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  1. Brilliant radio station, I love to listen to the great music selection trucking or not Keep up the good work Harry!
  2. It's a bit of a weird title but you'll understand what I mean later! Truck Light Language is what I like to call the communication between truckers on the roads and below are the different flashes I use to communicate. Do you use the same or are your techniques different? 1 Flash - Hey There! 2 Flashes - What Are You Doing!? (or) Watch What You're Doing, You Almost Hit Me!? 3 Flashes - Admeen Up Ahead! (or) Slow Down, There Is A Corner! (Used For Warnings) 4 Flashes - I Am Going To Overtake! (or) You May Pull Infront Of Me! What are your's like and would you understand me if I flashed at you?
  3. Nice drive with @Krewlex on stream!
  4. I've seen A LOT of graphic talent in this community especially when it came to Custom Truck Skins! I really would like to see what is possible with the power of Photoshop or whatever software you use! Post them below and I'll see which is my favourite, I look forward to seeing these. +10 points for the best photography too! *Disclaimer: This is not a competition and there is no reward*
  5. Hi there! I'm trying to design a site for myself and other communities. I can make a good looking site but when it comes to mobile it looks like out of place. Any advice, lines of code to make a mobile friendly site? Thanks
  6. Looks like a great VTC. I see the addition of the DriversHub is very appealing too! Good luck with the VTC!
  7. I would love to see the Van for the public! Especially for heavy loads such as the trains and even in Events it would be my useful. I think a Ford Focus would be cool aswell as it's a common car but also good looking. With regards to the Skoda I think more customisation should be added to the inside of that is possible such as a slot for the SatNav on the windscreen.
  8. I think Iceland would be a great addition as it is on Promods and does work quite well! Also, small islands would be a nice addition to truck on!
  9. @Nectarine That would be total bantz, also @MattTM as I want a Matt face reveal
  10. I think this is rather dangerous to have on as it does risk you getting a ban however it's your option to go down it, you can easily avoid it if you hate it so much
  11. Unless you have the money for an extra server then be my guest
  12. Im not so much of a MAN person but looks interesting, it'll be good to have a new MAN which could change my opinion
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