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  1. It has been suggested alot before, but rejected. However, I would expect a VTC to actually recognise the color of the dot, so an inactive ban would not be relevant for them.
  2. I recommend you using the beginner profile (or seperate one) for MP as it includes some startup funds and XP which benefits in multiplayer (unexpected truck damage, etc.), and the bug which you experienced now. But if you want to solve the issue, you can try sleeping, F7, warp time, etc. (anything that passes the game time).
  3. More reasons to ban a user and a higher need for admins on the C-D road. From my view, a truck can be just as reckless as a car on that road as traffic usually goes a bit slower there. And imagine all the additional reports and complaints if that rule were to exist. Cars can be annoying yes, but I don't think the rule would benefit in general. The already huge workload for admins would rise and a bit less car traffic would not make the C-D road not (or atleast substantially less) chaotic.
  4. Having mods which modify your funds and/or XP is not restricted. It's also quite common to use Cheat Engine in MP to have an 'insurance' on your truck
  5. Press F1 to redownload all the files from the TruckersMP launcher.
  6. You have to update your ETS2 to the compatible version (newest - 1.27x) for TruckersMP. Head on over to your Steam Library, right click ETS2 and press 'Properties'. Go under the 'Betas' tab and select 'NONE - Opt out of all beta programs' in the drop-down menu.
  7. mac

    Mac support will not be implemented at the time being (incl. Linux). You can read the 'Frequently suggested things' thread for more info about it.
  8. I have actively been with people both quite alot older than me and others who are younger. From my perspective, age plays just a minor part in how the person behaves. It's much more into each individual, as everyone are different. I don't think two different people (in terms of age) playing together is directly a bad or "creepy" thing if they know each other. I think it's just a nice way to interact with various other people without any moral restrictions. And from my experience, I've learnt alot from being with people not necessarily at my age.
  9. Go into Options > Gameplay. There you'll find a slidebar to adjust the rain frequency for your local game.
  10. As well as new/edited rules are displayed on the website, it will also be notified on the TruckersMP launcher, which you'll always use when you play. I think your suggestion is neat, I think it would make a benefit. But I think how it currently is will do its job for now.
  11. The issue occurs because the server time conflicts with the time your profile refers to (from SP). So skipping time and such won't unfortunately work in MP. It's best to have seperate profiles for SP and MP (as you already have). You can play with a "realistic" profile on MP, but that has to be from the start. Transferring profiles from single- and multiplayer is going to cause such issues as you've seen. If you have an exessive amount of funds or XP in-game, you can always use Cheat Engine to set the exact values. Guide: http://ets2downloads.com/tools/money-cheat-ets2 Download (Cheat Engine): http://www.cheatengine.org/ As for your profile, I don't think you can recover anything other than the already existing saves or autosaves.
  12. Teleporting is still a type of enforcement, even though it's not as harsh as a kick. Imagine several people reporting everyone and they get teleported away regardless of the situation. It's an interesting topic about how to effectively deal with blockers, but I don't think that system would be the solution.
  13. You can either download this profile; Or use cheat engine: http://ets2downloads.com/tools/money-cheat-ets2
  14. The whole point of trolling someone is to deliberately cause disruption or harm to somebody else for your own entertainment. So it wouldn't be appealing for trolls to play on a server where everyone else are just trolls. And you can't really force them either.
  15. Remove all of your AI drivers if you have any. That is a common cause in such cases. You can also verify the game integrity and see if that works.