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  1. Viteza

    //Locked Problemă rezolvată, topic închis ! - Translated by ^
  2. Problema cu compania

    //Locked Problemă rezolvată, topic închis ! - Translated by ^
  3. Companie

    //Locked Problemă rezolvată, topic închis ! - Translated by ^
  4. Problema volan

    //Locked, problem solved Topic Închis, problemă rezolvată. - Translation by @SedaTheKing
  5. O mica problema

    //Locked, problem solved Topic Închis, problemă rezolvată. - Translation by @SedaTheKing
  6. Problema ETS2MP - Transport World of Trucks

    //Locked on request of OP Topic Închis la cererea autorului. - Translation by @SedaTheKing
  7. Wintermod

    Moved to Pomoc
    1. Forraz


      I re-read your suggestion and I appreciate you contacting me about it. I did restore the post and edited with a new message for you. I apologise for any inconvenience and best of luck to your suggestion





      Forum Moderator.

    2. drewstblack156


      it is ok 


  8. what was I banned for

    Suggestions have to follow the format: A fitting title. A description of what the suggestion is about. A reason why it should be added/removed/changed. Any eventual example images or similar. Remember to keep your post structured and easy to read and keep it to one suggestion pr. thread. For example: Suggestion Name: Suggestion Description: Any example images: Why should it be added?: Example: Suggestion Name: Add non collision zones within delivery depots Suggestion Description: At the moment there is collision zones around the entire map, it would benefit everyone if there were non collision zones within the delivery depots and dropoff points. Any example images: Nope. Why should it be added?: It'd allow multiple users to deliver at the same time.
  9. About the truck

    Moved to Chinese Discussions
  10. Done with EU2, onto EU1

    Norway, Sweden, Schweiz, Swizzerland are my favorite countries in ETS2 and there are plenty of posts that discuss the best, scenic, recommended areas to drive on.
  11. Done with EU2, onto EU1

    Can't really give you recommendations but I can give you headsup on areas to stay away from which is pretty much C-D and a bit around it.
  12. Vr Game version allowed

    VR in TMP suggestion has been made before and rejected //Rejected
  13. Causes of CPU Bottleneck in ATS/ETS2 MP

    Not sure how accurate this is but might give some idea on what settings is CPU heavy and what is GPU heavy for games overall. CPU Intensive Tasks: Physics Sound Animation & Animation Interpolation Particles Decals Polygons Dynamic Lighting/Shadows Water reflection GPU intensive Tasks: Textures & Bumpmaps AA & AF HDR & Bloom Resolution (Source: Google)
  14. What VTC and Rank Role(s)

    Moved to Off-topic Discussions Please clarify what the purpose of this post is If it's as Kien Giang is doing above, mentioning what rank they have in a VTC atm then.. I am the Owner of the now dead Viking Transport.