çözümü nedir?
  13. Guest

    Login Ingame?

    Good evening, Truckers! Is it possible that if you have been kicked, for example, you can log in without closing the game, or do you have to restart the game?
  14. Greetings! I have noticed many of the players in TMP are not familiar with right of ways when it comes to driving. Here is a little guide that should help clear up this issue . WHAT IS A RIGHT OF WAY? A right of way is who goes first at an intersection. WHERE DO WE FIND RIGHT OF WAYS? Right of ways are at intersections, parking lots, merging lanes and many other places. ---AT AN INTERSECTION--- 4 WAY STOP: At a 4 way stop vehicles from all directions MUST come to a full stop. When approaching these intersections make sure to notice the order vehicles from other directions arrive at the intersection. A saying to help you remember the rules of a 4 way intersection is "First come first serve". If 4 vehicles are all coming to an intersection all from different directions, the vehicle to first make there full stop will be the one to go first thru the intersection. The order you arrive at the intersection is the order you go thru the intersection. If you and another driver at the intersection are going opposite ways meaning you will go right by each other, you can both cross the intersection at the same time. Hence why it is important to always signal at these intersections. WHAT IS A 4 WAY STOP? A 4 way stop is an intersection where all 4 directions have a stop sign at the intersection. All drivers must come to a full stop here. T-INTERSECTIONS (3 WAY INTERSECTIONS): At 3 way intersections 2 directions will have the right of way. 1 direction will have a stop sign or a yield sign. If you are coming from the Stop/Yield direction make sure to make room for other vehicles coming from other directions. If you are turning left at a 3 way intersection and you are coming from a direction with right of way, people coming from the opposite direction have priority meaning you must wait till you are safe to make your left turn. However it can still be nice to let someone go first by flashing your headlights even if they do not have the right of way. TRANSPORT MAKING WIDE TURN: Semi trucks often need to park in 2 lanes when arriving at intersections if they are turning right. If you do notice this, you should give room for it to make his/her turn. POLICE BEHIND WITH SIRENS ON (GAME MODERATOR): Like in real life, when a police car with lights and sirens comes behind you, you are to get OUT of the way by pulling over, pulling into a parking lot or anything to get out of the way. Here, police have the right of way. If you get to an intersection and you have a green light but a police is coming from another way with sirens and lights, the police can run the red light. You must wait for them to go thru the intersection. On the motorway do not stop if there is a police behind you unless he is trying to pull you over. On the motorway simply clear a lane and keep driving. If the police is staying behind you and not passing you, then pull over. Hope this clears up a few things! Stay safe out there! Regards, TFM DJ ccowie,
  15. Hello, Mod Version: Controllers Used: Keyboard (Corsair Strafe RGB) & Mouse (Roccat Tyon) Description of Issue: I have massive Ingame Lags which can be broken down to Truckersmp, cause its not happening in single player or other games How to reproduce: Load the game, move the curser and u find urself in occasional freezes every few seconds / drive around and get a freeze screen every few seconds Screenshots / Videos: Video from TheBig / That its already in the login screen /// The bug ingame (from myself) What I tried to fix the issue myself: - Uninstall AMD GPU Drivers - Disable DVR - Update AMD-Drivers - Reinstall truckersmp including new config set (deleted C:\Users\$USER\Documents\ETS2MP) - Deletet the Regedit - Logitech Gaming Software Updated - Remove G430 just to cut out some USB Controller related issues. - Playing around with process monitor to see what happens during the lags. But the game just freezes and the system just does rather nothing than doing anything but thats subjective guess. - Checked GPU-Z, CPU-Z, CrystalDiskInfo, MSI Afterburner and nothing special was shown. - Started the game in DirectX Mode, OpenGL and Savemode - Started the launcher as a admin - Used low to ultra graphic settings (maybe I forgot something, I did everything mentioned in the other thread). My setup: - Intel 4790k (Intel) - Asus R9 290x DirectCUII - 16 GB Corsair Vengance 2133 - Seagate 2TB SSHD - Samsung 850Pro 128Gb (with windows) - Windows 10 Pro 64Bit Ver. 1709 Build 16299.309 (all updates included) In every other game (aswell in the singleplayer) there are no problems. Last time I played ETS MP (March 2017) I had no problems in over 100h in two weeks. Im not alone with this problem, so my guess is that its a problem with the actual TMP build. I hope that the problem can be fixed soon! Cheers, Niko.
  16. I got this message ingame.... but why xD
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNk7est5h3U&sns=fb AT 46:24 in the video what appears to be a server hacker come straight thru the crash barrier . Driver : MaD 15971 to days in game code was ( 2542 ) at the time I tried to let you know thru the report page however the MaD 15971 name could not be found ,, & if you continue to watch the video he/she goes back thru the barrier,, I'M Sorry that this is not the usual way to make a report & if it's against your form rule's, SORRY Thanks for taking the time to view .
  18. Is there a way where guys with bans can apply for Supporter or Game Admin? ~xVetrax
  19. I would like to change my name ingame. If this is possible, How could i do that ? Kind regards, Jelle
  20. Hello, Would like to know the possible ways of me and my friend getting the same type of jobs I think there must be couple of different ways.
  21. Hello There When i am ingame and watching the map, the player icons is red with a text "Could Not Find Icon" or something. How come? Any Fixes? Please help, thanks Regards Danne
  22. Hey truckers I think I saw a post about this a while back but I cant remember what was said about the matter. Im just wondering what is up with the in-game time. It seems as though if I stop playing and then start playing a few hours later my delivery is late. Does the game work in real time or what? Not a problem as I already have so many hours in MP that I've gotten used to it. Just wondering how the time is calculated. Thanks BellamyCraft
  23. I was wondering where can I be AFK at when I'm on the motorway/highway I usually see people getting kicked for being AFK on the road does that mean they are basically AFK In a lane? I was wondering do you still get kicked or will an admin kick you if you are AFK on the road but pulled over off the lanes or on the side of a road and be AFK there or do I need to be in a gas station or rest station?
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