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  1. 5 new achievements were added this morning to ETS2 🤔


    1. StateCA (NL)

      StateCA (NL)

      🤔 Let's get shipping could be visiting all the ports. Fleet Builder buying garages at ports?

    2. Vampire
  2. If they want to reduce the amount of ban evaders, it's the only way to do it. They must change the requirements, as it's quite hard to tell when a player is ban evading or not. You see some people bragging about the fact that they are ban evading for the 5th time, and you think how is that possible
  3. We are aware that more and more players that drive in that area are ban evading, causing more chaos by either using hacks or intentionally driving in a reckless way. People that usually drive CD road see hackers on a daily basis. Seems to be fairly easy to ban evade by the amount of hackers and reckless drivers with high ID that we see. So another solution would be changing the requirements to start playing on TMP. At the moment, game is about 5€ on third party game sellers and players just need 2 ingame hours to start playing TMP, quite simple, they can just leave game open during that time.
  4. You are not the one that need to apologize for that, but we appreciate it.
  5. I totally agree with @Courtz49 , the players are the problem here and not the city itself. I know the small size of it doesn't really help, but people need to be patient and obey by all the traffic rules. That area gets a lot of trolls and reckless drivers that don't obey by the rules, so they need to be punished. It needs to be more controlled. I also agree with this: People can easily bypass the bans by buying new game copies and wait the 2 hours to get in server. This needs changing.
  6. As @ItsRedPotatosaid, this NCZ doesn't solve anything. We still have the same issues as before, where people stack up after the end of NCZ. Now the gas station is blocked, that's all you managed to achiev with this. The city isn't the problem, the players are. People just don't obey by the traffic rules, making a total mess in that area. Also funny how there were more than 5 game moderators in that area when this update got released, and I bet there is not a single one there at the moment. So what's this all about? Making a good impression at the start then leave it to become a mess
  7. I think you are forgetting that you are playing a 3rd party mod over a simulator game that doesn't have the best physics. You are telling us that you expect it to be full realistic? SCS themselves have issues with their physics in the games, and to add to that u have the TMP mod which adds even more issues to the table. Even without the winter physics the game is buggy, it always have been like that over the years. You can't expect realistic physics, the game wasn't even designed to be on a multiplayer scale. So, of course the winter physics will have bugs, you can't make the perfect winter
  8. First version of physics were totally fine, now it's "buggy" how people said before. We all paying the price because some people abuse the mod in a way that they shouldn't. So far I've only seen the same person complaining about the mod, while most people don't have issues with it. If you guys think these physics are bad, you should try to drive with rain, you will lose grip as well like with winter physics. Show people some evidence that the last version of physics was buggy, and not some messing around in ncz areas or hard turning the wheel. Also, keep in mind that physics are optional
  9. Grimes officially released new version of the winter physics
  10. Hey there , This has been quite of an interesting read. First of all, if you are trying to defend something, please don't go down this road using such expressions like "players like you", "please kids", "how blind are people like you", etc. Ur argument loses half of the believing right there, just saying . Doesn't matter the age, some younger people show more maturity and intelectual knowledge in situations like this. Shows your maturity by using these expressions. The majority of the people in this post are trying to tell you that your
  11. i seen your post id say the answere was a little harsh. maybe they had a bad day idk but hey a simple answere as "a rule was broken and it violates terms of use" done not a hole paragraph

  12. Hi, Let's say that someone got banned for using ncz hacks to jump off a bridge and not ramming or causing any trouble to others. Is there a way that the person can redeem himself after a long period of time? If 2 years passed since the ban occured, why not give the person a second chance? I'm also asking for other kinds of permanent bans that didn't cause any major trouble to other players. I think TMP should give to those type of cases a second chance to redeem themselves, because at the end of the day you are losing a player that made a simple mistake and has to live with that for the r
  13. Happy Birthday! 🥳🎉

    1. Vampire


      Thank you! 🥳

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