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  1. Well according to https://stats.truckersmp.com/ the current season is always the more quiet one. In the first year of corona it was busier, of course. But I do wonder how the server will look in a few months when we are entering the busiest time of the year. Unfortunately I doubt we will be reaching peaks like we did before. But I also believe it will be more than 2500 which is what we are getting right now. But I guess we will just have to wait and see . In may not be as busy as a few years ago, but my enjoyment in the mod has only increased lately with updates like the dispatcher, alternating vehicles or the fact that you dont need to own every DLC anymore in order to see them in-game.
  2. Well my opinion is entirely based off of watching Top Gear. And I can't really pick which 3 I would want more xd But either Argentina, Tanzania or Myanmar would be nice. Those places looked beautiful.
  3. Hi! I assume you are steam friends as well and it still doesn't work? Has your friend set his steam settings to private? Does he show offline on Steam, etc? Because that seems to block job sharing as well. If he sets it to completely public, or changes those Steam settings, it should be able to share.
  4. I thought the new Renault was already supported by TruckersMP.
  5. Heya, I don't mind both to be honest. I drive a bit with friends who stream. But I also fancy a solo drive every now and then. Either doing a job for the VTC, or just exploring some undiscovered parts of the map in an empty trailer and some music on in the background just cruising.
  6. Looks neat yeah. Hopefully soontm with Wyoming DLC.
  7. About 80/90 KPH. Sometimes I drive the 110 server limit if it's an empty highway and I just wanna get the job done xd.
  8. Also: If someone is driving 90kph. It's not always worth the risk to overtake him. You will only gain 20kph of speed. And in busy areas like C-D road, the time gain from that speed is usually instantly nullified when you get stuck behind even more traffic up ahead. So just play sensible.
  9. Congratulation 😄

  10. Congratulations for your promotion back to full Game Moderator ❤️ 


    All best with your role



    RedWolf [CZ] 

  11. Nice to see you back on the team!

    1. StateCA [NL]

      StateCA [NL]

      Glad to be GM again. ❤️

  12. Welcome back bro! 😍

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