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  1. Is there no option to have the fenders above the wheels? Looks incredibly stupid....


    1. ScaniaFan89


      LOL SCS always seem to mess up somewhere...

  2. Now we know the Next Gen Scania's are coming along with Italia DLC (Thumbnail photo for DLC)


  3. 9/10 Well made song, listened to it countless times Now on to a real classic....
  4. Finally Friday :-D


    1. LSPD Gamer

      LSPD Gamer

      Yay finaly after a long week for me...

  5. Why the Retarder* is a life saver....


  6. Who won? :troll:


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. LSPD Gamer

      LSPD Gamer

      Red Scania T:

      Bye Bye have a great time

    3. DrEGZo


      Scania, obviously :D

    4. LSPD Gamer

      LSPD Gamer

      Scania: fu*k of physic and rules

      MB: I have to sleep 

  7. I am not sure if this is a bug, i am certain this was the only proper exit (obvious realistic exit, arrows pointed here) First i was doing about 40km/h and it was like a crash, job worthless.


  8. @TTI - FR LDMax Thanks Buddy It is fun with some contest's, hopefully there would be more in the future to engage this community
  9. Thanks for 1st place @revoluti0n, I gave my prize towards future contest for others to enjoy
  10. 32M "Double" in Sweden, Mercedes-Benz Antos. Iveco had to be passed :troll:


  11. "Doubles" 25.25M  With Rigid tandem truck, was driving from Göteborg to Ålborg. Even though the dolly was of the wrong type and the trailer seemed  slightly taller than normal, it drove quite nice. Compared to the Double SCS released, this you can actually reverse with ease. Only issue is space, i was delivering at a GNT delivery spot. Tried parking, but it is impossible at the GNT delivery depots.





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    2. antrax737


      Didn't know what is the problem. for the second part i totally agree with you

    3. lxl Semper lxl

      lxl Semper lxl

      Stand corrected I live in UK and never driver or seen a rigit with rear trailer like that but oh well :) I dont mind admitting when I am wrong thanks for the info though ;) 

    4. Snotra


      @lxl Semper lxl You weren't wrong m8 :) We just misunderstood each other, You were talking about the normal rigid trucks with normal short trailers.

      What i was driving was a 25.25M "doubles" it is the counterpart of the SCS version, i've made a useful post about these "doubles" here -->https://goo.gl/Yp5voe

  12. Driving and testing the 32m combination (80t:o), in Sweden this is legal only to drive on roads between Malmö and Göteborg. This Project is called Duo2 http://duo2.nu/



    Interesting combination for Rigid trucks :)



    1. Snotra


      Not much on these modular trucks, since Sweden and Finland already had laws about 25.25 modular trucks before they joined EU, EU allows other countries develop such laws them self, making the process of this implementing to the rest of Europe very slow. The main point of these or strong arguments are environmental, theirs huge benefit on Co2 with these.

  13. @Spieker [GER] Hello, i am not complaining, you have to understand as a user, you are bound to criticize the producers of a content, to help improve their game/content. I am just criticizing SCS. Also read my response earlier in the post before bashing stuff at me*
  14. @Baymax. SCS haven't made any of this up or taking it from a mod, they do research of real life, not looking at mods. @Daniellus_PL Everything else in the Update is great, they always done great work, it's just for me it seems like they are taking a shortcut on the doubles.
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