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  1. What is meant with C-D Road?
  2. ok, so if there is no report on my profile there will be no issue, i guess. the situation ingame was so confusing, that i clicked the wrong person when i was still under an attack by someone how was ramming us again and again, while we were standing on the sideway waiting after the last of our convoy had reported that he was attacked by someone else..
  3. Thank you, for your reply. unfortunatelly there are no reports stored in my profile?
  4. We were rammed by some persons on purpose today but on video i saw that i reported the wrong person ingame. I don´t know if this person was punished but however, how can i witdraw my report and vindicate this unguilty person?
  5. I did all you described already, as i wrote i did the economy reset several times, teleporting, ferry transport, sleeping, all this has no impact.. Yes, i do ETS2 Telemetry service with the FPH Speed V therefore i have joined a company 3 days ago. The jobs themselves do not matter to much of course, but my truckdrivers are not working anymore correctly as they go on 300 day trips also. Fire them and emlpoy them again has also no impact as they go on 300 day trips again immediately. Edit: I tried to reset economy (again as written above) with turning of the telemetry software but again as soon as i go into the truck in MP Game the time snaps back to the 300+ hours buffer.
  6. I had a seperate MP Game. Unfortunatelly i played with it a few minutes in SP mode and now i have the issue that all jobs are scheduled for +100 hours. Also my employees are on trips which last +100. But honestly i do not know if that was the reason for it because i didn´t remember when this started to go wild. First i tried to reset Ecomony, but this works only until i go into the truck ingame. tried in in SP and also in MP mode as well. and it worked only for the SP mode. in MP the times will reset immediately back to the hundred hours values. I tried to skip some time with the console command "g_uset_time" with the effect that i was able to return to the normal values in SP. (Only as i learned i have to sleep also) but when i opened it in MP the game was on the hundred hours plus back immediately. I fired al my drivers and resetted economy but this had also no effect. Whatever i try it does make it worse i came from somewhere 100 to now 300 hours plus. Unfortunatelly my backups are a few days old but ive made a lot progress in the last days and i dont want to lose that.. Any suggestions?