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  1. Why did I know that after 2 years still nothing happened. I know someone who was in the TMP Team. It's just sad how things are going.
  2. Thank you for your support

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      Thanks for the appreciation ?

  3. Hello guys, recently I have experienced that Players crash into someone and Instantly disappear. This gives the player no chance / time to get the TMP ID. Suggestion Name: Stop Combat disconnecting Suggestion Description: With Combat disconnecting I mean instantly disconnecting after an accident / collision. Adding a few seconds to block disconnecting after a collision gives a player enough time to get the 4-Digit ID. Any example images: In this Video you can see how the guy who rammed me just disappeared. Yes I was chatting but in other situations I wasn't and I still didn't see the guy who rammed me Why should it be added?: It will give a chance to get the TMP ID to report a player.
  4. Basically, I agree. But also normal cities, were its just busy, have the kick problem. With a bad PC you still get kicked in a normal busy city. I fully agree.
  5. Hi drew, First of all please use punctuation marks. It's hard for me understanding your sentences. I will again try to explain everything in simple words for you. Okay so I am talking about Unreliable Connection. You get many times kicked for the reason: "You got kicked for Unreliable Connection". The reason why you get kicked for that reason is because of high ping. When you are in the loading screen the game is making stuff. And if the game is making stuff the game naturally freezes for a short time. While you're game is freezed the game can't respond to the server. Because the server constantly requests your ping and your game is frozen, the ping goes up because the game is not responding. The ping is a value for the respond speed between game and server. (For others reading this: with game I mean client). If this Ping (respond speed) gets to high, the server kicks you because you would lag around. To fix this problem my suggestion is to make a rule for the game that you can't get kicked when you are joining a game. The options I am talking about are only one way of many ways to fix the problem. So this was my last explanation. If you still don't understand it I can't help you. I will also not answer anymore because everyone else seems to understand it except you. I also want to prevent trashing the topic with such things. I have said everything. And sorry if my grammar is horrible. I wrote this on smartphone without grammar check.
  6. No, Forget the word reconnect. The main reason why you get kicked is entering a place were many players are. This can be done by two ways: teleporting there or logging in there. By this way you mostly get kicked for unreliable connection. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you read my post you will see this: There is a little help for spelling: [LINK]: https://languagetool.org/ Please read before you post.
  7. Hi drew156, This topic is about getting kicked while logging in or teleporting somewhere. If your internet is that bad that u get kicked mid road, i can't help you. I guess u mean the case while connecting or teleporting. While you connect or teleport the game need to load much stuff. While this loading process its normal that the game freezes. While the game is frozen the ping goes up because your game is not responding, That's the main reason why you get kicked. With my solutions this problem should theoretically not happen anymore. I hope u understand it now
  8. Yaaay, its now open for discussion. What do you guys think? I Personally would enjoy a combination of Option 1 and option 2. In a Non collision zone the rule would not trigger for example 2 min. Then even people with bad computer will have a chance to spawn everywhere. But this exception should only be made when you connect to an server or teleport somewhere. If you lose mid game the connection ull have still to restart the game. Option 1 and Option 3 combines could also work. This would require more accurate programming and more work to do. I personally prefer option 1+2 EDIT: I also forgot to say that if you leave the non-collision zone, the exception is not valid anymore as you leave. And that the Rule is only valid when you're log-in / teleport destination is in a non-collision zone.
  9. Suggestion Name: Possible fix: Kick for Unreliable Connection Suggestion Description: Hello everyone, since TruckersMP refuses to do a reconnect button I have another Solution. Me and every single of my Friends have the same problem: If we are trying to go to the mechanic or garage in a city were many players are you get kicked for unreliable connection. So i dare to argue that this problem has everyone. Problem: you can't spawn in cities with many players. So the explanation is that you get kicked because you are having a to high ping while connecting. This is only a thesis but I'm pretty sure its like that. But anyways: The solution: What ever trigger this message /kick -- make an exception: Option 1: To not trigger in an No-Collision Zone. Note: This Option can also be Modified with Option 2/3. Option 2: A little timer so you can load everything. Option 3: To not trigger until the game from the user is FULLY synchronized. Note: When you are in a queue you also first load the map and then (if u are queue 0) you sync to the multiplayer. (= connect with delay -- but you still get (sometimes) kicked because you have to load much at once) I hope this problem is going to get fixed. Any example images: Why should it be added?: This would make the gameplay much nicer and fix peoples problem
  10. Suggestion Name: Copy from ingame chat Suggestion Description: Currently you cant copy stuff from the chat. I suggest to make that able Any example images: - Why should it be added?: It would make it much more comftible, for example to copy others TMP ID.
  11. Hello I have an Idea to improve gameplay: Suggestion Name: Ingame Reconnect Suggestion Description: An Button or command ingame that alllows you to reconnect to the server without restarting the game and/or reloading the map Any example images: - Why should it be added?: So you dont have to restart the game if you get kicked because your afk for example. It can also help for bad pc´s so they can load in and just reconnect without loading the map again.
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