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Found 47 results

  1. Truckers MP is not opening and showing this warning all the time. Followed all the methods to solve my problem but failed. Can you help me?
  2. Hi folks i have a one question, will truckermp add new car i will so much see the VW T5 in ,,PILOT'' livery it will be beatifull? please add this car beacuse only pilot car is skoda and if it appear it will give more fun and i will play ets more, i could do funniest convoy like on the front skoda then in the middle ,,piloting'' truck and finally on the back VW 5 (skoda and VW will be in ,,PILOT'' livery <3). So would the developers add this car?
  3. For me it's a way to relax and chill from the stresses of every day life! Especially nowadays when times are tough. Hope everyone is well and staying safe! How about you guys though? What makes you get on every day and drive?
  4. Hello everyone, I am having an issue with discord and euro truck. As I am in a voice call in discord or if I want to join another call, and during this action I am playing ets, my whole sound system is crashing, means, I can't hear anything in discord or ets. Solution: restarting my computer helps. A little bit embarassing tbh, but it works. But, what I want to know, am I the only one having this issue or am I the only one? -Captain Nivaro-
  5. Why can i drive only 90kmh on the high way on the server simulation1 i looked up everything but there is no seeting changed since i begun the game yesterday i were able to drive 110kmh how?Also i saw another player how drove 110 kmh while i were only possiple to drive 90kmh.
  6. I've personally been playing On and off since 2015, but only arrived here on the forums this year. What about you? What are your highlights of playing too?
  7. I don't suppose it would be possible to turn the speed limiter off on Europe Server 2, please? I'd love to be able to play with collisions and cars on as I am a big fan of variety on the road and realism, but when I am on a motorway it would be nice to reach the top speed of the truck like we used to be able to. Please, thank you and take care! Ryan Wicks
  8. Hello, Hello everyone, Here I have a quick question about the "National Company" "Success" : if I buy THE Luxembourg garage and make it My headquarters, in your opinion do I unlock this Success ? Salino.
  9. I dont know if mods are allowed or not and if yes wich mod like an example are allowed to know what can i use in multiplayer
  10. When will you release the updated TruckersMP MOD to support v1.37 of ETS2 ???
  11. tthorup1

    Save file?

    So im trying to play with my friends save, but when i put it into steam_profiles and launch game it doesnt show in the game selection menu. Ive also tried copying the files and overriding in the profile
  12. Hi Does anyone know if the announced private servers will come sometime? If so, when?
  13. What dlcs do you own. I currently own all the map dlcs.
  14. There are a lot of different ways to play ATS. I just upgraded to the Thrustmaster Wheel and shifter. What does everyone else use?
  15. like how would you use a small two lane roundabout? i find them weird to use without going 2kmh. also can you turn right at a red light?
  16. Hey there, I've heard from from many users that some of the rules in-game have been over reacted and when the situation was explained to my dad he felt the rule was far, but not used as it intended purpose. The question to the thread was to find out if the rule when playing ATS and ets2, are clear to players and admins. §2 - Game only rules Traffic laws and road signage must be obeyed. This means European road laws and signage must be followed in ETS2 and American road laws and signage must be followed in ATS. Failure to adhere to the respective road laws and signage could result in a punishment.
  17. I got EuroTruckSimulator 2 and I really wanna use it with TruckersMP, but I already configured the application. Is there any way to reconfigure the application without re-installing it?
  18. Can i use the DLC “Heavy Cargo Pack” in TruckerMP? Can I transport those loads from that DLC?
  19. Hi! Ich hab da mal ne Frage ^^ Und zwar sind wir nen Clan und arbeiten derzeit an einem clanSkin. Da wir bei Konvois alle schön einheitlich aussehen wollen wollte ich fragen ob es irgendwie die Möglichkeit gibt den Mod im MP zu nutzen und für andere Mod Inhaber den Truck sichtbar zu machen ^^ Thx! ^Jonas
  20. Hello everyone, i have 2 question on the rules TMP. I saw this sentence in the rules : Spamming our report system with useless reports, reports using continuous freecam (Cam 0) to record or anything similar can lead to a ban from the report system. That means we can not use Freecam for record a Wrong way by exemple ? 2nd question : Any evidence you provide must not be cropped, retouched or blurred in any way. Videos can only be cropped time-wise. That means that for example I take a picture of an insult I do not have the right to put a arrow showing the insult on the photo? Thanks you advance for the answers. Cordially
  21. Шановні гравці! Тут ви можете задавати свої ігрові питання. Проблеми / баги / тощо.
  22. My computer is very bad and cannot run multiplayer ETS2 so i use GeforceNOW to play Ulra settings and stuff, is there anyway i can play multiplayer on there? Workshop mod or anything?
  23. Hello, I would like to know something - now I have some bans in my punishment history (from ETS2). Soon my friend gifted me the ATS. The question is: If I have like 5 bans from ETS2 alone, and I have one ban from the ATS servers, will the account be banned for permanent, or the bans are "per-game" only? Thanks!
  24. Since it doesn’t specify on the website if a ban exprires at that time in your time zone or if it is UTC, I thought I’d ask.
  25. can i use mods from workshop for more xp, no damage and momey for fast lvl to a nice truck? Are the DLC at multi? How to start? I am a newbe in this game
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