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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Why make it a limited time? It should be a server to stay for those who want to roleplay or have fun for a bit For example: Having it as a server to stay for those who want to use it such as police chases Any example images: No Why should it be added?: It's already gonna be added on the 29th
  3. For example: Adding a video to a report without using youtube and a link Suggestion Name: upload a file onto the report on the website. Suggestion Description: Basically allowing you to upload a video onto a report. Any example images: yes Why should it be added?: Makes reporting easier for the reporter and the taker. takes less time to upload onto youtube and safer. Sorry if i messed it up abit lol
  4. Yes it has been solved
  5. Driving on C-D Road this hacker with NCZ decided to... You know what they usually do I got his ID from doing /pinfo but when i go to put it in the report system - Perpetrator (TruckersMP ID only) It says ID Not found It's exactly the same and typing it the same as shown in chat **Ignore the music** I couldn't be bothered. Could they have deleted their account or some kind of other cheat?
  6. Not sure why youtube won't take my other video but heres one
  7. So lately today I wanted to go play some ETS2+ATS but a few minutes in some weird stuff has been happening I went over these rail tracks in ATS in San Francisco and I went flying I wasn't even going that fast and then I was like. Ah no problem I'll go get another contract. As soon as I left the company lot with the trailer heading to Santa Maria my rear tires keep kicking out and makes me lose control all over the place going over bumps makes my truck go crazy and possibility of flying across the map or worse crashing into somebody at light speed So I decided to let that go and go hop on ETS2 with my car I was taking it easy listening to lofi it was going pretty well I was on CD road I was about to go over the rail tracks 4th gear not even half throttle my car sunk into the ground and then went flying and then all of a sudden I cant keep control I gotten my volvo no trailer and holy crap why does it keep slipping all over the place I dont have winter mod on and now my wheel randomly disconnects for no complete reason people skipping about and now my truck just keeps freaking out such as skipping rear wheel jumps shakes and sometimes taking turns the cabin sways then breaks like it stops working and goes upside down. What are the causes of this? Tomorrow I'll upload videos and reinstall the game and truckersmp sorry if I made this painfully long Long story short for those who dont feel like reading that Steering Wheel randomly disconnecting = TX Leather edition and TH8A. Also randomly loses force feed back this also happens in assetto corsa Happens on both games Car/truck flying across the map jumping skipping like laggy. Loss of control for no reason. connection problems. shaking and game malfunctions most of the time I do not run any mods or have modified or messed with the games files But the most important question is. If my truck glitches out lets say going over the railtracks jumps and goes flying into somebody is that my fault? If my wheel randomly disconnects for no reason and hits somebody is that my fault? I've been really lucky that I just crash into the ditch or no one's around one of these times. Game sometimes spawn me in the middle of the road when I was pulled over Or other game related problems or hardware. Thanks in advanced
  8. I want my name to be changed from Oliverwolfy to FPSKoda4 Do i have to open a ticket or tell a staff member. Can't seem to find it I've been so confused trying to figure out this forum and website i apologize for any troubles Edit: Figured it out. Didn't see the account settings when i select my profile at the top
  9. Game: = Euro Truck Simulator 2 & American Truck Simulator Mod Version : = latest mod version Controllers Used: = Xbox One Controller Description of Issue: = Randomly happens all of a sudden. Whenever you try to type while turning it will go full lock Left/Right This caused me to go into a accident on incoming traffic. This also happens to my other friends as well i am not the only person experiencing this How to reproduce: = Push (Y) To chat while steering. ( This even happens without steering rarely ) Screenshots/videos:
  10. No I'm still waiting to see it on my profile. I don't wanna spam the system or anything so I'm being patient. I'm going to go try Game Crash megathread
  11. Is it because i posted a youtube link of it happening? And what about Game Crash megathread? My game isn't crashing i am trying to report a bug/error ingame
  12. ^ Yes I submitted it on Bug Reports - In-Game and i do not see it on my profile. Also sorry about the other post i had no idea how to fix it and it was all messed up
  13. Rechecked it all and i submited it. I don't see it in my profile. I'll just wait afew days. Wouldn't i get a notification about it?
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