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  1. It's a bit of a weird title but you'll understand what I mean later! Truck Light Language is what I like to call the communication between truckers on the roads and below are the different flashes I use to communicate. Do you use the same or are your techniques different? 1 Flash - Hey There! 2 Flashes - What Are You Doing!? (or) Watch What You're Doing, You Almost Hit Me!? 3 Flashes - Admeen Up Ahead! (or) Slow Down, There Is A Corner! (Used For Warnings) 4 Flashes - I Am Going To Overtake! (or) You May Pull Infront Of Me! What are your's like and would you understand me if I flashed at you?
  2. Nice drive with @Krewlex on stream!
  3. I've seen A LOT of graphic talent in this community especially when it came to Custom Truck Skins! I really would like to see what is possible with the power of Photoshop or whatever software you use! Post them below and I'll see which is my favourite, I look forward to seeing these. +10 points for the best photography too! *Disclaimer: This is not a competition and there is no reward*
  4. Hi there! I'm trying to design a site for myself and other communities. I can make a good looking site but when it comes to mobile it looks like out of place. Any advice, lines of code to make a mobile friendly site? Thanks
  5. Looks like a great VTC. I see the addition of the DriversHub is very appealing too! Good luck with the VTC!
  6. I would love to see the Van for the public! Especially for heavy loads such as the trains and even in Events it would be my useful. I think a Ford Focus would be cool aswell as it's a common car but also good looking. With regards to the Skoda I think more customisation should be added to the inside of that is possible such as a slot for the SatNav on the windscreen.
  7. I think Iceland would be a great addition as it is on Promods and does work quite well! Also, small islands would be a nice addition to truck on!
  8. @Nectarine That would be total bantz, also @MattTM as I want a Matt face reveal
  9. I think this is rather dangerous to have on as it does risk you getting a ban however it's your option to go down it, you can easily avoid it if you hate it so much
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