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  1. I've recently noticed that there is a lot of traffic when it comes to the Duisburg's 'centre'. I believe that this segment can be changed a bit. Do you guys have any ideas to improve the current intersection(s)?
  2. Q 1. Why TruckersMP don't support 1.50 Euro Truck Simulator 2 version? Q 2. When 1.50 TruckersMP support? Q 3. What reason is ETS2 1.50 not supported?
  3. How to change motor sound for truck/car/bus?
  4. How to use TruckersMP accessories in Singleplayer 1.50 and 1.49?
  5. Шановні гравці! Тут ви можете задавати свої ігрові питання. Проблеми / баги / тощо.
  6. Hi, I'm a united states player and I think I'm misunderstanding or not following some laws on the roads like I should be. I want some clarification to make sure I'm following the rules. (I think this is the right place to ask). I was exploring truckers MP HQ, exploring both the city and the sights this being my first event. I went into the roundabout to do a U-turn, and someone had ran straight into the roundabout and rammed me. It caused them to perform beautiful acrobatics as can be seen in the video. I got a lot of negative reactions from it both from the guy and others in the round about (after the video) was i in the wrong? Am I not allowed to do a U-turn in a roundabout like that? I think I was in the right lane... In USA you are required to yield to those already in the round about or intersection. is it different here if im making a turn like that? https://youtu.be/uCnI9w5mCZI
  7. Hallo und zwar hab ich seit mehreren Tagen schon das Problem das mein Spiel sowohl im SP als auch im MP immer wieder abstürzt ohne Fehlermeldung. Ich habe bisher alles mögliche probiert habe den Grafiktreiber schon neu installiert und der aktuellste ist auch drauf. Sogar komplett ohne mods stürzt es ab in unregelmäßigen abständen.
  8. Hello dear TruckersMP Team, Today I won't help or assist in the section as some of you knows me, today I'm going to ask few questions. This question more belongs to TMP Team, however it's still as a Question so will more glad for some another commnets from the player side too. As we can certainly see, the status of the web reports is "HEAVY" which means that the reports should not take as long as, for example, of status very high. My question is, how is it possible that my report is claimed, and the next day it has a new status again even though the user is banned after GM checked my report? Next day -> My second question is: Why does it take so long for GM to check reports on status "HEAVY". I can remember about previous time it took like 4-5 days, now it's about 1 week. Then I can't see any change about this rule. My third question is: I can't send any more reports because some of non accepted / declined reports still pending from 02. november. 2023 On the other hand, I think it would be good to see the moderator who handle with current report in case we want to contact Game Management about something related to my created report. I know we also may see the id and can report it with id, but would be fair to see a Mod too. Thank you so much for the answers. Kind Regards, [MCG] RedWolf[CZ]
  9. .daniel-


    What did you guys do in the summer? Did you do something fun like going overseas? Me personally I didn't do anything and just sat at home (Sorry for not answering on my last forum topic completely forgot about it)
  10. Hello everyone! I'm very happy to be able to contact you all through the forum! Thus is honestly my first topic in General Disscusion I have ever created here First I would like to ask how are you? I hope you are all healthy and happy. As of today, I don't bring here a totally great topic for this post, sometimes that happens, but we can still discuss it together. Today I would like to focus on the TruckersMP Moderator Team, specifically the Game Moderators. You all know that recently there was an opened recruitment for Game Moderators, as the situation both on the virtual roads and on the TruckersMP reporting pages was probably unmanageable. This recruitment was opened to, well at least it seems to me, to get the number of admins up both in game and on the site and reports and everything else started to be dealt with earlier than before. However many of us have been rejected, whether it's for not meeting some of the main requirements or they just didn't like your application. I'm keeping an eye on the situation among the Game Moderation Team, even if I'm just a player and not in the team. I would say that although the number of admins is increasing, the situation is not good, it may even seem to be going for the worse... I don't know where the former Moderators and the overall system of managers have gone. I'm not going to waste my time writing feedbacks about what might be added as we all know what TMP will write something in style (first of all, we would like to thank you for your ....) - easily it seems like bot, so it's pointless to spend maybe two hours on it. Look, I applied to the team myself, tried my best to give it my all, and just because they didn't like what I wrote, I wasn't accepted on that basis. Isn't that sad? How can anyone judge someone when they don't even know them? They are well aware of the fact that I would be good at the job, and they would rather take someone who has only 300 hours on the game. It's not all about how much you have played on the game there are more factors, and stuff. Now it's finally starting to become a situation where more of us are needed and my words became in true. Before you will make some opinion you want to share here with us, please come over this link that received many of positive reactions - > My few questions are purely aimed at your personal opinion, which you are all free to have, but I would appreciate some decent behaviour. I didn't create this post to insult anyone here, or to allow spread inappropriate words across others 1. In your opinion, has the situation changed since the last recruitment? 