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  1. Happy Birthday DieseL <3🎉

  2. Rybo was crazy once. He was locked in a room once. That room was made out of rubber and had rats once. And rats once drove Rybo crazy.

  3. rec ban nub

  4. Reply to : Борислав Yes you can hide everyone from your world map, but what are you gonna do if you only want to see friends on your wold map? Reply to : Somehow Lucky I know you can, but there's a button for hiding everyone from your wold map. and the suggestion was there for an additional setting to hide everyone excluding friends and VTC members.
  5. Suggestion Name: Extended world map settings Description: An additional settings for the TruckersMP settings. To turn off other people on the world map but being able to see friends or VTC members on the world map. It'd be a great addition for the TruckersMP settings for people like me that don't use the world map but wanting to see friends on thier world map. Any example images: https://imgur.com/a/rLucZmt Why it should be added: It would be a great addition for people that want to have people off the map and only want to see friends or VTC members on thier map.
  6. Welcome to the Forum 🤝

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