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  1. If speed is the cause then why do accidents still happen in a 60 capped city? ...
  2. Exactly. So why do you hate the speed, and not the driver? It makes no sense. Your entire argument is based on how bad of a driver that person was. Yet your conclusion is speed=bad. And not bad driver=bad. And you are projecting this unreasonable hate for speed onto skilled drivers who like to make use of that speed difference and finish hauls faster, in a safe way. Which is undoubtedly, completely unfair.
  3. That's part of the multiplayer experience. There are also children without a driver's license on the servers. Best you can do is record it and report them on the website. The in-game report system is a joke, and at this point only useful as a content tool for moderators who stream. If you have an Nvidia GPU I suggest using GeForce Experience and their Shadowplay feature. Running GeForce Experience doesn't impact your performance as programs like Medal or something will. This will allow you to simply press a button and the program saves a clip up to 20 minutes in the past. Just
  4. Personally don't use it because i'm afraid it will just mess up my game. Local mods can cause random freezes which is not a risk i'm willing to take just to have my truck look different which is only visible for me anyway. But the pictures always look stunning. I don't see why SCS can't give us more customization options. Even just allowing us to paint more body parts, even more than the tuning packs give us, can make such a big difference in truly personalizing a truck.
  5. Ignore Seth. Not worth your time, trust me. --- The speedlimit wont increase. TMP doesn't want to deal with the increased reports, that's why they changed it to 150 and eventually 110. And 110 is completely fine. People who follow the speedlimit will go 90 max. And 110 is a reasonable speed to overtake with. You're not zooming, but it doesn't take ages to overtake either. And the time loss you get from not being able to overtake someone going 90 is minimal and not to be worried about anyway. Keep it at 110. There is no need to increase it. And decreasing it
  6. Well I usually honked at people. But now I am just sticking with flashing my lights due to the sound bug. And I never used the radio because I have it turned off most of the time. Personally I also feel like people greet each other less than they used to. But I am hoping the cause of that is the sound bug, and not a change in culture. I still get a lot of people flashing back at me. Especially in Scandinavia or Beyond Baltic Sea.
  7. It's mathematically impossible to beat 110 with 90. If you arrived at the same time then your average speed was the same as his. It doesn't matter that he was doing 30 faster than you because it also means that he was doing 30 slower than you were doing at some points. How is that proof that 90 is equal to 110? If he didn't slow down more than you did to take turns but kept the same speed you did and then went back to 110 again, he would've beaten you. So it just came down to the skill and knowledge of the driver.
  8. Which speed difference? You understand speed is only a sum of distance over time, right? If you arrived at the same time it meant that yours and his average speed were the same. It's very nice that he overtook you with 110. But it also means that he did way slower than 90 in other parts. So your argument that 90 and 110 makes no difference is busted by your own words...
  9. If a player is in my immediate area, I can see him. And if I can see him I will have to judge if I need to yield for him (stop sign, red light) or if it is save enough that I don't have to yield. Also I do not believe their terminology is vague at all. The sentence you are quoting isn't supposed to be a rule in of itself. It's supposed to be a clarification. Reckless driving isn't allowed. Ramming isn't allowed. Wrong way driving isn't allowed, you must yield, etc. You are simply not allowed to put other players in danger. So when you are not putting other players in danger, of cou
  10. So after multiple times of saying "what you guys want already exist" you knew that it doesn't exist? Then why say the opposite literally the entire time?
  11. I mean the only reason our conversation was going in circles is because you never acknowledge that what we are asking for does not exist, yet you keep saying it does. Which is why i'm using your twisted logic by suggesting the speedlimiter. Why are you suggesting a server change when what you want is already in the game? See what i'm doing there?
  12. None of that really answered the question I asked, nor was it really directed at the point I was making. lol
  13. Who cares that you can't drift like that with this mod. It's against the rules anyway. Ever heard of rule §2.5? Why are you still replying to this thread? You clearly only want this mod to work in a reckless way.
  14. You're spinning around in circles from stand still. You are obviously trying to glitch the game out with unrealistic behaviour... Ofc weird shit will happen. As for your 2nd video. That was just hilarious. No clue what you were trying to prove with that one.
  15. The trailer is scuffed. But i'll make comparison vid tomorrow. An actual proper video, and not something you'd make by bug abusing lol
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