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  1. Exactly. Glad that people understand the need of this. I get your point of view and yea it would make it messier but I think that trade-off is worth it, and maybe you could turn it off in settings accessed by tab?
  2. Even though it was helpful, it did not help me. You can have trailer on your truck, but you cannot have trailer in your possesion and without a job route.
  3. Is it possible to have trailers with graphics owned? Im thinking about savegame modding. Is it allowed and/or possible?
  4. I got reply from Senka, "Hello alekexe, You have received a new comment on a support ticket from [WTLVTC - Owner] Senka. Dear alekexe, The developers are still working on this with no ETA at this current time. Apologies I cannot help you any further with this matter. Is there anything else I can help you with? Kind Regards, [WTLVTC - Owner] Senka TruckersMP - Trial Support Best Regards, TruckersMP Team"
  5. I have read somewhere that this was planned, but is that true? How can I get an answer from dev?
  6. I have read the rules and it says that paint job car modding is permitted. There is no detailed rules about this and i tried multiple paint jobs. If you have success with particular paint job please share the filename of it with me, @AirSociety
  7. Suggestion Name: Money transfer command Suggestion Description: You crash into another player and you pay him by typing in chat "/pay [id]* [amount]* [reason]" Any example images: / Why should it be added?: This would help companies and generally all players. Companies could pay players for their participation, celebration or even to help a new player get money for another truck. This would be easy to develop but it would be appreciated by players. Edit: I know that it is permitted to use Cheat Engine and similar tools to add money but I've actually seen multiple roleplayers act like that they pay for crashes and for example at the end of the official events admins could give everybody a little bit of money or something, but imagine, at the end of the event everybody gets like a return of money for crashes..?
  8. Suggestion to add-on team sent.
  9. Suggestion Name: Car modding Suggestion Description: Remove the filter that looks though car accessories and bring back the option of having modded cars. Look at the rule 3.3 of TruckersMP Any example images: Why should it be added?: Some players just prefer driving cars instead of trucks, and now when winter mod is available there is more and more of players that use cars. I've seen tens of people driving cars on parking lots and trying to drift, having fun, but it would be much more interesting if we could have more paintjobs, tires for changing traction etc. I have read the rules and found out about car modding, it is permitted yet for some reason it seems like it is not actually permitted in-game. Please fix this and let us have more fun with cars Edit: https://truckersmp.com/rules rule 3.3
  10. I agree, and just to show that I am not making things up, here is the link to the rules >> https://truckersmp.com/rules
  11. When the rules updated I have actually read them and found out about car modding. I decided to try it myself today, used Car Modification Guide from Forerunner(which is btw great) but I got in a weird situation. Even though "It is permitted to save edit default trucks' paint job on cars", which I did(I used Volvo FH16 Paint job A), I get kicked out of the servers because of invalid accessory set is detected. Am I in some gray area? Did I mess up with modding? What can I do to fix it? Please share the fix and explanation with me, it would be greatly appreciated. :))
  12. Developer posted: "Note: Do not change names of files as well as their content. Only using non modified files makes you able to join the servers." and my file had (1) on the end because i downloaded two files.. SMH
  13. Hello I downloaded the official Frosty 7.0 mod, only the graphical, so only the first .scs file I dragged the file to the Documents/ETS2MP/mod, i made the mod folder myself. Game was shut down and after the .scs file was in the mod folder i started the game, but realised that there is no snow. Nothing changed, but i followed the tutorial and I dont see that it has any activation or switch.. What can I do to fix it?
  14. When will they be back on feet? What happened?
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