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Found 15 results

  1. What is Share your Desktop? This is a place where users of all likes can share their creations, their workflow area, their something special. How can I post mine? Grab a screenshot of your desktop area. Upload the image to any picture host (e.g. Imgur). Paste the link to the image in a reply to the thread and it will automatically add your image for you. Rules The picture must be of your own desktop area. Keep images suitable for younger audiences This thread is not for posting your setup(s)/tower(s). You can find that thread here. We look forward to seeing your desktops! TruckersMP Media Team
  2. Scraft08_YT


    I know, there are questions like this, but there are only old threads about this. Are there plans to publish TruckersMP on mac in the future? With kind regards Scrafto
  3. Please also create a Mac / Apple compatible version. There must be a lot of people asking this? Pretty please?
  4. Hello guys, i have a problem with app Truckers MP on my Macbook, do you have any solution for installation Truckers MP on OSX (Macbook)?
  5. Hello, I am one of the few Mac users on this site I see and I can seem to find a way to play with the mac version on ETS2 and I'm looking for help, I have looked everywhere, please help.
  6. Hello! I'm a mac user. And I really want to play TruckersMP on my mac but unfortunately there isn't any releases on Mac OSX. Is it possible to have a mac version of TruckersMP as I'm sure there are many mac truckers out there wanting to play multiplayer but they can't because there isn't any mac version of TruckersMP. Please release Mac version of TruckersMP
  7. Please put multiplayer on mac soon PLZ
  8. gibt es eine Multiplayerversion für den Mac
  9. Guest

    Is Mac Supported?

    I was just wondering if there's a Mac version for the client because I would really like to play. If not, is there an easy way to play it on Mac?
  10. Hey, I was wondering if it is possible for mac users to play mulitplayer? Or is it exclusively for Windows? Thanks in advance!
  11. Hello, I know there is multiplayer mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2. I downloaded it, but it was .exe file. I can't run it on my mac only on PC. Is there any mac multiplayer mod for ETS2 ? Thank you for your help.
  12. is multiplayer for mac because I really wanna play it for mac ;( if there is please tell me
  13. I need help downloading this but I have a Mac! Help me!
  14. Hi everyone, My name is Aaron and a big fan of Scania. I play ETS2 for 2 months now and I really would like to have a skin of A.stam Opperdoes. Can Someone help my to create that? I'm not so technical -I run 1.19 (steam) -I have the Scania topline (in the link You can see more photo's http://transportfotos.nl/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=1913 ) Let me know!
  15. Hey guys, So my friend has just downloaded Euro-Truck Simulator and wants to play online, does anyone know if there is a ETS2MP Client for Mac out ther and where i can get hold of it... Cheers, Coolsecretspy
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