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  1. Update 1.31 Out Now!

  2. One person that loves the game and he's now a Trial Game Moderator. Well deserved, don't forget KappaPride

  3. ImDanne

    150 Km/h update is good or not?

    Then go play on SP without traffic and go what ever speed you want. 150km/h is fine accept it. Cya on road
  4. ImDanne

    150 Km/h update is good or not?

  5. ImDanne

    150 Km/h update is good or not?

    So you're saying that 150km/h is slow?
  6. ImDanne

    150 Km/h update is good or not?

  7. ImDanne

    150 Km/h update is good or not?

    You guys need to understand that this game is a simulator game. 150km/h is way too fast still for a truck and it was a good move by truckersmp to put on this speed limiter. I don't know how many times i been getting rammed because of pepole crashing into me. And most ot the time when you're on C-D road pepole overtake at rly high speed. And maybe you all are playing the wrong game. Because what i see is that pepole just wanna go fast and race others and that is not the part of this game.
  8. ImDanne

    Job market / sleeping in MP

    What you can do when the no jobs bug happens! F7 To Service Go To Garage Go to a sleeping place. what you more can do is go to your ATS OR ETS map and go to your profile and press Config it should be someting called g_force_economy_reset "0" you chance it to g_force_economy_reset "1" and save it. Then and go back to your game. If you have job on your list now, you close the game and put it back to g_force_economy_reset "0" and save it. l hope this will help you truckers out there! Have fun on the roads!