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  1. Thanks for confirming! Looking forward to it
  2. Alright, makes sense. Thanks for the update!
  3. So now that Promods 2.55 is released. Is the aim going to change to support 2.55 immediately and skip 2.52? And would Iberia DLC then be a mandatory requirement to play on the TMP promods server?
  4. Thanks for the update! Can't wait for the 1.40 support
  5. Congrats State 

  6. Congratulations!

  7. Congratulations! 🎉 😍

    1. StateCA (NL)

      StateCA (NL)

      Thank you!

  8. Congralations Dudeee!♥️

    1. StateCA (NL)

      StateCA (NL)

      Thanks dude! 😄

  9. Still deciding whether i'm gonna buy it once it's supported on TMP, or if i'm going to explore it in singleplayer. So far the DLC contains a lot of highway. And i'm afraid I will get bored of it too fast.
  10. Thank you for the follow!

  11. Bit of a late reply but it was really cool! It really is an amazing program you made, and the chat seemed to have good fun with it I hope we'll be seeing it more on the streams
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