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  1. Is there no option to have the fenders above the wheels? Looks incredibly stupid....


    1. ScaniaFan89


      LOL SCS always seem to mess up somewhere...

  2. Now we know the Next Gen Scania's are coming along with Italia DLC (Thumbnail photo for DLC)

  3. Banned for just Renault Puh!
  4. Post Real Life pics of trucks

    MST Transport, Halden.
  5. V6 Engine for Scout

    @LSPD Gamer Scout car already have 4x4.... Even though Skoda "Scout" offered a 3.6 FSI V6 on their Superb on the model that is in game, i doubt the Scout car would ever change in the future. I do believe the scout car is fast enough for people, enough to "kill" many truckers daily
  6. Banned for re-newing your profile picture to the same car
  7. I don't see Renault's much around here in Norway, either it is small distribution trucks, or foreign trucks driving the old Magnums or Renault Premiums. Here we don't see them meet our expectations for a useful truck in Norway. I would assume Renault's is popular in the rest of Europe equipped with a pusher
  8. How will multiplayer react to double trailers?

    Won't be much difference, Maybe accidents would be much more explosive in forms of physics going crazy, not much else to it. They would be driving something 7.82M longer, easy to control and drive forward. Of course trollers and griefers would benefit the longer trailer for their purposes...
  9. ETS2 & ATS Pay for almost the same games

    @ramon.hooyer Do not believe your money was wasted, it will help SCS Software to accomplish great games to come.
  10. Rate the song above you.

    9/10 Well made song, listened to it countless times Now on to a real classic....
  11. Banned for "no specific reason".
  12. ETS2 & ATS Pay for almost the same games

    They use the same old engine, but their content is different. So you'd have to understand to pay for different things. Perhaps wait for the unification? World of Trucks.
  13. Finally Friday :-D


    1. LSPD Gamer

      LSPD Gamer

      Yay finaly after a long week for me...

  14. What is everyone's favourite in-game truck?

    @Myxtro Here Working on it, but in game pictures, they should't be far from finished now though, since this was back in April.