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  1. I have solved this as ETS2 was gifted to me.
  2. I used to borrow an account, and I bought ETS2. I now have my own account (I am old enough) and I bought ATS. I have read through your rules and do not understand why I can't use ETS2 with it being shared to my account. If someone could please answer this, or if there is a way to use ETS2 within the rules then please tell me.
  3. Suggestion Title:Reconfigure Option Suggestion Description:The option to reconfigure the TruckersMP app with maybe a wizard without having to reinstall it Why it should be added: This should be added because I am sure someone has already installed the truckersMP app then bought eather American Truck simulator or Euro Truck Simulator 2 when the app has already been configured for the other game.
  4. I got EuroTruckSimulator 2 and I really wanna use it with TruckersMP, but I already configured the application. Is there any way to reconfigure the application without re-installing it?
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