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  1. Set your ETS2 version to 'NONE - Opt out of all beta programs' under Properties on Steam. It should work when starting the launcher and not give you any error message regarding incompatible game version.
  2. @CrazYDriver1 Yes, just pop the mod(s) in the folder called mod which is by default located here: This PC > Documents > Euro Truck Simulator 2 > mod Remember to activate and customise in SP before you launch MP.
  3. This is one which covers all the trucks: https://ets2.lt/en/750-hp-for-all-trucks-for-multiplayer/ For MAN only: http://www.ets2world.com/man-tgx-750-hp-lightplus-multiplayer-ready-mod/ Haven't checked if they work, but I doubt they won't.
  4. Options > Gameplay > Rain frequency (slidebar) Make sure the bar is not set to 0 (left).
  5. Leff12345


    Joining a group or VTC (Virtual Trucking Company) is based on own iniative, as it's not something official from TruckersMP. But to start off, you can look on ets2c.com for convoys and see if there are any VTCs hosting a convoy, and they will most likely also post their contact info there. You can also ask other people about their VTC or if they know any good ones to perhaps join. It's also normal to be faced with a driving test when joining a group, but often something you'll accomplish if you're comfortable with your driving.
  6. Doesn't matter, it's decided by you.
  7. I think it was only available for a limited time during the event. So your best chance is to perhaps wait for a new similar event to happen.
  8. I recommend you using the beginner profile (or seperate one) for MP as it includes some startup funds and XP which benefits in multiplayer (unexpected truck damage, etc.), and the bug which you experienced now. But if you want to solve the issue, you can try sleeping, F7, warp time, etc. (anything that passes the game time).
  9. There's no feature in-game which allows you to do that. You would've to ask the person about his/her location. However, you can use ets2map.com, but it's currently under some development.
  10. Press F1 to redownload all the files from the TruckersMP launcher.
  11. You have to update your ETS2 to the compatible version (newest - 1.27x) for TruckersMP. Head on over to your Steam Library, right click ETS2 and press 'Properties'. Go under the 'Betas' tab and select 'NONE - Opt out of all beta programs' in the drop-down menu.
  12. Mac support will not be implemented at the time being (incl. Linux). You can read the 'Frequently suggested things' thread for more info about it.
  13. Go into Options > Gameplay. There you'll find a slidebar to adjust the rain frequency for your local game.
  14. The issue occurs because the server time conflicts with the time your profile refers to (from SP). So skipping time and such won't unfortunately work in MP. It's best to have seperate profiles for SP and MP (as you already have). You can play with a "realistic" profile on MP, but that has to be from the start. Transferring profiles from single- and multiplayer is going to cause such issues as you've seen. If you have an exessive amount of funds or XP in-game, you can always use Cheat Engine to set the exact values. Guide: http://ets2downloads.com/tools/money-cheat-ets2 Download (Cheat Engine): http://www.cheatengine.org/ As for your profile, I don't think you can recover anything other than the already existing saves or autosaves.
  15. You can either download this profile; Or use cheat engine: http://ets2downloads.com/tools/money-cheat-ets2
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