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  1. " " = Irony or the opposite of what is inbetween them ' ' = quotation marks = He/she is Focusing on that What do I mean about that? Well, you misunderstood
  2. Well, theres ALOT of reports here on the forum that needs to be checked, and many new reports are being made every day. And the people who checks them, also have their everyday life, beside the forum So, let the report sit there, it will be checked Best Regards General18
  3. Dx11 performance/stability really depends on your exact setup/pc/hardware and Dx11's mood XD Some days, I have ZERO problems, some days I have nothing but problems. And then some days I'll get a few crashes in the first couple hours, after that, no problems. Most of the time (For me) it runs perfect (maybe a frame drop here and there, but nothing serious) A friend of mine had to change back to Dx9, because of problems. He's recently re-installed his pc, I haven't talked with him since then because of work, and now sickness (If I'm not sick anymore, in the coming weekend, I'll get to talk and drive with him again) We'll see. If I remember, I'll either edit or post a reply again in here
  4. Definitely doubles You really have to think about how you take sharp turns And if you forget that your driving a double, well, the doubles well make you remember that for a loong time (Atleast if you get really stuck)
  5. More players on ETS, and I'm used to EU roads. But I definitely like the American trucks Yes, ATS is a great game. But, theres just not a alot of players ATS map also feels waay smaller than the ETS map (Base maps compared) Yes, some of the areas are free (If I remember correctly), but having to buy that many DLC's. No thanks. But ofcourse, its a long time since I've played ATS, so who knows, maybe stuff has happend to ATS (I Can't remember when I last played on ATS) For now: Staying with ETS Might take the wheel for a spin in ATS, some time soon though
  6. The right monitor needs to be replaced Its only 1680x1050 https://imgur.com/PaAKHXf
  7. Short messages like: U2 yes. Long messages or conversations: Absolutely, NO XD
  8. If I'm driving 110 Km/h. Then no. If I'm driving 90 (World of Trucks contracts). Then Yes
  9. Manuel (Pad shifters) You can prepare for hills, and you can accelerato sooo much faster, if you do it right
  10. Definitely simulation 1. It has the most players = Bigger chance of actually meeting other players, on your way to your destination
  11. Its not working. I've reported so many people, all of them have been either rejected, or timed out (Mostly timed out). Last weekend I figured out how to report on the forum, its just a little time consuming when streaming. But I'll probably do that from now on. Because of the amount of Reckless drivers. So, lets see what happens
  12. oh.. But then: I can Recommend DirectX11 It boosted my fps alot. When I tested it, there were 30 people around me. On DirectX9 I was running at about 50 FPS. With DirectX11, it jumped to about 90 FPS
  13. You can do many things here (But they're only temporary :/): 1. Fast travel to a garage (Depending on how far away the garage is, it might or might not work) 2. Take a ferry (Works pretty much every time. But its not always fun to drive 1000 km for a ferry) 3. F7 + Enter (Doesn't always work, it depends alot on the distance to the workshop. Atleast, for me) I'm not putting a number for this one (But, atleast its permanent (Kinda) At some point your trucker weill get tired, it just takes a looong time. Byt that time, you could've just taken a ferry or tried the other 2): Take some world of trucks jobs, they don't care about whatever makes the 'No jobs' happen. All jobs are "Fresh" (They're downloaded/synced straight from the internet(World of Trucks) ) But ofcourse, World of Trucks jobs are limited to 90 km/h Best Regards General18
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