2. Does it seem to you that the situation in the game is still the same and thus needs a change in logistics/system in moderation? 3. Are you currently happy with the Game Moderation team as it is now? 4. Does this team seem like a bit of a stereotypical moderation, would you like to come up with something new like with better logistic system with moderation and etc.? If so, do you have any that might help? 5. Also, have you tried to be a part of the TruckersMP team? I created this because I think nothing much has changed lately, even though TruckersMP has picked up a lot of new Moderators and I want to hear if you have a similar opinion as me. Recently I also watched one stream of admin, which I will not name here, he wrote in chat /admins and there were only 3 admins on the server, one of which was him, the second was in a truck and drove and the third was driving a car around Scandinavia. Of course, everyone has the right to spend their free time the way they want, but it looks weird when people look at that and don't see any moderators around. We also know, the GM's can not be online 24/7 which nobody wants to from them even it might seems like that. I hope TruckersMP will be honest and let us share our decent opinions I'm waiting for your asnwers! Have a good evening Regards, RedWolf [CZ] TruckersMP Veteran Driver IV \ MCG Veteran Driver I'm not speaking about really active admins, to those I would really love to say huge thanks for their work I'd like highly say big thanks to everyone who is taking the time on this topic and answering with maybe their opinions, not these questions if you don't want to.
  11. is it allowed to use the trailers from the special cargo dlc in TruckersMP? talking about these
  12. When i use retarder im losing all grip (over 90 kmh) i want to use cruise control but i cant use because of this
  13. Hello, I've recently been playing and I wanted to see the gameplay, is there any way to see the gameplay record? Also, I've been wondering, how to track the reports that I submitted with in the game, and not the ones that were submitted via the website? Thanks in advance, Ron
  14. Hello I have a question, I have heard from someone. That if you come in the quarry in Kirkenes (ProMods) of MS stone that you have priority is this true or is this just a recommendation. Or do those who come from the City have priority. Or how do you see that?
  15. Hello, 11 days ago I created a feedback ticket to get VTC VALIDATION. I was asking some owners of other VTC's after what time they got their validation. Answers was about 4-7 days. Is there a problems or a big traffic right now with VTC's? Or a response deadzone? Or maybe my ticket is hidden? I'm waiting, but I just want to make sure someone will answer it. Also, is there any ETA about responses? Best Regards. Mikeey.
  16. Scraft08_YT


    I know, there are questions like this, but there are only old threads about this. Are there plans to publish TruckersMP on mac in the future? With kind regards Scrafto
  17. So when DBus support was added to TruckersMP I had a bus purchased, however when I go to play TruckersMP with the DBus client connect and open, and the mod is working, I cannot find any buses for sale within Europe at any of the truck dealerships, I thought maybe I need to enable the Workshop mod but apparently you can no longer use "client mods" on TMP, so what am I supposed to do to be able to find buses again? Were they removed, if so there is nothing indicating nor saying they have been removed. I would really like to know why I can't purchase any buses, thanks.
  18. Hi ! After I updated my Sounds/Games Drivers I Can't Hear any sound from EST2/Truckersmp How can i fix it? I Reinstalled the drivers
  19. bunu nasıl çözebilirim yeni yapmaya başladı çok sinir bozucu sürekli alıyorum
  20. I'm not sure if this is the correct section of the forums to post this but I was needing to know if installing an older version of Promods, if it would still let me into the TruckersMP Promods server, I'm missing a couple DLCs, therefore installing an older version, but I do not want to downgrade my entire game just to find out later I can't play on the multiplayer mod, let me know please!
  21. Hi, I wonder if this kind of modding or save editing - or whatever the player did to achieve this kind of combo trailer is allowed on the server or if I can report the player for... ?!? well i don't know which category this might fit in. Screenshot attached
  22. Hi, I have a question about internet connection to TruckersMP servers. Below are my results from the Internet Speed Test application. My basic question is below. Is it normal that my ping in the game on the Simulation 2 server reaches 40ms to 60ms? On ProMods servers, my ping is from 30ms to 40ms. It seems to me that with my internet speed the results should be much lower? I think about it for a long time and cannot answer my question. Thanks for the help.
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