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  1. Speed limitations can be annoying, but then again saves crashes!
  2. I agree that that is the reason, however it would be nice if it was fixed.
  3. Suggestion: Lower Europe 2 max players to 2500. I think this should be changed as I don’t like having 3500 people on it gets too busy and manic, so I tend to go on Europe 3, however it normally only has 300 people on it so it isn’t any fun.
  4. Here is the location of one I found However, I'm 99% sure it is random.
  5. I will try to find it again, they do randomly place every time the map "loads" in. I will be driving my car around now on ETS2 Europe 2
  6. I will if I spot anymore. You can see them by such "shadow" which you can see at the side of the road.
  7. Game: ETS2 Mod Version: Controllers Used: N/A Description of Issue: See above. How to reproduce: Random placement. Screenshots / Videos: See above.
  8. Here is an invisible item: I was driving along and hit this, and I had no idea it was there, resulting in a high amount of damage! It does happen in multiple locations. Thanks, Dan See following image: the item is direct in front of my vehicle.
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