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  1. It could be because of TMP working with the new update, so just when your joining the server, maybe they're in the middle of restarting the server (To apply a new update/fix. Theres always alot to work with, for the TMP team when a new big update hits (Remember, its now DX11 and a new DLC) ) To make sure its not on your end, try restarting your modem + router. And restart your pc (Yes thats what I said, restart your pc. I had a problem not that long ago, where I got disconnected, I tried to reinstall TMP many times, I also just tried restarting TMP, nothing worked. But after I restarted my pc, I was able to connect, and drive on ) I hope you find a solution Best Regards General18
  2. I think this is because of desync/latency (That there's a delay from player 1 to everybody else, because, in SP theres no such thing (Ai trucks)). I've seen it too Player 1 drives his truck/trailers and sees his trailers turning just fine(realistic). But then, because of how the syncing works, it might not get all the info about the trailers position/bending, and then it just ends up almost straight. Just a guess, but it could be something like that Best Regards General18
  3. I'm pretty sure its a desync problem. It happens to me for some of my friends (From their view, my trailer sometimes makes a weird move, that can do some nasty things to people trying to overtake). So its something with the ping either increasing, or decreasing. Unfortunately, I can't do anything to my internet, since, I only have Coax (Theres no fiber yet (I don't even know If I'll ever get fiber)) Best Regards General18
  4. I started making reports on the website platform in august. Here are my stats: First report date : 12 of Aug 2019 (It was accepted 13 days later, since they have MANY reports during holidays. So it'll take some time, but remember, they'll get to it at some point ) Lifetime reports : 28 Reports last month : 5 Most reports in one month : 10 (August) Total accepted reports : 92.85% (26/28)
  5. It was freaking amazing Its NOT the last time I attend Real Ops, but this was my first time, and I totally don't regret joining in Awesome work to all teams involved Best Regards General18
  6. If you got money to spare to buy the maps DLC's (If you don't already have all map DLC's) then absolutely If you don't have money, well, save money, and buy them when you can. I absolutely think ProMods is worth it Best Regards General18
  7. Suggestion Name: Remake/update §3.4 - Trailer combinations* Suggestion Description: It is only permitted to use a trailer combination which is default within each game. (I think: Maximum 2 trailers) The maximum length of any trailer combination must not exceed the length of the longest default combination (Makes me now think: triple trailers allowed, if length is within HCT) But, ofcourse, if you look at the trailer comibnation picuture, then no, triples aren't allowed I'm not using triples, but I've reported alot and they've been banned for it. (Maybe, because of the confusion in this rule) Yesterday I wrote to a player in-game, that triples are illegal, he answered: They are not, look up the rules I checked the rule. And I was like: He's right, atleast, with his trailers (Because they're shorter than HCT (3 short/small trailers)) Today, I found an answer from support on a forum post: It is allowed to take double trailers anywhere on the Map. Base map as well as ProMods map, there are no restrictions. However, Triple Trailers are not allowed at all. So you' might need to add: Triples are NOT allowed, AT ALL on ETS Why should it be added?: Then nobody that reads this rule can be confused. If they can, well, I'll be ready to report whoever I find. And then they'll just learn it that way Best Regards General18
  8. Suggestion Name: TMP ID's in player name Suggestion Description: The ability to enable visibility of TMP ID's after player name (Like admins see it) in the TAB settings menu Why should it be added?: Easier to make TMP reports, and also easier to see on screenshots/stream clips Best Regards General18
  9. I don't know what town your in. But most service points/companies doesn't like HCT trailers, atleast, not in the ones I've tried in north Finland service points this happens when going to service: Title translation: Is it a bird? No, its a Scania XD Video language: Danish (But, its mostly screaming, or something like that XD)
  10. i'm good with the 110 km/h limit. But, when i want to go fast now and then, i'll just join the arcade server, and have some fun in there After that, back to the simulation servers
  11. Depending on the cost: Absolutely I can't wait XD (But I have to (Release + MP/ProMods))
  12. Congratulations TruckersMP
  13. Exactly Not only reports, but as you say, also traffic/kicks etc. Best Regards General18
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