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  1. Check your appeal or i will contact Tmp.

    1. heyhococo


      He will get to your appeal as soon as possible, please remember to allow up to 3 days before contacting feedback otherwise you will just be told to wait on your appeal.

    2. -XCE-


      There the same... :troll:

      Penitence is the key, be calm and have a cup of tea.

    3. IOP_



      You should know that our game moderators have to deal with a lot of things and you're not the only player to wait for an answer so please be patient, if you think that something is unfair then feel free to make a feedback ticket on the following link : https://truckersmp.com/feedback 

      Also I would say that blackmailing a game moderator won't accelerate the procedure.

      Thanks for your understanding.



  2. darkneon2002

    Dutch Paint Jobs Pack DLC Steam.

    komt wel hoor geen zorgen, alleen heeft MWL erg weinig tijd de laatste tijd
  3. darkneon2002

    R.I.P Truckersmp ?

    SCS zal Tmp niet snel verbieden maar tot welk niveau... eerder RIP steam workshop
  4. darkneon2002

    chat en micro

    hoi Spellbinder, chat open je met y en voor de micro houd je x ingedrukt zolang als nodig. in het TAB menu zet je je micro volume best op het hardste als je nog vragen hebt hoor ik het graag
  5. Happy Birthday.

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  10. Happy Birthday Lad hope u have a good one.

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  13. Happy Birthday mate. Big health to you :)