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  1. Nice drive with @Krewlex on stream!
  2. Hi there! I'm trying to design a site for myself and other communities. I can make a good looking site but when it comes to mobile it looks like out of place. Any advice, lines of code to make a mobile friendly site? Thanks
  3. Looks like a great VTC. I see the addition of the DriversHub is very appealing too! Good luck with the VTC!
  4. Suggestion Name: Automatic Translator In The Chat Suggestion Description: There should be an optional feature in the chat so that it automatically translates the message to your language but only you can see the message translated. Any example images: None Why should it be added?: TruckersMP is good for its variety of different languages however there are many language barriers when 2 drivers meet. Therefore, there could be an option where it automatically translates the message to your prefered language. This means that you could make new friends from a
  5. Suggestion Name: / Command Shortcut Suggestion Description: With The New /fix and / pinfo Command It Is A Pain When Driving And Having To Reach Over To Press The "Y" Key To Then Press "/" To Type In Your Command. Instead, I Think You Should Be Able To Press "/" And That Will Bring Up The Chat With "/" Already In There. It's Very Much Like Minecraft Have It To Type In Any Command. Any example images: Nope Why should it be added?: I Think it Should Be Added As It Will Make it Easier For Drivers With Wheels And In case Of Any Trolls The Victim Can Quickly Do /fix or /pinfo To Then
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