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  1. Logitech G27 (Shifter, Clutch and all) together with TrackIR 5
  2. Minimum Joining Requirements

    Maybe 50 - 100 hours would be better rather than 500 but still I agree on the requirement to be increased a little
  3. Need help with ETS2MP

    Moved to help
  4. Banned because you try to ban someone who banned you apart from the guy above you as the game is supposed to be Banning both me and you for confusing me and for confusing myself.
  5. Easy re-join

    Hello, keep the suggestion in the correct format Suggestion Name: Suggestion Description: Any example images: Why should it be added?:
  6. Any otakus/weebs here?

    There are plenty of users that are either reading manga or watching anime around here Myself I like both types but I don't see myself as part of the "otaku" community.
  7. New company

    Hello and welcome to the community To answer your question, look at this post It will hopefully help you start out making your own company. Tips straight from me would be to gather a few friends or make new friends and assemble a small one to then be able to get closer to the requirements to advertise it here so you can gain more members. ~Forraz, Forum Moderator
  8. Banned because you have what looks like a Counter-Strike gif in your image!
  9. Hello @Gondarichard99 There are plenty of locations to find friends to play TruckersMP with. You can head over to the Viritual Trucking Company section of the forum and join a company or maybe look up an event or others who are wanting to drive by a "Status Update" that can be activated on your profile settings and there are even a TruckersMP Discord. If you go onto your TruckersMP account on the actual website and edit your profile you can link your Discord with the site and get a quick and easy connection to it if you have Discord. Here are potentional American Truck Simulator Companies you can look into: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/180-companies/ Here are potentional Euro Truck Simulator Companies you can look into: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/43-companies/ Hope this helps you on your way to find company on the road! ~Forraz
  10. Welcome back Forraz! :D Good luck and hope to see you around on the roads and forums again :)

  11. Congratulations and good luck ;) 

  12. Which map is your favorite?

    Scandinavia (Norway specifically)